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Question about PA piercing

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by Wonderwomanssub, Nov 5, 2017.

  1. I'm going to ask for PA for my birthday this coming February, I'm very interested in the extra security and the control factor my mistress with have if I use a cage that requires a PA. So I'm wondering when it comes to playtime and the cage comes off along with the PA insert, do you need to put a ring in right away so it doesn't try and close up or can you leave it out for a couple hours with no consequences.
  2. After your pierced it will be some time before you can wear a device with it. The time is individual so can't really say when you can. Once its healed though and everything is good when you take the device off you don't need anything in the PA, you can have fun or whatever for a while, and then put something back in it for the night. If you wait too long then yes the hole can shrink but its still not a big deal. you can just stretch it back up over a day or two. So yeah basically you can leave it free for a few hours with no worries.
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  3. Awesome, thanks for the info!
  4. O
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  5. I would recommend stretching up to 2 gauge. That is what my PA is, and I have no problems with it shrinking. It is five years old now.
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  6. It might be good to add that a PA for device security should be at least 6 gas or larger. It makes for more comfort and greater safety for the piercing. BTW, if you leave a ring in for playtime one or both of you might find it adds a new dimension to the play
  7. Yes, or even better, 4 gauge. But at that point, you might as well go with 2 gauge.
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  8. I want to go with a bigger gauge for sure, I've heard they're a lot more comfortable overall. I'm interested to see if she'll like the way it feels, I bet she would. I have to get final approval from my mistress on the piercing hence it being a bday gift. I'm all for it but she's hesitant because she's not sure she's going to like the way it looks. She knows she'll enjoy the security and control but might not be aesthetically pleasing lol. Plus she doesn't like the down time from my chastity device. We'll see what happens but thanks for the good info!
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  9. I was at a 4 gauge and decided to take it out for a trip to Europe. We weren't going to play and peeing is way easier without a ring.

    We were gone for two weeks.

    After I got back it had shrunk and I had to put the six back in. After a couple of days I put a bit of lidocane on the piercing and got the 4 gauge ring with a bit of soapy water and pushed...POP... in it goes with no pain.

    2 months later I bought a 2 gauge and it slipped in with no problem. I just ordered a 0 gauge.