Raising the Awareness of Toxic Materials?

Discussion in 'Chastity device reviews and discussions' started by bobby99, Jun 21, 2018.

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    Thank you very much for accepting me on this forum! :)

    This is a very serious topic, and I hope I don't come across as rude.

    I've been looking into getting a device for a long time, but have been held back by:
    a) The price of high quality cages
    b) The possibility of the cheap cages being made of harmful materials

    While I'm leaning towards buying a high quality cage, I'm surprised there isn't more attention to the possibility of toxic materials in cheap knockoffs. This is an important topic for our health! After seing recent documentaries of Chinese jewellery containing high percentages cadmium being sold in American and European brand clothing stores, (Claire's, Forever 21, and H&M costume jewellery contains high levels of dangerous chemicals | Daily Mail Online)and cheap plastic toys for children sometimes being pulled back due to toxic plastic, this subject needs more attention. Skin contact with bad materials is one thing, but the area around our genitials is especially vulnerable with the urethral opening.. Why should you care? Well, for example, Even relatively low chronic exposure to cadmium can cause irreversible damage.

    I might be wrong, but from the looks of them I would guess most medium priced metal cages in brand adult stores are made of brass or other cheap metals coated with either (good) chrome, zinc, or something similar. My local adult toy store sells different models from Rimba, and I've been considering it for a long time. What is holding me back is not knowing what materials they are. Their website only list the material as "metal", which I think isn't good enough. As consumers I think we should demand more information. These cages might be safe, but it's hard to know.

    I might be wrong again, but I would guess most of the cheap knockoff metal cages also are made of brass coated with either chrome, zinc, or something similar. There has popped up a lot of Chinese cages claiming to be made of food grade 304 stainless steel, and while it is tempting (considering the prices)... No one can guarantee that the cages are made out of what they claim. Worst case, some of them are even coated with toxic materials like cadmium, nickel, the bad type of chrome or something like that. :(

    An independent association for testing adult toys would seem like perfect for this, but I don't know if anything like that exists. Should we as a community get together, read up on test methods, and confirm the materials of our own cages ourselves? ((I have to add, that some Western distributors have experienced that some Chinese manufacturers (I guess you could call it "the bad apples") even change materials from batch to batch to save money. So even if a model has been tested as safe once, there might be a risk that later models may not be safe. ))

    While the cheap cages might be OK for short term play, I would be worried for long term wear. Therefore I'm leaning against purchasing a high en 316L steel cage. Another thread for that. :)

    Starting to doubt everything. Am I going paranoid? :p

    Looking forward to getting into this lifestyle. <3
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    I am afraid that as you has guessed you are a little paranoid

    Steel is cheap, i had work in a factory and i can tell you that, what cost money is the manufacture, not the materials and steel comes polish from the factory, if you are careful enough you will only has to polish the joint points and no need to add any coating, coating is in some of the products the factory does and it is very expensive, electrolysis is not cheap or quick, not with steel/brass at least

    But even if it is true, what? The body will create a barrier for it owns, and i doubt you can absorb many from the skin, the cells of the skin are replaced evey few months and they grow from inside to outside, it means you will has to push the metal inside because the body is trying to reject for granted

    An as any other heavy metal the danger comes when you eat or inhale it, i could touch lead all day if i want and i wont have any in my system, the jewelery it is dangerous because the risk of ending in the mouth is high and once it is in the body is almost imposible to get it out at 100% and the problems starts

    If it makes you feel better i would worry much more about our food, Fishs has heavy metals because the way we deal with electronic garbage, it doesnt matter that we throw away it in Nigeria, water will transport and redistribute it sooner or later, now we are still having radiactive Fish because of Fukushima and it is much more dangerous and nobody worries or even worse, the cars produces thousands of poisons and everybody is happy even we know for a fact that some particles will produce cancer

    Dont worry and enjoy, if you want to be sure dont buy chinese crap but most of them will be fine
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