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Punishment spanking

Discussion in 'Female led relationships' started by PouchPantyLover, Oct 19, 2017.

    I just checked out your photos , your jailbird is identical to mine ,but I have a padlock /
    Anyway I'm writing about your scale of punishment, so many strokes for different infractions.

    I lived with a Dominatrix for 7 years in the past ,and she used a cane on me .
    I noticed the times she told me how many strokes I was going to get , I could take them because I knew when the end was coming.
    The times she just laid into my butt with out telling me how many ,soon had me in much greater pain , just from not knowing when it would end.
    That relationship ended in 2009.
    Now I have a Lady who answered my ad for a Dominatrix in Craigslist.
    She isn't a pro, and we don't live together,she just likes seeing me when she needs to have free taxi service or is in the mood to flex her power , in which case I get whipped with a length of cable from tv cablevision..She never gives me a number just starts whipping fiercely.
    I only can stand one or two with out jumping away ,but she orders me back instantly and I obey ..

    My avatar is me freshly whipped.
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  2. Having someone else discipline you @paulie slave@paulie slave while your Mistress watches is very exciting. My Mistress has done this on a few ocations and it usually leads to some kind of sexual activity afterwords. When I've been spanked by this other lady it also excited me and made me very wet. In my Opinion. Go For It.
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  3. It sounds kinda exciting to me too although I'd be scared that the level of brutality might be a lot more than I'm used to. I only really get corrected for displeasing Mistress and it doesn't happen often. I might bring it up to see how she feels about it now but I don't want to push, hell I'm not even sure I want it.
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  4. The fear of how hard they might spank you adds to the excitement as you already mentioned. Sex and pleasure is mostly in your head. Isn't life great LOL
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  5. Isn't it just :)
  6. So if anyone has been reading my vacation from chastity thread you will know I just went on a week long family trip. For a variety of reasons it was not practical for me to be locked up during the trip. My wife took this as an opportunity for us to have sex for the first time since July. We had sex twice and then I also masturbated once. When I go for an extended period of being unlocked and it is coupled with some orgasms, I struggle with my restoration to our FLR/Chastity lifestyle. I locked back up as directed, but I was moody and surly and not very submissive. One of the things I neglected to do was keep my punishment list. When my wife found out, she was not pleased and proceeded to make me write one down while she grilled me on what I had done wrong. When she discovered that I had masturbated without her knowledge or consent she was pissed. For us this is 25 strokes or deep blue on the balls. A step she has never taken. By the time we were all done with the list we were at 130 strokes or 105 and deep blue.

    As of Wednesday I was confident she didn't have it in her. Just as I'd had a week off from chastity, she'd had a week off from being dominant. I was sure she was going to be too soft and would probably forget or blow it off. Nope, she was very adamant and firm that we were doing this. Yesterday morning she told me she was taking the kids to school and would be back to deal with my punishment. She instructed me to prepare our bedroom as well as layout her various spanking implements AND the deep blue. It finally started to sink in what was coming as I was closing all the windows and doors, laying out her "tools" and getting my gag. I realized my fight or flight instinct was starting to kick in as I was getting really nervous. I decided I was going to need some added help staying in place and got a pair of wrist restraints. I can take them on and off myself, but I realized that if I hugged a couch cushion and laid down on that cushion with my feet on the floor, it would put me in proper position and my body weight would trap my hands.

    It was torment waiting in that room for her. I swear she knew and went for coffee or something. By the time she came home I had a dry mouth and serious butterflies in the stomach. She told me to hurry up and put on my gag and get into position. I knew she was serious as the first blows started to land. She kept it up and rotated between four different implements. The riding crop and the paddle are the ones that hurt. The cheesy flogger is almost a relief by comparison. The leather strap with the word "SLUT" on it is somewhere in between. It seemed to be going on forever. She finally paused and said "we're half way there". I was trying to ask for mercy, but the gag prevented that. That's when she started in with the questions "Are you going to masturbate without my permission ever again?" Whack, whack, whack, whack, whack. Me nodding no furiously. "Are you going to serve me properly without disrespect?" Whack, whack, whack, whack, whack. Me nodding furiously yes. Then she paused and didn't say anything. I tried to look back over my shoulder to see what she was up to. "Don't look at me goddamit, eyes forward". Then she said "Spread your legs" and I knew she had the deep blue. I shook my head no and kept my legs together. "Open them Now!" and I complied. I felt a somewhat cold sensation on just the base of my scrotum. She had applied only a dab, about the size of a nickel. There was no sensation other than the coolness. I was so focused on the deep blue I didn't realize she had picked up the paddle. The first blow caught me completely by surprise. She unleashed a furious series with the paddle and as she did I could feel the spot on my balls heating up. She dropped the paddle on the bed and went and laid down and said "I'm done".

