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Putting on his cage.

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by MistressJD, Apr 28, 2017.


Which way should I lock my guy up?

  1. Make him lock himself up.

  2. Put the cage on him after sex.

  3. Put the cage on him while he is sleeping.

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  1. I have a question for everyone.
  2. I think the second option is incomplete. It should say "after sex, but without cumming". ;)
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  3. Putting on a device is tricky business, I can't imagine it would be very fun for either of you.

    For him trying to let you poke , pinch, and pinch until it is in. For you trying without success to get that bugger in there.

    Best way for kh to be involved is to let him put it on, and kh to do the locking part.
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  4. I put it on, but she is the one that ALWAYS clicks the lock shut.
  5. My wife is my wife and not my Mistress. I have made keyholding as easy as I could for my wife so that she does not feel it is a chore. I promised to lock up unless my wife says otherwise. We are not fanatical about being locked up. For us the orgasm denial and no masturbation is important, locked or not. Since I work from home I am locked 95% of the time. It is easy for me to do so. Since my testicles have to be compressed and pushed through a small solid ring, having someone else do it who cannot feel the pain, is not a good idea. :)
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  6. I always do it. My wife wanted to try it once, but she got intimidated by trying to get everything through the base ring and was afraid of hurting me. She never asked to lock me again.
  7. The third option is not really possible, chances are he would have woke up with all the fiddling plus if he has a nocturnal erection as well...:p
  8. I find it far easier to tell my husband to put it on, the CB is a bit fiddly, and when I try to do it he promptly gets an erection. I give no warning when I decide it is time. My part of the deal is to wear the key round my neck for the duration.
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    Depends on the device a bit. I'd say 1 or 3. To have him lock himself in needs a padlock which can snap shut so he has no idea where the key is.
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  10. She tells me to put it on but to complete the ownership of her toy she is the one who clicks the lock.
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  11. Agree with all the comments so far. Probably no way to put it on without his participation (without significant discomfort and trouble). I also like the idea above about having sex without letting him cum and then locking him up. Best way I can think of to get locked. Pleasure, denial, control. Mmmmm.
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  12. While option 1 is very popular and is what I know I deal with the most, I put it on when she tells me, Option 3 seems completely unrealistic unless he's passed out or well drugged. Option 2 is probably the most delicious, because you seem to spend a little time thinking about what you just had and is no longer available to you until who knows when....
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  13. I usually put it on, although somethings she likes to get it started while I'm still very erect and force it down. She always locks it with a big smile on her face!
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  14. the cb ones am dreadful to put on , they takes ages and ages and it easy to lose a bit of it. I lost a bit once down the plughole.
    I always put my cage on myself and Mistress has a look to see its locked. its a teeny metal cage and I can put it on in seconds.
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  15. And how did you explain that one away to the plumber!
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  16. it was a tiny bit and don't block up the water.
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  17. Why should you have to do any work. Make him lock the device and inspect it (you don't have to really inspect it, but fiddling around with him will make him feel that you are involved and interested).
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  18. Last time I was fortunate enough to be locked, she would watch me put it on then she would close the lock
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  19. She tells me to put it on (contract terms) and inspect locked chastity cage.
  20. She has me put it on and line up the holes that the lock goes into and then She inserts the lock and clicks it shut before giving the cage a tug to let me know that She is now back in control. The "click" of the lock has a strong emotional connection for me, especially since She is the one causing it! It is a very personal moment each time.
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  21. Well the cat is out of the bag that I want to cage him, but I have not told him that I have a cage. He did not seem to mind the idea. During one of the next few nights I'm going to put it on him without warning and see what happens. We shall see hehe.
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  22. I did not answer but would think i would want her to put it on
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  23. Option 2 in my experience would be very difficult to implement once he has been allowed to erect, especially if he is wearing his base ring as the erection will be very strong and take a long time to reduce to a size especially when attaching a small cage.
    My cage is so small its about the size of my erect penis head so I would have to wait 10's of minutes to shrink small enough to have my cage re fitted.
    As such I have to wear it almost all the time which means I don't see an erection very often anymore :-(
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  24. Yes get him drunk so he falls into a deep sleep,then lock him up so when he wakes up with morning wood he will wonder what's happening,he will also experience the pain of morning wood as well.make sure the cage is easy to put on ,you never said what sort you were getting.He will then know you mean business as you're the mistress,don't unlock him for at least two weeks even if he begs you to.Keep us posted on the out CUM of this lol.
  25. Locking him up while he sleeps sounds really hot lol. The type of cage we got is actually pretty easy to lock on. The part I have to be careful with is connecting the tube to the ring. If I can do that without pinching him he's locked.

    The difficulty is in getting him all the way down into the tube. There isn't any extra space for growing in his tube and I can't get it down in there without lotion, he has to like fold his dick back up into the forskin and pop it into the tube somehow, then he pokes and prods it with q tips for a while =D
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