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Questions about Locktober

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Cincy, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. Why wouldnt they count? An orgasm is an orgasm after all :cool:

    Personally i don't like the name "ruined" orgasm. It gives it a negative vibe that takes away from how awesome they are. I actually learned about them when I first started having sex years ago. I realized when my bf would pull out and "ruin" himself that he was ready to go again in no time and would last as long as I wanted him to afterwards, but when he had a full blow orgasm he was down for the count. I always thought it was just how you had good sex until hubby introduced me to them as ruined orgasms.

    Pretty sure it's common knowledge to ruin the first one if you want a long night of sex. All the negative implications only apply if that's all the poor guy is going to get lol.
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  2. That's a great lesson, i will keep that in mind the next time im intimate...
    I was only thinking that if she let him out for an edging or ruined orgasm that it its her choice , as opposed to him cheating... so he is still good to go...
    But everybody approaches these things differently, so all is good in my book
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  3. Yup we normally do a good bit of ruined orgasms though so for locktober we were shooting for a month of no orgasms at all. Shame I got caught up in the moment and all but i think subconsciously i did it to have an excuse to ride him hard for a while lol. The way we play he doesn't get full on denial very often so by letting him know those first 7 days didn't count it really spiced things up for him. He seemed awfully aroused this morning when I was teasing him about it being day 1.
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  4. after thinking longer... or shorter..lol.. about it... its probably his fault for not letting Mistress know he was close, so he probably should be punished... at a minimum clean up his mess...sounds like more training is in order... he he he
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  5. Assisting in her pleasure can be a great tease...it is for me. With my wife or course.
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  6. I always do my clean up duty after a ruined orgasm...maybe that's why my wife likes them so much.
  7. Thanks for everyone's response, and to answer my own questions...

    Will you unlock for cleaning, if so how often? N/A I am not caged.
    Will you be milked, if so how often? No, I have never experienced that.
    Will you be given a ruined orgasm, if so how often? No, well maybe.
    Will you be allowed a full blown orgasm, if so how many? No.
    Will you be teased to the edge, if so how often? I will be teased to the edge multiple times a day, and the risk of a ruined orgasm is great, plus my wife loves to allow me a ruined orgasm but says she will not in Locktober.
  8. unlock for cleaning only with supervision every week
    never milked
    not given ruined orgasms
    no full blown orgasms
    will not be teased
    but will give KH orgasms penis is not involved tho
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  9. Somehow I missed the fact that there were questions. Sorry lol

    Unlocked for cleaning? Of course. We use a plastic cage so it gets pretty nasty in there. He gets to unlock and clean it at least once a day and also every time I want to take it out and play. I'm sure it would be fine to leave it on for cleaning most of the time but I'd rather him be as clean as possible at all times. One morning when I didn't know any better I woke up to his car pressing into me. He was struggling to get a morning wood and I decided to unlock him and give him a surprise blow job tease before work...... worst idea ever lol. It was so gross I can only describe it as tasting like stale cock. So after he missed out on a morning blow job he's suddenly gotten very particular about being clean at all times.

    Milking? No not our sort of thing.

    Ruined orgasms? Nope, if we have any of those his month is starting over. We've already had one accident so technically he's only on day 3 of locktober. 28 more to go. :p

    Full orgasms? Well I was planning to let him have one on the last day and celebrate 31 days. He usually doesn't get denied so long. But depending on how I think he's doing I've been thinking about playing some kind of wicked trick on his release day and keeping him denied a while longer.

    Teased and edged? Yes rigorously lol. I'm more into the teasing and edging than the denial and I still like having sex so that's the best part.
  10. Since being unlocked for my Oct 2 birthday, I look forward to once again going to a Halloween party as Donnasue as my next time free. There will be necessary but closely supervised cleanings, of course, but even my regular milkings probably won't happen during Loctober. We are already discussing my outfit for the Halloween party, so there really is something to look anticipate and shop for!
  11. Definatly need to see pics plez.
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  12. Will you unlock for cleaning, if so how often?
    I have a fairly open steel cage so easy to keep my skin clean without removing the cage, it comes off about once a fortnight for a few minutes for a good wash, or more often if she notices a smell.

