Putting on the Birdlocked without lube

Discussion in 'Birdlocked' started by jay_double_u, May 18, 2010.

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    While experimenting I found a new way of putting on the Birdlocked without any lube which seem to seriously lower my chances of easy escape.

    It's a variation of the stocking trick using it aswell to pull the testes through the ring.

    Put the open end of the stocking around the testicles and gather up some excess material. Next get a piece of string and run it over the top of the base of the penis down to the bottom of the ballsack. Make sure to get it as close to your body as possible at the top, gather lots of stocking overspill at the bottom, run the string over it, pull tightly and make a first knot. Then run the two ends of string you're left with around the scrotum up to the underside of mr wiggly, gather more stocking material up under the string and again firmly tie off in a knot and bow. The idea here is to firmly wedge the balls up into a package inside the stocking so they can't slip out when you start pulling them through the ring. You really have to tie the knots up firmly, they're only there for a minute or so.

    Phase 1:
    Now you can put the end of the stocking through the ring of the cb and pull the testes through. It takes some perceverence and time but the stocking will help them get in without any lube. Jiggle the ring as far up as it will go. Untie the string and pull back some of the stocking at the top of the ring back through toward your body and pull it over the penis. Bend it down and pull him through aswell. Now try to jostle the whole apparatus into place by pulling on the ring and simultaneously pulling the stocking clear of your balls and free from the ring. This will result in positioning the cb into its proper place and remaining there quite rigidly because of lack of lube.

    Phase 2:
    Finally get the stocking out again, push it through the front hole of the cage and use it to pull your penis through the cage with the conventional stocking trick. Then lock the whole thing off. Make sure you are relaxed again for this step. I had to give myself 5 mins or so to give the whole clustery a bit of rest after the whole stocking and balltie deal...

    It takes a little longer (I have been in for a few hours and still fiddling) for the whole show to settle down into its latest predicament but I am quite positively not getting out of this one easily.

    I have read a couple of posts from other people that were along these lines but decided to post this technique anyway.

    Hope it helps.
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