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reborn keyholder

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by frisianm, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. i remember i didnt have much of an backstory how this all started for me or how the situation i am in now happened so here we go.

    I have always had a thing for bondage , this started well before the teenage years long before feelings of sex or Women came into the picture.
    And throughout the years i would always tie myself op with whatever was at hand but usually this was scarves as they were in the house and at hand at the time.

    Through going through my teens and the comming of internet at home the world opened up and found everything i could ever dream off right in front of me ( spend many nights on the pc while everyone was asleep so i could find bondage pictures, lets hope my mom never checked the browser history:p).

    Mostly through my 20's i lived a single life wich was exactely what i wanted , i saw all my friends around my having sex wich as many girls as possible but that did not do it for me , i did like women i did want to have sex but bondage had been in my mind long before that so that was perfectly fine with me.

    I met my now girlfriend at work she originates from another country and moved here for her past relationship and found work where i also worked.
    We always had a very good click with one another and when her relationship ended i tried to invite her for a beer as quickly as i could.

    Everything went well and after some time at the company's christmas dinner the last spark caught fire
    I thought to myself i want to tell her about my interest in bondage ( and in the meantime chastity had also come on my path and looked very interesting)i brought up the fact that woman in leather looked so good and added a bit more onto that everytime the topic came up and she took it very well so i knew this was right and somewhere down the line i mentioned bondage and chastity.
    While she had never done that it peaked her interest so i was very happy about that.

    We tried through 2-3 years with various devices like the silicon one plastic ones some metal ones,but all were not secure ( as she wished it to be as secure as possible but preferably without piercing)
    While i was thinking and trying and sometime failing i know her hopes for this working out and being escapeproof were going down and it stayed on the backburner for quit some time.

    till i came to the setup i have now with the looker02 from steelworxx combined with the tetherspout wich is escapeproof for me...and when i send her a picture of the package i had just gotten with the new item that would make it escapeproof she said bring it with you next friday when your here.
    I locked it on on thursday and went to work wearing it friday the whole day and wore it throughout the weekend with her ( we dont live together but live 25 mins drive from each other)

    She was very happy with how neat it looked and that it actuallly worked for a chance , but also she had to get back into the game about as it had been such a long time.
    We talked a lot about everything that comes along with chastity , expectations ,hygiene, changes in our sexlife etc etc etc.

    She wanted to go through with me and i was thrilled when she said there is also no need for 1 or 2 days lockup test ( as we had done that in the past with different devices) and she said " i want to do this 100%" no games no just unlock after 2 days or that kind of stuff.
    I could see she was starting to feel the power already that she had.

    Because we work together its funny she is upstairs in the office so i dont see here every hour but we lunch together and her keys are on her keychain wich i promised not to eyeball anymore but it creates a interesting situation.

    Yesterday morning at work between about 8 and 10 the wave of horniness hit me like a truck feeling warm redfaced sweating and a million thoughts in a second.
    I messages her this and i got the reply that she was actually smiling because of that in her office wich made the whole wave come over me again.

    So i wonder where this will go but were off to a good start and she will be a very very good KH this i already know and told her;)
    Friday she will be again in my place im hoping for an unlock of course but i have no idea what she has planned with her newfound power so lets see what happens.
  2. Welcome to CM and enjoy. Your KH should join too!
  3. thanks ive been here 5 years but now when the subject has been revisted im a bit more active:p , well perhaps she will join she knows about this site and that i post on it so who knows.
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    Glad to see you are having fun. I look forward to seeing more posts from you.
  5. Sounds like things are going your way. I work at home so it is great that my wife is around with a key in case of emergency and to tease me all day long. I have been with a woman since I was 11. I have a need to be with a woman due to my high sex drive and need to love and be loved. I was the bad boy in town so I attracted the bad girls and the good girls who wanted to try a bad boy. Life is so much better when the woman you love is into your fetish. The internet is filled with guys living their sex lives online. I feel sorry for them because I have learned that a kink is something you want to do but a fetish is something that you have to do. If you do not feed your fetish it will gnaw at you for the rest of your life. Good to hear things are working out for you. Life can be great when your sex life is also great.
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  6. thanks everyone , i was asked when we started if i had a spare key and i knew of one other key i had wich belonged to a scnd steelworxx device i have wich didnt work on the one im wearing now.
    So she said she would have a duplicate made for safety reason , now tonight i found a 3rd key and thought it belonged to my scnd device but what happened it fit in the cage wich im wearing!.