    Will you be milked, if so how often?
    No, never, she doesn't do this. I do 'leak' a lot when I give her oral, so I doubt I suffer from fluid retention.

    Will you be given a ruined orgasm, if so how often?
    Again no, she doesn't do this to me [not yet - see last answer below]. I've had a couple of 'leaks' which completely drained me, but there was no explosive orgasm, just a core feeling of emptiness afterwards.

    Will you be allowed a full blown orgasm, if so how many?
    My only release when locked up is when she really wants PIV. That's only happened once since I was locked up on 28 August, that was at the beginning of September so I've been a full month now without any sort of orgasm.

    Will you be teased to the edge, if so how often?
    Again, no. Our active sex life is very much centred on her pleasure, usually giving her oral. My frustration is a by-product of that. It's just that she's never been the one to initiate something new, so I've recently ordered a book for her. ''A Keyholders Handbook'' by Georgia Ivey Green (a few threads here that discuss it). I'm hoping she'll get some ideas from it, she's not averse to doing new things, but as I said she never initiates new things and is the essence of being ''vanilla''. Only the other day she called me ''weird'', in the nicest possible way, with a smile. My kinks amuse rather than frighten her so there is room for the new. After all, so far she's accepted chastity, a bit of bondage, a little bit of spanking,...
    It's a very long road I'm following, but it is one that gently keeps getting better.
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  13. Locktober, No-vember, and International Male Chastity Day are all fairly new - offhand, I don't think any of them have been around for more than five years. And for a while, they were pretty niche. So a lot of people haven't heard about them (yet).

    And to the original poster? Because they're so new, there aren't really any rules or traditions yet. The creator of International Male Chastity Day (on January 14th)proposed that it should kick off a month of being chaste (culminating on Valentine's Day). But as long as you're both having fun, that's the important thing. Establish your own traditions. And if they're good, maybe others will adopt 'em, too.
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  14. Something nice about consistency eh?
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  15. Locktober for us is no release I wear a metal cage that is easily cleaned without removing I have to wash and soak little clit with mouthwash by putting 3-4 capfuls in a plastic bag tied tight around my clit and balls , orders from Mistress it's a bit hot, so I take that onboard as Mistresses punishment but leaves it clean and sterile. I am hoping for a release at end of month but don't think so as NO-vember is a month after. Mistress does not take pity of my situation I am only with her for her satisfaction that is how we like it I have been looking at some tumlir blogs about chastity making my balls horny and very frustrated Mistress enjoys having me read horny articles to her she knows it turns me on and is a passive form of teasing me after she will get me to service her with my tongue ah such bliss.
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  16. I self lock and I've been participating in Locktoboer. I use the Holy Trainer small. I have found out a way to clean it with body wash and q-tips. I had to unlock myself after day 7 because my piercings were killing me. I didnt touch myself on the days off...couldnt really since I was swollen in pain.
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  17. Well it happened, I went over the edge Wednesday morning during our tease session, and had a ruined orgasm. We are learning that after about 10 days, we must reduce our tease sessions to a couple of minutes. It seems I'm on the edge all the time, and I love my life on the edge.
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  18. Ooops looks like extension time...
    or wheel of chastity...
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  19. *sigh* you are not alone lol. We had our 2nd oops the other day. This is turning out to be more difficult than I expected. Originally he wanted to do this locktober challenge from a blog but we decided not to because many of the tasks from 2016 weren't to our liking. I didn't like the idea of no unlocks at all which I believe is the main point. So we decided our locktober challenge would just be no orgasms.... easy right? Lol

    Well as it turns out we are pretty good at just edging but when I want real sex it's to much.

    Welcome to day 2 again hubby. Sorry :oops:
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  20. There's always chastitylife.com/chastity-games/chastity- wheel of......
  21. How did everyone do in Locktober? Except for a mistake on the 11th, I made it to the end, and set a new record for denial. I was given a wonderful orgasm and a very nice cream pie on November 1st. Life is good.
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  22. Yours? Or skmebody else's?
    2 accidents, 1 allowed sissy gasm,
    locking into November.. longest for me..
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  23. Going straight through into NOvember.... with lots of mental gymnastics to match!
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  24. It was mine...I doubt that someone else is in my future.
  25. aaaa:(