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Quick change?

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by Allen1987, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. How often have you seen a K/H go from so so, to who is this person that's in my house.
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    @lockit@lockit says I have a look that makes him think things are changing and then I start talking in my Jules voice. That is when he knows there is someone else in the house. I don't particularly know I am doing it until I am pretty much in full scale Jules which seemingly is when I am in complete domme mode lol
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  3. I'll give the background. Have been married 37 years and got into chastity 5 years ago. I wanted to show my wife that she was the only one. I got a device and played with it for three weeks. on her birthday at dinner I gave her a card with the key in it and explained to her why. She was happy about it and I was to. Been not a lot of things on this front has happened to very recently.

    I was looking at full belts and also found you all. I was looking at reviews and there were a few here. Got a Behind Barz belt that she like. Has not been the same since. Worked the size out and started to wear it. After the first week no problems and that's when things changed. I had a steel htv2. Because of odor I had a key for showering every day. She watched me shower and said that I didn't have to take it off to get clean. So for 8 days she has teased and when it was our usual time every thing the same for her she said tomorrow. Tomorrow came and so did I. It has now been 21 days,(longest was 8) and she is having a great time with me and I can not believe how cool she is about it. I asked her if everything was alright, she you are wonderful. Have ni idea what happened.
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  4. @Allen1987@Allen1987 thats how it happens. Its a slipper slope buddy hence the "be careful what you wish for" :D
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  5. She explained to me why things changed so quick. Wanted to see what I would be like with no key and she had her chance. I passed. I never asked or complained
    what's up and treated her lovingly as I always have. I told her what I have always said, I'm yours and that's it. Funny she said wait till day 28. Can't wait!
    Yes I got what I wanted. Just overnight was a little strange for me. Wonder what other surprises maybe coming. I'll be expecting anything at any time for
    now on. Thanks buddy.
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