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Question about new device from Amazon

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by Joshers2005, May 17, 2017.

  1. Here is another photo of my flaccid penis size and the device size. The diameter is fine but from looking at the picture, you can tell that I have to push my penis back in order to put it in. I do not want to throw it in the trash and spend over $100 to find another that is larger. IMG_0507.jpg
  2. Metric is confusing, a better way to explain this photo it is that my flaccid penis is about 1/2" lager that the device. I have to push my penis back when flaccid to lock it on.
  3. I can't help but noticing it looked like you were in the process of excitement. Put another way, your pictures looked like you were in mid erection only stopped by the cage.

    This is not a pleasant activity. I have found erections bearable during teasing from my partner, but after I get the consequences for my large brain ignoring the pain and listening to the little one. On my own, they hurt, my brain says that sucks, and erection goes away.

    You are a big fella, if the diameter and is right and your only short by half an inch in length, I can't see why it would cause that much to push out.
  4. Thank you Nicoftime. You are correct, I did not realize it wasn't fully flaccid until last night when I had it one for more than 45 minutes. I never knew there was a mid-erect size and now it know it is a great cage if I can fix one more thing. I attached two photos,


    The first photo is showing the correct size and how the cage is a good fit.

    This second photo shows another issue I am having:

    When mid-flaccid or erect, I now notice that my urethra can get blocked by the cage once in a while. I am a bit upset because I purchased this cage because my penis often got block under or over the cheap resin. Now with the steel, it gets blocked on the side because it isn't straight at times. I can fix it by turning it straight but I am concerned of going to the bathroom without realizing it isn't straight. Basically, have to adjust it once in a while when I pee and that is bad. How can I fix this?
  5. That is the most open designed tip I know of. You just need to be careful each time. Sorry but this is as easy as it gets. I suppose you could sit but then you have to wipe up pee dribble.

    My device has a prong through my piercing, sitting is a must, or at least standing backwards and pointing it back. Just the cost of confinement.
  6. well you just has to get use to doing a bit more when you pees. its not like being a man and just peeing now and you has to do it proper. Ladies has to sit and make sure they am nice and clean and now that what you has to do as well. i'm fed up of cleaning up after a mans gone to the loo.
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  7. Thanks for the info there. I did just realize that I the tip of the fully flaccid penis should lightly touch the end bars with no pain and that I did pull drag skin up when taking the photo making the flaccid penis smaller than it should be as it felt comfortable to do so at the time. I have no need to worry as it should never twist when locked in.
  8. I just realized my issue! The neck was sticking out as the open holes gave it the space for it to pop out. That is why there was pain. Why in the heck didn't I think of that in the first place? Duh! :cool:
  9. There is no perfect device. Any pain that you are feeling is due to your extra sensitive penis skin rubbing against stuff (like the cloth of your underwear). It usually moves with your clothing, but now it's fixed in place and your clothing moves around it. It's something you are going to have to get used to. Also the urethra alignment issue is just part of wearing a device. There are only two ways around this. the first is an urethral insertion device (a different chastity device), which has it's own set of issues like urine flutter, or PA piercing, which again has it's own set of issues such as piercing size and healing time...

    If you were to go to jail, your experience would not be similar to staying at the Hilton, getting your pillows fluffed every morning. Your penis is in jail.
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  10. Thank you macmanga for the info. I also solved a ton of issues by following sissybitch's advice:

    Yes, it is penis jail indeed.
  11. After cutting the hook off and sanding it down, I noticed that there is no rash on my balls, they feel free, I can wear my cage in my jeans and nobody notices a bulge, and I can lift it up to check my urethra before peeing. :)
  12. Uh oh...big fail. I shouldn't of cut the hook. Now the cage can come right off and I can put it back in. Now the cage is trash as there is no way to keep my penis locked up. I can remove it without the key. I guess I'll have to either get another one without the hook and avoid the open design above the cage or save up and get a higher priced one in the future. Bummer.
  13. There must be something lost in communication. Ball hook or no ball hook, you should not be able to remove the device. Being able to pull out the back is normal, almost every device has that flaw due to the penis because by so squishy. Or do you mean your penis can fit through the bottom gap where your balls sit. If you can take the device off...the ring and gap between are too big. At the very least it should be locked ON you, even if you can pull your penis out the back.
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  14. Here is a visual explanation to make things simplified. IMG_0536.jpg
    I cut the end off, so now I wasted $25. I am doing chastity for avoiding pleasuring myself, I live alone with no wife/gf, and I can easily take it off with no accountability. After weeks of no jerking, I get wet dreams and they often hurt because my penis gets blocked by my sheets or underpants. That is why I was worried about my urethra getting blocked and why I am going to try and make a DIY cap. Wish me luck.
  15. Joshers firstly let me say that I have bean wearing chastity devices for the best part of 15 years and some of the problems you are having are typical to a new wearer , I totally agree with Nicoftime on the ring size and gap , he is also right about the hook , this should not stop the device from being wearable, looking at the last set of pictures you posted I would say the ring is too big , what size is it ? Nicoftime did also point out that all of these type of devices can allow you to pull out of the back of them , and he is right , getting a good fit on these things can sometimes involve trial and error , rather than trashing the whole thing I first would try a smaller ring they can be got on there own , Macmagna also gave you good advice with reference to comfort , these things take time to adjust to and even with a perfect fit time will still be needed for your body to adjust , all these things are part and parcel to being locked , welcome to the world of chastity! , I can remember a time when I thought I would never get used to wearing a device full time but I did , so in my opinion your first step is to change the ring size , you could spend 10 times what you have done and still not end up with what you want , correct sizing must come first
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  16. It looks like a decent enough fit, and your issue is being able to pull out the back. Besides getting pierced to prevent that, no ball trap device can keep a penis or someone with the will, from pulling out the back. A penis is too much like a tentacle...it can back out, squeeze into, or out of anything. Think orgasm resistant not orgasm proof.