    I extricated myself as the burn grew worse and as always went and nealt beside the bed to thank her and apologize. I realized what a jerk I had been the last week. How difficult I had made her life instead of how easy and pleasant it should have been. I vowed to do better. The burn was an icy hot sting at this point and I asked if I could wash it off. "Of course not" she replied and then ordered me to make her breakfast. Ever try to walk with deep blue on your balls while wearing a chastity cage? You think the night time erection burns, wholly c**p. I tried to walk as bow legged as possible, but my balls still swung spreading deep blue to my thighs. I was a wreck. I will say that at least as she applied it, the deep blue wasn't as bad as I thought, but it sure wasn't fun. I'm grateful she took the time and effort to give me these corrections. For those not into this sort of thing it will seem odd to say this, but I feel deeply loved and a deep sense of devotion and respect for my wife. It's always there, but these things she does makes me feel it more intensely.
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  7. I totally understand where your coming from @PouchPantyLover@PouchPantyLover the Love a person feels after being Disciplined by their lovely Wife/Mistress is something most people will never understand. You say it perfectly the Devotion and Respect.

    After I've been Disciplined like you were and we go out in public somewhere and I can hardly walk or sit without feeling her stokes of Love on my backside are some of my favourite memory's.

    You are Blessed to have such a fantastic wife. As you already know.
  8. To be very clear I don't think inflicting punishment is something that comes naturally to my wife or she does because it gets her off. As I've posted in other areas there are things we all do for the effect instead of the experience. We exercise, eat healthy and go to the doctor because we want the healthy outcome, not because we enjoy the experience. She loves the outcome of punishing me and thus is willing to perform that role. The number of strokes I receive are not excessive because of the amount of force and the type of tools she uses. Receiving even 30 strokes as you've received is probably worse than double that number that I get. Don't get me wrong, she isn't giving me a funishment that I get off on, it hurts like hell and I want it to end. I just know that if one human being wanted to inflict more damage on another than she does on me, they are totally capable of it. In regards to knowing the number, I can never keep track past 20 strokes. Also our stroke count is only a recommended stroke count, she can go off script if she likes.
  9. So now I understand the meaning of being broken. Today was my punishment day and as usual I submitted my list to my wife. While the list was short, there were heavy stroke counts and a few items that really makes her blood get going. As is our new routine I prepared the bedroom and laid out her implements. She also had me put out the deep blue again as part of my preparation. Once she arrived I stripped, put in my leather ball gag and attached my wrist cuffs. Gripping the sofa pillow in a bear hug I bent over and laid my upper body onto the bed with my cuffed hands pinned under the pillow.

    She didn't start right in, she started by talking. Explaining to me how mad she was by my failures and how she was going to beat it out of me today. She announced that today she would only be using the paddle and none of the other implements. The paddle hurts the most and she reserves it usually for only about 10 or so strokes, so I was pretty scared with this news. She then went silent and I wasn't sure what she is up to as I'm not allowed to look back. Then I felt the sensation of something cool and slimy being spread on my balls and I knew it was the deep blue. She had only used this once before and applied only a dollop. This time she was smearing it on in a heavy helping. She then left and went to the bathroom to wash her hands.

    She took her time and by the time she came out the cool on the balls was changing to hot. That was when she started hitting me with the paddle and hitting hard. "Every week it's the same good damn things on your list, can't you ever learn". She was in a zone and a rhythm and hitting harder than she had ever done before. She stopped and that's when I realized how much my balls were burning. Almost as if she could tell she asked "how are your balls". Of course I can't answer with the gag on, but the noises I'm making sure convey how much I'm suffering. "Good, maybe this time you'll learn something".

    Then she started in with the paddle and it seemed even harder. I tried desperately to relax, but it was no use. I was drooling heavily in my gag and making these wet gurgling muted screams with each blow and crying in between. That's when it kicked in, fight or flight. I had to get up off that bed, I had to run out of that room, I had to get that paddle and stop this. It was primal and compelling and I started to rise. I could feel my free will pushing me up and her will forcing me down, to submit and take what she decided I diserved.

