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Questions about Locktober

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Cincy, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. My wife and I want to participate in Locktober in our own way, but we want to know how other couples will do it.
    Will you unlock for cleaning, if so how often?
    Will you be milked, if so how often?
    Will you be given a ruined orgasm, if so how often?
    Will you be allowed a full blown orgasm, if so how many?
    Will you be teased to the edge, if so how often?

    Please respond, I know everyone will participate in different ways, but we would like to be educated.
  2. I'm not familiar with this.. please elaborate.
  3. My wife and I are pretty new to this and are learning as we go. For us it's really is about my wife - with no ifs or buts - deciding how long I'm locked up, cleaning regime, releases etc. For me its the uncertainty of release that Locktober brings 2 days or 31!
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  4. well for me its gonna be the same as all the rest of the year i spects
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  5. Hi Cincy,

    This is our first locktober. And we don't have any defined rules, but this is what we are doing.

    Unlocked for cleaning at least once a week and after penetration
    Milked - sure. Not a master at that process.
    Ruined orgasm - VERY often! Lately, it has been at least 4 times a week
    Full orgasm - nope. He won't get that till end of November
    Edge - yes. When I'd rather that then a ruined one and as often as I see fit.

    Happy Locktober! ;)
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  6. For us it's no to all the above.
    I have a metal device that can be cleaned thoroughly without removal (jailbird).
    The key will not enter the lock at all.
    Orgasms will be regular, but only for my wife. She tends to enjoy every other day, because she is multi-orgasmic and will orgasm so much her stomach muscles actually hurt.
  7. We are having a great time in Locktober. 1) Wear pink panties every day. (I have so far-she's really into it); 2) she unlocks me when she desires. I haven't been unlocked yet this month. Hoping for this weekend! 3) she teases me to the edge almost every day, and in turn I pleasure her to an orgasm almost everyday with my tongue, fingers vibrator or all three. So far, we really enjoying Locktober! I can feel my locked away cock twitching under my pink panties as I write this, LOL
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  8. kinda on my own for locktober and NOvember, will clean or exchange cages daily, orgasm maybe for anniversary, depending on her..
    but other wise, im going with out, everything
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  9. We were really excited about it at first but then we read over the locktober posts from 2016 and it escalated quickly lol. I guess hubby and I aren't as kinky as we thought but neither of us are interested in but play. Seems like we both grew up with the stigma of it being dirty and never managed to get over it so it's kinda turned us off to following the posts from that blog.

    Instead our goal is for me to have 5 orgasms a day and edge him 5 times a a day without slipping up and giving him a ruined orgasm. 31 days of total denial. =)
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  10. the funny thing is that i hadnt heard of locktober before the cage went on and the key went gone:p , but i have been locked since end of sept.
    now at the very minimum ill be locked till next friday when my gf returns from abroad (with the key hopefully:p)

    so i will have completed half of locktober already without even knowing it existed:p by then
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  11. We didn't hear about it until this year. Seems like it hasn't caught on very much. I tried Googling it and mostay found stuff about sports lol
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  12. well hopefully she wont read about locktober:p
  13. Haven't you forgotten that your gf @btkh@btkh has an account on here? :p:p
  14. yeah but she doesnt read too much mostly what i link to her :p
  15. could be mean and tell her about NO-vember as well ...

    then it'll nearly be Christmas,
    and the New Year...

    and it would be a shame to not continue to International Chastity Day on 14 January...
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  16. ill remain silent here now ;)
  17. @Cincy@Cincy In fact, like @jemima@jemima mentions: for me it will be pretty much the same like the rest of the year... and I love it!
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  18. Oops challenge failed. I accidentally gave hubby a ruined orgasm last night :oops:

    Guess we'll have to just start over :p
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  19. Did you do it on purpose? My wife is already talking about giving me a ruined orgasm (which she calls a spoiled one).
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  20. Hi Cincy, I'm probably like others on this thread in that I'll be doing Locktober but really it's just like I'm always locked up.
    No unlocks for cleaning I can clean fine with it locked on
    I don't get milked
    No idea if/when I'll get a release
    I don't get teased, If I'm lucky I might get to assist my KH in pursuit of her pleasure in the bedroom.
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  21. [​IMG]@Cincy
    Will you unlock for cleaning, if so how often? No, this can be done, along with hair trimming, without cage removal.
    Will you be milked, if so how often? Yes, probably once.
    Will you be given a ruined orgasm, if so how often? No.
    Will you be allowed a full blown orgasm, if so how many? No.
    Will you be teased to the edge, if so how often? Already have been while still caged. That may be it for the month, its her call.
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  22. Nope was planning to go though Oct without giving him any sort of release but I got carried away and pushed him over. It was actually one of my best ruins. He had about 10 or 15 seconds of hang time and only the tiniest little bit came out lol. He's reaction was pretty priceless too. Starting over after only a week isn't that bad anyways right? Could have been near the end of the month, good times haha
  23. ruined orgasms dont count do they, ?
  24. IMO this depends solely on how you both want it to be.

    For me for example (being only a few times a year allowed to ejaculate w/o erection or contractions) this would definitely be considered as a release.

    For others it might not count as they look at it differently.

    As you ask that question, I believe for you they indeed do not count.
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