    I believe your expectations for a device that prevents you yourself from cheating it, are bit too high. They are not perfectly comfortable, they will pinch and burn occasionally, morning erections will wake you up, and you can pull out the back if you choose to do so.

    If you leave it alone, it will prevent erections, and keep you or other stimuli from touching it whenever you want...that's it. If you want more security you will have to be pierced...and I got news for you, even then most can still orgasm in them if they try hard enough or it's been long enough. Even mine that I've held a wand type vibe to, I could tell that if I invested enough time it would probably end in an orgasm. Then again, I would have to invest an hour or so trying to cheat a device I spent a lot of time and money on. What's the point.

    Good luck in your quest, I think you've found what you were looking for, it's just not what you thought it would be.
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  17. Yes, the ring was too big indeed. It was 50mm. The cheap resin device had a 40mm and 45mm and I enjoyed the 45mm. I thought it might a good idea to go 5mm larger incase there was extra pressure. I didn't really that would make a difference and I now know why I had a rash near my butt; the ring was moving! I just realized that there were times when it would dip down to the point where the tip of my flaccid penis would no longer touch the end bars (like in my photo from post 29) and my urethra would re-adjust to poke into the steel bar. This shows I should go back to a 60mm cage and not a 90mm. I could never go pee with the cheap plastic device as the pee-hole was too thin for me. The open end-tip was perfect for the steel device but the length and ring size wasn't.

    I am going to get another steel device just like the one I purchased but with a smaller ring, and not a design on the top where the neck of my gland can pop out. Solid tube all the way. Thanks for the good luck!
  18. Quick question. I am getting a similar cage with a better ring. When is comes to cage size, all they have is 2.5 inches long; no cages of 3.75 inches with the right type of end design like I had before. Is going 1.25 inches smaller a bad idea if I noticed my flaccid penis can touch the tip of the 3.75 bars? If it would be pushing my penis 1.25 inches back just when flaccid, how would it respond when it gets harder? I already have it ordered and I can't cancel it.
  19. I am getting closer. I think the perfect cage length might be 80mm, which is between the two. Both Ebay and DHGate have 80mm cages and even a few 70mm cages but they all have smaller end designs and/or open spaces where my neck could pop out. I did some more browsing and honestly, I am now thinking of just getting an 100% open ended cage like this one:


    There would be no uncertainty, no stress, and no need to throw it in case it is too small.
  20. I just noticed that the link I posted was incorrect. I meant to post the houdini. They also make one with a removable cup as well. I know, I can't make up my mind, but the best I've got so far is this:


    This might be the one for me. It is 80mm, so my cock will definitely stay touch to the end bars (it barely did with the 90mm), there is no open spaces where the neck/gland can pop out, and it looks like there may be less pinching. I just need to make sure to get a tighter ring like the 45mm. What do you think?
  21. Wow... It sounds like you are going to end up with quite the collection of chastity devices.... I have a similar, ahem, nice sized penis, and therefore finding a device that fits comfortably is an issue. Here is information that I have discovered that I hope you find useful... The first thing you need to do is get used to measurements in millimeters. The rest of the world uses this system, and these devices are not made in America, so learn how to use Google to convert. Second I purchased a device with an urethral tube which I do not use. Other people use them with no issues. I don't want to stick something in my penis and welcome a yeast infection.... Your choice... So here goes the advice... Disclaimer... Don't read beyond this point and don't do anything I tell you to do...

    1. Get a smaller device. Like you, I'm 3+ inches flaccid but if you buy a device that is super comfortable when you are semi erect, then it will fall off when you are soft...
    I got the A275-1 and don't use the urethral insert.

    It reduces the profile while wearing clothes
    Makes physical activities such as yard work and bicycle riding completely bearable
    Weighs less, In fact because of it's tighter fit and body forming base ring, it simply becomes one with your body
    Is a constant reminder (by feel of compression) that it is in place without causing arrousal (over time of course)
    is an erection deterrent (I don't get them as often when wearing)
    I only wear this during the day

    2. Shave your pubes, or if you want to avoid ingrown hairs and bumps cut them much shorter with an electric razor with the shortest guard... Otherwise you are asking for pulled hairs, sweat and bacteria build up and probably 100 other reasons to cut the forest... Just do it.