    In the end her will prevailed and I collapsed onto the pillow as her blows continued to rain down and cried into my gag muffled cries. That was the moment where I felt "broken". Submission is a choice, to believe anything else is a fantasy. However choosing to submit doesn't mean you aren't submissive. It is those moments where you most want to say no and that you realize you can't that test your boundaries. I had that moment today and I abandoned myself. She broke me to her will and I love her even more for doing that.

    I wasn't even aware she had stopped. I was just laying there balls on fire, ass cheeks throbbing with drool leaking out of my gag. When I finally had the presence of mind to realize she was done I wriggled upright dropping the sofa pillow. I then crawled to her and kissed her feet thanking her and apologizing to her. She asked "will I see these things on your list next week?" No Mistress, I replied eagerly. "If I do it will be twice as much, do you understand?" she asked. "Yes Mistress, I understand Mistress" I replied. Hopefully I've learned my lesson.
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  10. My deepest sympathy to you. I've been in the same position once before but only once. Sometimes it's not easy to learn the lessons we need to learn. Take Care
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  11. I understand your being punished , it's for our benefit ! Sometimes we don't learn as quickly as we should

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  12. glad to see percussion play brought up here. recommend not using completely stiff implements for many reasons including internal -- the mentioned rubber strap and also leather "bats", flexible, also called paddles.
    floggers are nice too, mean more work for the top, take longer to get the effect, are much deeper glow though. don't use the cheap ones with just a few blades, get a nice one that costs a bit more and has a nice handle -- the fetish conferences in big cities have nice people who make them who need your business and make them out of deerskin with love --
    punishment was never my specialty as top or bottom, humiliation and verbal interaction is the primary thing -- tell someone WHY they need to be punished -- make them COUNT the strokes,
    "ONE thank you Goddess, may I have another one HARDER PLEASE?"
    be sure they get them WRONG by making it complicated... talk to them about something...
    change the subject... start up fast... they FORGOT the COUNT!!! so they now have to start over... they have to look at their shoes and can't look up, high heels? schoolgirl shoes? oh no they looked up, start all OVER, or are they blindfolded and gagged, only YOU can talk, but they can gag-talk ... make them thank you through the gag for your punishments...it was only going to be 10 hard ones but gee, it's really about 100 and they aren't so hard all of them now...
    long pauses in between allow for REALLY hard ones but fast ones cant be so hard now...

    I like the idea that they are now selling t shirts that say "Got Chastity"?
    I tried to make key chains with "EYE" "Padlock" " picture of husband from wedding cake" "rooster"
    meaning I Lock Husband's Cock -- but I'm not handy enough -- maybe someone here can market them?!
    in other words picture of eye, picture of padlock, you get it... that could be a t shirt, k chain, bumper sticker.
    female officer pulls you over for speeding, asks what it means, lets you off because she loves the idea so much?!!

    if you want to buy a nice flogger, go to a local fetish convention .. here in denver we have...
    Thunder in the Mountains, Bondage Expo, there are so many of them... I used to go to so many when I was a top,
    by the way
    -- everyone, it's so hard to find a dominant woman, so relatively easy to find submissive women,
    let her control your orgasms, it's such a small price to pay!
    we should all treasure the dominant women in our lives, you women are the most precious people on earth.
    humblest, softest kisses to all of your feet wherever you are!
  13. Thanks Mash. I have two vehicles, one is a big heavy duty gas guzzling work truck I use when I need the payload or towing capacity and one is a little zippy sports car. I didn't need the truck yesterday, but after punishment I drove it because the seats and suspension are soft :oops:. Today I feel pretty good, however the marks are much more pronounced 24 hours later than they ever have been before. Ironically last night she asked me if we should start using a safe word. I pointed out that it's not much good since she keeps me gagged as I'm so noisy. I told her that if she wanted to change that and work with a safe word, I would respect her wishes. I did point out that I probably would have been yelling that safe word half way through yesterday's session. I told her I loved her and I trusted her to decide what was best for me. She said she'd think about it.

    Ouch, that looks painful. Need to be careful about those blows on the lower back. Lot's of stuff in there you don't want to hurt. My wife limits her work to just my cheeks.

    Not sure I'm going to go giving her advice on how to be more effective ;). When we started doing punishments I actually gave her regular feedback. I pointed her to a number of blogs I thought were good. I'd praise her when I thought she had matched the punishment to infraction and let her know if I felt like I was being let off easy. It was through good communication and her personal growth in her role as dominant that lead us to a point where I don't think she needs any guidance from me. I've let go and left it entirely in her hands at this point. It feels good to do so. There are other areas of our relationship where she still wants my feedback and validation, this is not one of them.