    I messaged her this as quickly as i could that i could unlock with this key and while we were debating either to keep the key as for her spare or that i flush it but seeing as it has just been 2 days i think i can manage the temptation ( after a week it would be much harder)

    So tomorrow as im early at work ill will drop it in her deskdrawer ;)
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  7. Good for you. Giving way the last key gave me palpitations. My mind began to race a flood of excitement and fear. It sounds like you night be in for a long term situation. I hope it will go well for you. If you or she ever want help I am always willing to talk.
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  8. ohh i didnt have that problem so much i must say , i felt good giving here the last key as otherwise its no use to do chastity if i still have a key....at least not for me.

    On a different note today didnt go well sadly i had used a shorter insert and while everything seemed to be going well today i felt like a hot steel wire was slicing through my penis, and after leaving it be for an hour it was getting worse and worse.
    Luckily i just gave her the key so she was in the office and gave me the key so i could quickly unlock on the toilet ( this all happened at work wich made it even mroe uncomfortable of course)

    I managed to get everything off but couldnt get a good look what had happened , it seems that because of the shorter insert everything was drawn so close to the front bar that it was too tightly nestled against the bar and it felt the bar would be goign right through me :p of course that didnt happen but the pain was so much i could hardly continue work.

    so after a few hours of freedom at work , i put the longer insertback in see what happens:p
  9. it seems that the prisoneris pushing against the crossbar hard wich inbeds it into the tip wich is slowly blistering its way through.
    I was planning on wearing it normally today but i feel now like i have to wait a few days or a week for all things to heal up

    Perhaps if everything is healed up the skin has thickend a bit and i wont have this prob. anymore...lets see and find out ;)
  10. I know you want to make your way through to long term just don't push it too much. If your having pain don't risk it take it off let yourself heal. If it continues to happen consider a different fit. Mine is comfortable but had to be honest when my pervious cage gave me pain my wife was receptive and let me out.
  11. well now i have a big washer before the insert is threaded through the cross bar , this way the tip wont come into contact with the crossbar (what seemed to cause the problem as i had a deep dent/cut in the shape of the crossbar).
    so now the pressure is spread over the big washer and not the small bar so lets see how this holds up....GF is not happy about the break and stuff but i have to make it somehwat comfortable as she is aiming for more then a week or so
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  12. well my gf was also more frustrated i think , we have been trying all kinds of stuff but everything i could escape from...now i finally have an escape proof way and then this happened.
    So i get her frustration ofc i was a bit as well but i tend to push forward and dont stand still for the negative so on we go.....the washer seems to have solved all the problems as i had anticipated but i have o test a couple of days first ofc.

    tomorrow ill drop the spare key i had for unlock for that reason and then i have no way out like she wants me

    The original schedule for release in 14 days stays on as i have had the device on and off but could resist the temptation just barely;)
  13. :):):)
    What sort of lock is it? Of the steelworxx devices aome use integrated locks, others padlocks. If padlocks, easy: she can fit her own. If integrated she needs to check whether they are individually unique or generic. If former (likely from your post) she can order and details are here. http://steelworxx.de/Integrated-Lock-(for-all-CB-s)-41p.html
  14. Well they are unique...i have 2 steelworxx with intergrated locks and the keys dont work from one to the other.

    Both keys of the device im wearing are firmly in her posession one is hanging from her keychain, wich i see everyday as we lunch at work;).