    3. In post 39, the first pic which shows you fully flaccid and installed you have a ton of room in the tube. Look I know that you want to make sure that you have room to grow, but that's not going to help you in the weight of device department which is causing your device to migrate South, exposing shaft, or with your pull out issue. You obviously have a base ring that is too large also, and because it's metal it weighs more too. You got good advice from @sissybitch@sissybitch about finding the correct sized device... Pay attention... The default size base ring (if multiple sizes are available) on ebay is 45mm... That's the size you get... Because most people are that size... This 45mm ring and 65mm length device is you r daytime device. It's meant to stay in place and keep you from making bad choices.... During the day. Just buy a new ring. They are like $9 on ebay...

    4. Ok so you are a grower... Congrats. Don't go throwing away your device or chopping off the ends anymore... and then complaining about having to buy more devices. Keep your longer bigger device and put it on at night before bed. This way you your nocturnal erections don't cause as much of a burning sensation when your skin is folded and compressed by your giant manhood. If the rings expose too much skin, get a closed shaft device... They are out there too.

    5. Yes you can pull out from behind. This device is a deterrent, not a Neosteel Chastity belt! Look, if you want to simulate the feeling of something more permanent buy some paracord and learn how to tie two knots.

    A bowline
    A taught line hitch

    Tie the bowline to one side of the base ring, wrap it up and around your hip above your waist and tie the taught line hitch to the other side and sinch it up until it feels nice and tight but not too tight. Just enough to feel the weight removed is good. The device won't slouch and you won't be falling out of the back of your "too big for you" device.

    6. Pee spray... Get used to it. That's part of the deal you signed up for. There is lots of room to wiggle your fingers in there and move your glans around to minimize the affect of the spray. Just plan on sitting to pee and wiping like a girl... And be sure to wash up at home every night because you don't want your pee smell to be another reason you don't have a girlfriend or wife.... Just saying...

    7. I've read this thread from the beginning, and agree with you... You definitely weren't flaccid when installing the device originally. If you were, it wouldn't be falling off.

    9. There is no perfect device. Just learn how to relax yourself and get down to a manageable flaccid state, stuff yourself into a 45mm base ring and 65mm+ long device and learn how to stop yourself from getting erections... By shutting down the porn. Use this smaller device for daytime.
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  22. Wow! That's a lot of good info. What are things that I am surprised about is that you were telling me not to do these things and read them. I am curious on why. Are you just being sarcastic or are you fully not sure? Sadly, there is one thing I do need to tell you and you all may not like it: That picture with the flaccid penis in the device was forced to look at short. I exaggerated and it was wrong of me; I pulled skin back. Now what I can tell you is I truly know the real size of my fully flaccid penis. It is 84mm and I told this to sissybitch. When flaccid, my penis is about 1/3" from the end bar but I barely see it that small; only when I am calm. 84" is my flaccid size and I measured if multiple times. Well, I have to go back to work. I do have more to say soon.
  23. Okay, so the reason why I exaggerated in post 39 is because at the time I posted that, I still wasn't truly sure of my soft-flaccid size until recently after monitoring my penis get hard and then soft each hour. When taking the photo in post 39, I pulled my skin back to show myself that my penis cannot touch the bars 24/7. What I should've done was capture another photo of the fully flaccid penis after an hour in the cage and leave that other photo to myself. I had also forgot about the 3 minute limit to edit posts. So yes, my flaccid size is really around 84mm. Therefore, the 60mm cage might be a bad idea. It may feel good when flaccid but it might hurt like hell when it's mid-flaccid or hard.
  24. I am home from work so I can talk more about some things. I looked at the pictures again and I can see what you mean how it looks like there is lots of room but in that 90mm cage, there is only a fifth of an inch free. I can clearly see that myself. Another point on why my flaccid size 84mm so now you can see that I am telling the truth and that there is some miscommunication. Even a 70mm cage might be too small as once it gets adjusted after fitting it in there and I will have almost an inch of free skin space above once the ring gets pushed. This is the exact reason why I hated the 60mm third-party HT2. This is what I believe could happen but I could be wrong when it comes to steel cages.

    Now, I am purchasing the 80mm device with the cage end I like and no grooves that will pop the neck of the penis head out. I believe that the neck popping out is part of what caused my urethra to twist and I want to see if this will fix the issue.
  25. Here is a link and a photo of new chastity device I am purchasing:

    Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 8.09.48 PM.png
    Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 8.09.38 PM.png



    • No hinged ring
    • Only 4mm or less of extra skin will push which is like nothing
    • I will see if I was wrong about my flaccid measurements all along
    • Still has that comfortable end and I can easily adjust my penis in case it is twisted


    • The center is all open, so I could masturbate using both index fingers (adjustments will be made)
    • The base-ring has no counter-design to match the body, but that should be okay

    Anymore pros and cons for me after seeing all that I've been though?
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