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Punishment spanking

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by PouchPantyLover, Oct 19, 2017.

  1. I had talked with my KH after our last weekly punishment spanking that I felt confused by what seemed like a light punishment in light of my actions. She agreed and said she was often confused by this and usually ended up punishing me based on her mood. So when she was angry about something that just happened on a week where I was good, I might get punished thoroughly, but on a week where I was naughty I got off easy if she just wasn't in the mood.

    I suggested in addition to keeping a list that I should assign a number of strokes for common mistakes (i.e. not doing a chore) and she give me number of strokes for the odd occurrence. We started with 5 strokes for simple mistakes and got as high as 30 strokes if I was naughty enough to give myself an orgasm. This last week I snuck up behind her in the garage and goosed her. Scared the crap out of her and that added 10 strokes.

    So today I tallied my list and had hit 55. Keep in mind my prior high was 30. I was scared. She had me prepare our bedroom against sound and prying eyes, layout her spanking implements and even put on a gag which was new for us. Just before I put the gag on I told her I was scared and she replied "you better be". With the gag in place she ordered me to bend over the bed and picked up her favorite wooden spoon.

    She went after me in series of 10. The first 10 were on the left cheek and I was able to count them. The next 10 were on the right cheek and I was still enough in control to keep track. When she went back to the left cheek the pain became intense enough that I started to lose track of where she was in her cadence. Back to the right and I was a drooling, squealing mess. She paused at 40 and for a moment I thought she might be done and then she did the final 15 in one solid run switching back and forth from cheek to cheek. I'm not even sure how I weathered the last 15.

    When she was done she threw her spoon on the bed and said "Look what you did to my spoon". It's a flat spoon. more of a spatula and the head was cracked clean in half. I removed my gag and kissed her feet apologizing to her and thanking her. She told me to put everything away, tidy up the room and go to work.

    For those not into punishment I'm sure this seems odd. I hate and fear the punishments at the time of punishment, however the post punishment submissive high is astounding. Right now I would do anything she told me to do, no questions asked. When she is strong the way she was today, I feel loved and looked after. Thank you so much Mistress for all that you do all the time and especially what you did today.
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  2. We have run out of wooden spoons in our house LOL
  3. we've gone through all our wooden spoons as well. currently using a small omelet pan...which is quite effective.
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  4. Being someone that's been spanked for years I felt I should add my Two Sence worth. To be punished or disciplined is totally different than just getting a spanking. It took my wife many years to get over the fact that she was hurting me and that I wanted her to discipline me as required. We tried the planned punishment time but found it not as effective. When you know your going to get a spanking you can mentally prepare for it and she's not as upset and tended to not spank as hard as was needed. When I'm Discilpined now it's delt with ASAP and it's hard and fast, no warm up no time to prepare. She simply says "Pants down now" a lecture would follow on what I did wrong.

    Before chastity she would tell me to Mastarbate in front of her before the discipline and take my cum into my mouth. The embarrassment of Mastarbating just so the spanking would hurt more than having to take it into your mouth was a very effective form of Discipline in it self not even counting the hard fast strapping.

    We've stopped using wooden spoons for discipline and now use a thin rubber strap that is very painful and won't break.

    Discipline should be an event to remember, don't worry about how much begging or crying he does, the results should be visible for several days after. I think that came from "The Disciplineary Wives Club " I hope my post doesn't cause to much pain to some of you.
  5. I think it needs to be set up for what works for each couple. For us the on the spot punishment would not work for a whole host of reasons. Most significantly we have kids and seeing me with my pants around my ankles while Mom paddles me doesn't work well. Even if kids are not around my wife needs to work herself into her punishment zone. She can't turn it on or off. I present my punishment list to her every Thursday morning. When she actually punishes me is then up to her. Most weeks it also happens on Thursday. Maybe 25% of the time she'll let it go till Friday and once in a great while all the way to Saturday. I find the time between presenting my list and my actual punishment to be quite nerve wracking. I'm never mentally prepared for it.

    One interesting development with the assigned numbers is she is finally embracing contributing to the list during the week. In the past I would ask her "do I need to add that to my list" and she'd say yeah or just ignore my question. Now she has started making sure things get on there. For example she placed trash at the curb Friday night and brought empty can back in Saturday morning. This is one of my chores. She told me that she had done this and I needed to add it to my list. When I said "Yes Mistress, I'll add 5 strokes for failing to do my chore". She said, "No, it's 5 each way". :eek:
  6. I agree with you 100% you need to do what works for you. The one thing that the person giving the punishment needs to keep clear is that it is punishment and Shouldn't be enjoyable for the person receiving the spanking. Not being able to sit for a day has never really hurt anyone.
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  7. I agree and I hate it during the punishment, however I find myself very grateful for it after and looking forward to it again. It's a weird love/hate relationship. I find I'm more unhappy and unruly when she goes easy on me and more focused on her and submissive when she is strong and thorough.
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  8. Try and explain that to someone that's never received a disciplinary spanking and they would think your crazy. I agree with you 100% we don't want weak Mistresses that are scared to hurt you. We want and Need strong Mistresses that want to help us become better people and better submissive. :):):):)
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  9. I absolutely can confirm that this detail strengthens the expectation of something evil is going to happen and improves the disciplinary effect of a real punishment very much. I got this recently when the punishment was introduced with the announcement that I "will be going to need" the provided bite gag. I was and I absolutely learned the lesson. (See Disciplinary action ahead … for details).

