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Punishment Panties (and bra)

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by midnight, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. My Mistress/Wife were discussing the concept of "Continuous Punishment" last week after I had requested a method that, upon request, she would grant release from my Chastity for a day. After some extensive sharing of ideas we came up with this idea. Here were the ground rules she set:
    • It had to deliver continuous punishment (pain)
    • It had to be wearable under clothes - Male or Female
    • It must be constructed in a way that I cannot remove it or stop it from punishing me
    • The punishment had to be severe enough that I would *want* to be put back in chastity
    • It had to remind me who was the Mistress and who was the sissy
    Seemed like a tall order, but then I figured it out (Thanks to http://www.princessyara.com/english/webshop/) What I constructed was a spiked bra and panty set that could be locked on by Mistress and could not be removed by me without literally destroying it. See Pics. below. Essentially I made the "panty" and the Bra out of 3 layers of duct tape. Pushed about 35 thumbtacks thru the tape and laid a 4th layer over the tack heads to keep them in place. Then, you cut the points of the tacks off so the remaining shart is about 3/16th of an inch long. (Do *not* make them any longer - This is supposed to hurt (Quite a bit), but not cause real damage!)
    You don't want the chains too tight, as the overall effect is much better if you are constantly getting poked in different places as you move - constantly being reminded that you *are* locked up.

    Here is what it looks like wearing it. [​IMG]

    Here are the spikes: (Bottom)
    Top: [​IMG]
    Side View to show how long the spikes are:

    We tested it, and it did exactly what it was supposed to do. Every little movement is punctuated with a sharp pain somewhere - Breasts or crotch or both. Never sit on a hard wooden chair! At Mistress' request I agreed to wear it for a full day on Tuesday. I had to go out on a consulting job so there would be zero chance of even trying to remove it. I have never felt so controlled - so much under my Mistress' thumb at that day. ...and yes, I begged to be put back in Chastity as soon as I got home. She did, but not before I was handcuffed and Mistress cropped my breasts and crotch while still wearing my new bra and panties.
  2. Thank you for sharing...

    Mistress will love them when She sees them.
  3. ouch!!! i'm glad Mistress doesn't come here!
  4. In all my years, i have never seen anything quite like that before. Truly a wicked concept, and even more so to experience i'm sure. i'm not surprised that you chose chastity over that, as i am not sure i would have even volunteered for it! LOL

    Thank you for sharing!!

    brianna :)
  5. I certainly like this concept - punishment panties and bra - just wonderful!

    Every Mistress gets a great deal of satisfaction when sissy begs for her chastity. What better way to get sissy in the right mindset than punishment panties and bra? It provides a sissy with a nice choice - stay in chastity or wear your punishment panties and bra - what a perfectly evil choice to have to make.

    I visited Princess Yara's site - she has lovely spiked panties and bras - but they sure are expensive. I can see why midnight found a cheaper solution. Gurls will have to save up their pennies for quite a while to purchase the ones from Princess Yara.

    By the way, midnight, I did notice that you referred to your breasts. Very good gurl - men have a chest and gurls have breasts - a recent subject on My blog. Wearing your punishment bra is a very nice constant reminder of your breasts - and you do look quite cute in your gurly punishment underwear.
  6. Surprising turn of events...

    Turns out that the punishment panties and bra have been extraordinarily effective in both delivering punishment, but even more importantly, serving as a constant reminder of Mistress' control. Mistress has noticed this and began asking many questions on hos they feel to wear, what do I think about when I get a sharp little painful reminder of their presence and so forth.

    Yesterday, Mistress stated that she wanted to try them on! They are way to big for her, so I had to cinch in the chains a little with cable ties and she put them on. Both Mistress and I have a masochistic streak, which is not unusual. After 10 minutes, Mistress told me to make her a set also. The design was a little different, in that the panty part was to be crotchless, and the bra would have open nipples. Otherwise, the same lock-on design.

    I was stunned, to say the least. Mistress explained, after making me put them back on, that pain would help her get in the right mood to deliver personal punishment to me. She explained that after several hours of being spiked, she would need somebody to punish for her discomfort. That somebody being me.

    So I made them, tweaked the fitting to get it just right, and off she went to work next morning. She got more than She bargained for, and when She got home, so did I. But that's a report for next time. Stay tuned.

    So Miss D: Do you need a set? LOL

  7. Miss D: Yup, that was the problem. Princess Yara makes some interesting stuff, but the prices are outrageous for what you get. I've also found that it's very problematic to ever get a good fit when you order PVC based stuff because it does not stretch and/or mold itself to your specific size and shape. We, whenever possible, make our own gear; with half the fun being that Mistress often get's to design it! She would tell you that figuring out ways to make something more uncomfortable, or more restrictive and having me have to make it is a near orgasmic experience.
  8. Mistress' first day in Punishment Panties

    As I mentioned earlier, Mistress asked me to make her a set of spiked panties and bra. Apparently to put her "in the mood" to really punish me. So I did. She got more than she bargained for as did I.

    Her set was a little different than mine. The panties were crotchless, with the tacks surrounding her vagina, but not directly sticking into it. The Bra cups had cut out holes for her nipples. Otherwise, the same chain and locking loops were used to make sure it cannot be removed without the key.

    Mistress locked it on herself last week and went off to work. What I didn't really tell here was that while her vagina was not being tortured, her clitoris was. I made sure that there were plenty of tacks just above where the open crotch came together. Any sort of arousal was usre to be very painful. With the keys at home, there was not a lot she could do about it at work.

    It worked like a charm. The poking started to arouse her and suddenly her clit tried to escape right into the spikes. When she got home, she was simply furious. I'll give her credit though, she stripped down and spanked the bejesus out of me while still wearing both the bra and panties. While I sort-of denied doing anything maliciously, she is wasn't buying it, and I got to share her pain.

    I think she is planning to wear them again this week to a training conference where it will be hard to even touch them to arrange the spikes a little if they get really painful. She has to deliver a short speech also. I can't wait!
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    Why either/or? I'd have thought for a discipline session you could have both thepunishment bra/panties AND a cb2000 or whatever. And even the POIs...

    Have fun!
  10. Very devious, punishment to inspire punishment. i look forward to your next installment.
  11. I've never come across anything quite like this before, but must admit that I'm intrigued - for my maid/husband, but definitely not for me! Such a pity that Princess Yara's stuff is so expensive. I love the way in which is looks so pretty and innocent, yet is clearly so uncomfortable.

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