    The other spare i have no idea where she has it....hopefully not melted down as she was Joking
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  15. well this weekend marks a week locked up , and i was skyping with my gf last night showed her everything was nicely lockedup still (as i cant pull out she knows it is but still she likes seeing it now and then).
    I know next weekend will be a chance for freedom for a day or perhaps 2 in the weekend...but she will not leave me alone unlocked;)

    Yesterday she asked me to shake it and pull it and rub it as much i could but the metal is unforgiving and she had a nice laugh about it and ensured me that i was properly locked , but seeing all that made her horny and she wentupstairs to finish herself off wich she doesnt do so often so i know this was working on her.
    She send me a video of her doing that to herself wich made everything even more difficult for me ofc.

    At first she thought to lock me up for a week or 2 then some time out and perhaps later another week or 2 , but i think her confidence is growing rapidly and also things become clearer for her what she wants and appearantly its not going to be certain lockup times.

    She informed me this is real she has the key and i am not going to be cageless anymore only for the times that she wants me out but thats the only reason
    lets hope next weekend comes fast;)
  16. well were are in week 2now and eveerything is going "well"":p no pain not so many irritations of skin catching somewhere....sometimes you have to adjust a bit wich is difficult if your at work but somehow i always manage.

    Sunday wich is when horniness is at its peak for me for some reason left me almost on my hands and knees or climbing off the wall from wave after wave of horniness for 2-3 hours.
    But now it seems like the storm has died and felt quit normal the last few days , we were to have a weekend together for us 2 and some unlocking was due she told me wich i am looking forward to a lot ( if only to have an full erection wich i really start to miss).

    The plans today changed a small bit as we will have visitors over wich will mean there will not be a chance for unlock till sunday...and by the rapid curve she is learning how and what she likes i dont even know IF it will happen.

    She had read here that some people can stimulate themselves by touching in the cage or shaking the cage and she was worried about that...but sunday ive tried as much as i could but no pull out possible and no way to relief the frustration.
    I think she was very satisfied knowing im completely locked up by her with no chance of escape;)

    This has been so far my longest lockup yet wich granted is not much to some here (10 days) where it will lead only she knows;)
  17. a small update as some things have happened , after 2 weeks i was let out and i had the feeling something was not 100% right...wich quickly showed as removing the device after 2 weeks gave a terrible smell wich is never a good sign.

    The washer that i had been using wasnt stainless steel as i found out as it had started to rust and even turn black ( of dirt or bacteria)...on removel i saw there was some small infection or tear in the tendon that leads to the head so to say.

    While having it off and making sure it healed and was well cleaned we deicided to have sex....wich was not a good idea as in the middle of it i felt a snap!...it didnt hurt so much so i just went through.

    afterwards i saw there was soem blood and it seems the part of the skin that was infected or torn had completely let go so now a whole piece of skin was stripped down and not on its usual place.

    Seeing it didnt hurt so bad i thought it would be allright and it is healing correctly as far as i can see now... a couple of days after i got a small fever wich i normally never get so im leaning towards the fact that i had a infection and not leaving it be, tore a small piece of skin loose.

    So i think all in all the non-stainless steel washer was the cause of this...so i know for the future always stainless steel ;)

    so in the meantime im free so i can heal and im off to find stainless steel washers
  18. Ok I've read your entire thread and think you might need to take a step back. Washers, inserts, infections, blood, and skin missing...I know my kh would be upset if I were ruining her things lol.

    If security is that important than maybe getting a piercing isn't such a bad idea. Once it's healed, and a device fitted well, removal is up to her and you both can stop worrying about injuries and taking breaks.

    Some people balk at the high cost of a custom device...I say that investing in something that will be worn on your most sensitive areas, is on you 99% of the time is a no brainer. Quality shoes, bed, and chastity device.

    Good luck, get yourself healed up, and keep the DIY on a device to a minimum, or you keep on hurting yourself and chastity won't be fun for either of you.
  19. no thats completely true i should have known about the non stainless steel that was just plain stupid:p , the insert is perfectly fine the cage as well the crappy metallic washer was the problem.

    i wont be making that mistake again ;)
  20. Piercing is the only way to go if you are serious about security. It is also WAY more comfortable for every day use.
  21. And here we go again. Piercing advocates cannot help jumping on an opportunity to promote their ONE TRUE WAY. Can you stop being so patronizing, please?
    Some people just don't want a piercing! Can you get that? Let them be!
    Should we assume you've actually tried a TetherSpout before? Because otherwise, how would you know that a piercing is so much more comfortable?
    And by the way, there are people out there who have had issues with their penile piercing: metal allergies, infections, migration and other failure modes. It works fine for many people, but it is not a panacea.
  22. Why would i be less serious in your eyes ?....because i choose a method that takes so much less time and pain to achieve exactely the same as a PA.
    Ive mentioned this but it seems some ppl dont want to read it , thats perfectly fine but saying less serious is just plain stupid to be honost.