    Cheers and fellow sufferer greetings
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  10. After a few failed attempts at being sadistic enough to punish me properly, Mistress has now sent me to a Pro Domme friend of Hers for Discipline. When this first came up, I was naturally excited about my femininity and cage being exposed to another, strange, female. 10 minutes into my punishment, I learned what hard punishment is all about. Mistress had discussed the errors of my ways with the Pro and these were raised with every whip or slap or electrical zap. She had much more effective equipment, too, like severe nipple clamps, an OB/GYN chair, a St Andrews cross, TENS unit, etc, that is used in her BDSM play. I cam home appreciative and much more submissive to Mistress and now try to avoid another "outsourcing session" (as Mistress calls it) in whatever way possible.
  11. Your Mistress definitely wanted to make yor punishment effective and memorable @DonnaSue@DonnaSue . I have never been taken to a Professional Dom for punishment before but I can imagine it would be a painful and embarrassing experience. Your Mistress may take some pity on you but when the person has no emotional attachment to you their would be no pity. It would be only business. My sympathies go out to you, it doesn't sound like it would be an enjoyable experience. Effective but not enjoyable.
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  12. oooh i am sorry that you has to go to there and have that. i was once when i was left alone and got drunk and was bad and it the worst thing ever and i don't want it to ever happen ever again. and I hopes that you don't have to go again.
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  13. That is great.. I just broke a spoon on Toys ass... I'll have to try that next time
  14. Spoons are for the far more gently spankings. For the more serious discipline they make paddles and straps. Good Spanking
  15. Wow, I think the idea of being sent to a pro Somme for behaviours modification is a very appealing thought buy I would definitely imagine the thrill would wear off very quickly.
  16. Wow, this is a great turn things can take. I absolutely see the point of assigning tasks to a professional when one is available and able to deliver a good analysis and problem resolution of any task in any field. So why not regarding discipline and obedience? Since this a very nice and widespread setup also for many stories usually leading far beyond fantasy and reality, it's absolutely stunning and hot and enjoyable if a reasonable portion of this is made true in real life.

    Surely there are professionals that also offer classes and workshops for unexperienced dommes on how to educate, train and discipline their subjects and teach methods on these topics. Imagine your Mistress subscribes such a class and you are taken as test object and learning subject. :rolleyes:

    Cheers and best wishes
  17. She had me order a paddle to replace the spoon, it is due to arrive tomorrow :eek:

    To date my most feared implement has been the riding crop. I notice that my Mistress seems to adjust force based on implement. She was the most dialed in with her spoon/spatula and wielded it well and consistently. The crop ends up being very inconsistent, however my worst marks come from it. The trapezoid shape is very distinctive and I still have two from last Thursday that are clearly visible.
  18. I was into S&M and other variants of BDSm for 47 years. I have had erotic punishments and serious ones. The erotic whippings had a lot of talking, running the whip across my body and creating an atmosphere of sexual arousal. There is a slow build up until I got into subspace. Punishments were fast and furious whippings that went beyond what I could bear. Last punishment one ended with a broken fiberglass cane so my wife switched to a paddle.

    My wife is not into punishment like her girlfriend was. The difference is that her girlfriend enjoyed it looking for reasons while my wife does it out of necessity. However my wife finds very few reasons to punish me after 45 years and long term orgasm denial. My wife was beaten as a child by an abusive alcoholic father so you can understand her hesitance to hurt anyone. When she hits, she hits hard for a 90 lb. girl. See my photos. For our 45th anniversary I got her a new Lelo Vibrator and a wooden spoon with a Hello Kitty hand painted on it by some guy who sells BDSM stuff. My Italian mom used a wooden spoon on me and it allows my wife to hit hard without drawing blood so it is mostly a token punishment these days. Our girlfriend drew blood before she stopped.
  19. So the new paddle arrived Tuesday and it's a serious piece of hardware. I presented it to my KH and she almost fondled it while saying "I like this". Yesterday was the day for submitting my punishment list. Most of the week I was quite good. and I was sitting at 25 strokes (less than half my previous low) as late as Tuesday. Then I did a number of things to irritate my Mistress and I find myself at 70 strokes when I turned in my list yesterday. I know some will accuse me of driving up this number intentionally, but I assure you that is not the case. I frankly think she drove it up intentionally. She assigned me 15 strokes because she found some of suggestions upsetting in how they were worded. Sounded too demanding to her I suppose. In any event that's a lot of strokes for poor word choice.

    So yesterday we were both running around and never at home at the same time without kids. She told me that "I would be dealt with tomorrow". My daughter came down with a cold and is staying home from school all day. It's doubtful my wife will do anything with her at home, although office is remote and soundproof, so not impossible. Once the weekend gets here both kids will be around full time, so nothing happens then.

    I'm feeling very conflicted by this. I'm happy for a reprieve, however it's just kicking the can down the road. If she administers this punishment on Monday I only have three days of recovery time until the next session. If she waits and doubles up two weeks of punishment I will certainly be over 100 strokes and that kind of melts my mind a little. I'm also highly submissive post punishment and on my best behavior. It's one of the reasons I accrue relatively few strokes in the days after a punishment. Not being punished could have a bit of a snowball effect. So something which on the surface seems like a good thing could really kick me in the a**, literally. :confused:
  20. OK mystery solved, it was taken care of today and let me say @Mash2214@Mash2214 you are right about the difference between paddles and spoons. She was uncertain with it as it was a new tool so many of the strokes were actually lighter than what I was accustomed to. When she dialed it up though, ouch! I'm glad we got it done today. I can't imagine two weeks worth in one session with that beast (the paddle, not the wielder).
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  21. I won't mention getting paddled after a strapping. Honest I won't say anything
  22. We gave up on wooden spoons and paddles, to many have been shatter on my ass. My KH purchased a leather paddle covered in metal studs and that sucker hurts. Her other choices is caning me when she wants to leave marks. When I am really bad it is standing hands tied off to a beam and she will use a leather whip or a cat o'nine tails on my back and ass.