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Putting on his cage.

Discussion in 'Chastity and orgasm denial' started by MistressJD, Apr 28, 2017.


Which way should I lock my guy up?

  1. Make him lock himself up.

  2. Put the cage on him after sex.

  3. Put the cage on him while he is sleeping.

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  1. My wife really smashed my balls so much when she tried to put it on that it did not work out so good. Now, I always put it on but as a symbol of her power she clicks the lock shut and pulls out the key. After all these years, she still have this look or joy, power, happiness and control every time she closes the lock.
  2. Wear a full belt so it is kind of hard for Her to put it on. She tells me to put it on and She puts the locks on with a beautiful smile. Can't help not loving
    this woman. Doesn't get any better then when the locks are on and the next release is unknown. Great to be where I am.
  3. I love it when she puts it on, it feels incredible *_*
  4. No way could I squeeze into a cage if my Wife was doing it.
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  5. I always had the fantasy that my wife would tie me up during the night while I'm sleeping and lock me up without being able to do anything about it - so 3 would be my option lol
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  6. I had a gf years back. I'd introduced her to chastity. She always let me put it on, when told to, too fiddly. But she loved to click the lock shut. Big smile and giggling giddyness everytime. She bought us my Fort, brand new all shiny thing she was giddy before it arrived worse when it did and had me put it on straight away. When she clicked that lock shut she had a really hard gushy orgasm.

    She used to let me out so we could have sex almosat all the time, no cumming for me of course, but she once told me though I had suspected she only let me out sometimes so she could click the lock shut when I went back in.
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  7. Years ago when the cage was just a toy in the drawer we played with sometimes, Mistress tied me to the bed as I'd been going on about bondage and what I wanted all the time. I thought we were going to have some steamy session. You can guess what happened next. Locked up then untied. She still mentions it occasionally, how pleased she was with herself at teaching me a lesson and how funny my reaction was. I was like "WTF?"
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  8. I always lock him if he has been unlocked which is rare. It took a while to get used to doing it but I am quite good at it now. That being said, I don't have to do it often since he is rarely out of his cage. Twice so far this year and it will probably that way the rest of the year. It is a process that takes time. Especially for a man who isn't allowed to cum. He gets quite excited. Ice and practice most importantly patience is the key to caging him yourself. Oh...and the restraints!
  9. Yes being restrained and locked back up always blows my mind I never get used to it
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  10. cos i has 2 cages . 1 for day and 1 for nite i'm doing it a lot and now it only takes me ever such a little time and then i just give Mistress the key back. but the rings the same for both.
  11. Agreed!

    I would say practise putting it on him if you want to be more skilled at it. That being said, I get hard sometimes if I am putting it on alone.
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