    What do you know about me that makes you so sure about me not being serious ?

    You didnt read the posts i made appearantly because you would have read that it was not the deisgn or method that was at fault but I was at fault wich i clearly stated , but again being read over.

    Please open Your eyes a bit in the future and read and ask before making any assumptions,its very tyring and something i would not think to find here.
  23. Well on the positive side removing the non-stainless steel parts seems to have done the trick...been wearing the cage and insert for little over a week and no problems at all
    i told this yesterday to my gf and kh as she has a business trip comming up and she has the keys ofc and will be gone the whole next week.

    She was not so happy about last time when the cage had to be removed for some time wich i can completely understand i wasnt to happy either and because of that i understand she was a bit sceptical,she also felt that she had no real power yet.

    We talked on the phone about it all and we came to the conclusion that she will take the key with her to her business trip abroad for the week and leave the spare key somewhere in her house ( it was her idea to hide it somewhere in her house so that even in the most desperate times i still dont know where the key is but she does that was a great idea on her part and made me think she is bouncing back about from the initial disappointement)

    I said i could also understand her point very well as she is by nature dominant a bit and controlling she also likes to take care of me and have my best interest at heart and then chastity seems at first as the opposite , i convince her that was not all true and that it is very important that it is exciting for the both of us ...that she doesnt do it for the sake of me alone then its better not to...luckily we both agreed on that.

    First time we tried she took it like a fish to water she teased me here and there about having the key and that she could mastrubate and i couldnt and that it would take a long time for the key to come back and it would be longer and longer lockups wich was very exciting.
    This has not been so the way the scnd time around we try because as i said before she is stilll understandibly sceptical...so we will make it through next week friday when we will see each other again and see how things are and if her excitement will return.

    I do think she is very good at it adn wil be even better when she settles in on the idea and feels more secure an strong about it , she will have no problem saying no release yet then and asking to be released would be met with longer lock up times.
    i think she will find her way and ive said that there is a lot of information about similair people in similair situations on here ...and probably before you know it i will be in the cage however longand she wants to see me squirm in it and she will enjoy it i think.... by then i will have lost all controll about it wich was exactely what we both wanted.

    i asked to tag her in to this story and i could she said she joined some weeks ago and she can use this site as an information desk
    So here we go @btkh@btkh my lovely gf and kh ;)
  24. It's good to hear you are getting on so well with the TeterSpout over quite long spells of having it installed. I too have tried the spout without the cage but with firm fitting disc pushed over the outside to keep it pulled forward as it would be with the cage installed. I have also been looking at ways to make the installation and removal easier and quicker. At the moment I'm using a 40mm length of 6mm OD tube suitably rounded at the end as the install/removal tool. This has the advantage of being longer than using a second spout which I find makes it easier to push the spout well clear of the retainer and this in turn makes it easier to get the retainer oriented correctly for removal. Also, I can thread the retainer over the tube which saves threading and unthreading the floss the extra time.
  25. well i must say nowadays the inserting and removing is quit fast , best time would be 30 sec. and worst 10 mins and i dont even have to use a second spout for that and i have 2 retaining rings inside;)
    if we will do chastity all the time except when she wants me out for some action then in the future i will think of something to make the cage and locking system easier to lock/unlock for my gf as now it entails a screw thread and an allen key.

    She would be able to easily lock the cage on and off at her call but thatss something for the future when its clear to us where we want to go with this.

    I actually dont need any tools for getting the spout in and out and the retainer rings on and or off , its a bit fiddeling sometimes but can always manage with my fingers.
    the spout stays in nicely 100% secure;)
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