Punishment Day.

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    The Following Story contains themes of CBT, Chastity, and Femdom.

    My Mind goes places sometimes.

    ----Punishment Day----

    Hubby was doing his normal chores before bed when Wifey came up and tapped him on the shoulder.

    He turned around and saw a stern look on her face.

    "Did you by chance remove your cage without by chance?!!!"

    Hubby's face went as white as a sheet. He had snuck out a few days ago for a quickie but didn't think wifey would notice the changed key tag on his emergency key box, He was dead wrong.

    "I.......I.........just needed some release honey, I thought it would be fine."

    Wifey's look got more serious.

    "You thought you could just sneak out without me noticing, are you saying I'm stupid?

    "No......No.......I.......uh.......just.......slipped up." Hubby said.

    "You just slipped up? So me being the Key holder is something you no longer take seriously, Is that it?

    "No, I just needed some relief, its been two weeks and I was getting antsy, I should have come to you before doing so."

    Wifey went from serious to anger in her eyes.

    "You absolutely should have come to me. I may have let you out for some relief, but now you just earned yourself 60 DAYS in addition to the one more day I was waiting for tomorrow to give you full intercourse. But now you can forget about it!!!!!"
    "And that's not all, Since you insist on betraying my Trust and can't have some simple self control with those little things between your legs, I intend to punish and discipline you beyond normal!!! Wifey said with the meanest look Hubby had ever seen.

    "Honey, I'm sorry......I.....just." Hubby meekly said

    "No excuses, you are going to learn that I am in charge of your orgasms!!!"

    Now, I'm going out, give me the Capital One card.

    Hubby, handed it over, he knew better than to object.

    "I'm going to the store to pick up some things, Some of these charges will be for your punishment tomorrow, and some will be because you completely PISSED ME OFF!!!! You will sleep on the couch tonight, I hope you sleep well tonight." She said before Slamming the door and screeching out of the driveway.

    Hubby was left to finish his chores and ponder what laid in store for him tomorrow.

    ------The Next Day-----

    Hubby just finished work and was heading upstairs for a much needed break. Wifey had not spoken a word to him all day and intentionally kept her distance. He noticed she was wearing her bracelet. She usually only wore it when she left the house. She also told him the bedroom was off limits to him all day, he knew he would be in for some serious treatment later. (He had no idea.)

    At 10pm she called him to the bedroom. He walked cautiously to the bedroom and walked inside. He saw her sitting on the edge of the bed. She was wearing her normal day clothes and her bracelet with his key. He noticed a bag sat on the middle of the bed as well.

    "First off, I am very disappointed you have no self control and your mind is run by those things dangling between your legs. All you think about is the pleasure they bring. Since you have breached my Trust and the bond we have by me wearing this key, I am giving you three options. And I want you to think carefully about all of them."

    "1. Chastity Ends today, No more, and we never bring up this lifestyle again and you can earn back my trust over the next several months."

    "2. You submit to my punishment tonight which will have 2 options. one of which I will reveal later."

    Hubby did not want to stop, he felt that the male chastity journey they had been on had brought them closer together. and wanted it to continue.

    He lowered his head in shame.

    "I am sorry honey, I never meant to sneak around you and I don't want to stop. I will submit to any punishment you find appropriate."

    "Are you sure, because once we start with option two, option three will come up and it is a permanent reminder of the path you chose.

    "Yes dear, I'll do anything to prove I can regain your trust." Said Hubby.

    "Alright, but I'm letting you know, this is what YOU chose, and today is not going to pleasant for you. NOW STRIP!!!!!!!"

    Hubby did as he was told and stripped down so he was wearing nothing but his cage, Wifey stripped down her underwear. She grabbed hubby's belt and walked behind him.

    She reared the belt back and smacked him firm on the bottom.


    Hubby hurriedly jumped on the bed as instructed and laid completely still.

    Wifey went to each bed post and pulled out straps that had been hidden from view. She secured his hands and feet, He was unable to move from his position."

    "Now, since you have decided to be a naughty little boy and only think about the pleasure of the little things between your legs, I'm going to take tonight to let you think about what kind of pain can be brought about with the things between your legs. You said a long time ago when we started Enforced male chastity that these things are mine to do with as I please, Is that right."

    "Yes, dear." Hubby said with a bit of nervousness.

    "And were you given permission to use my possessions the other day?" Ask Wifey with a bit of dominance in her voince as she caressed his cage.

    "No, Dear"

    "And have I ever caused you any extreme pain outside of playing around?

    "No, Dear."

    "Well, today you will experience what kind of pain MY COCK AND BALLS can give you, they belong to me even though they are attached you your body."

    She dragged the belt across his bottocks.

    "So, Here is how its going to go down, I am going to give you a first class experience of all the negative sensations your little bits of flesh can give you. YOU WILL lay back and take everything you are given from option two of punishment. If you do not, there is option three. Would you like to know what option three is Hubby?

    "Yes dear."

    "Option three will involve a cutting board, a butcher knife, numbing cream, and your head, and not the one on top of your shoulders."

    She then pulled a cutting board and knife out of her bag and put them right in front of his face.

    "Do you understand what your two options are?"

    Hubby's eyes were wide when he saw the objects in front of his face.

    "Uh........yes dear (gulp) I understand." Hubby meekly said.

    "Good, now we can begin your punishment."

    She grabbed an item out of the bag and then left the room for a moment, he heard running water and a minute later he heard her come back in.

    "From this point forward, you are not allowed to speak unless your are spoken to, Understood?"

    "Yes, dear."

    She then grabbed a washcloth and wet both cheeks of his ass. He also felt a towel underneath him. He then felt shaving creme being applied to both cheeks. Wifey then picked up a razor and started shaving his cheeks bare.

    Hubby, could not figure out why she was manscaping his ass. He would know soon enough.

    She finished her task and gave him a complete wipe down.

    "Good, all ready?"

    "All ready for what?" he asked

    A few seconds passed then.........................WHAAAAACK!!!!!

    His Ass singed with pain, that he gritted his teeth.

    "That was one, nintety-nine to go." Wifey said slyly.

    She used the wooden spoon she had hidden to give his other cheek a hard smack.


    she went as she alternated cheeks keeping count.

    Once she reached 50 she stopped her spanking to let hubby breath for a moment.

    Hubby was breathing heavy and pulling a bit on the straps but he knew his place and not to protest.

    Wifey looked back at his pinkining rear end. She swithced the wooden spoon in the bag and pulled out her hairbrush.

    She resumed again giving him 30 more smacks.

    was heard all throughout the room.

    When she reached number 80 his ass was now bright red. She wanted to drive the point home with the last 20. She grabbed his belt and used the last 20 to smack both cheeks at the same time with long hard strokes. His freshely shaved cheeks were on fire as she hit him the last time with the hardest swing out of all of them.

    She put the belt away and took her nails and gently dragged them across his flaming buns.

    Hubby groaned in pain.

    "Are you sorry, you betrayed my trust?" Wifey asked

    "Yes dear, I'm truly sorry, can we please stop."

    "Of course dear, Let me just take off your cage and apply the numbing cream and take my crown and we can be completely through." Wifey said casually.

    "Is that what you want." She asked.

    "nnnnnoooooo Dear."

    "Alright, And did I give you permission to speak?"

    "No Dear." He Said.

    "Again you lack simple self control, for that, the rest of your punishments will go on for at least 10% longer, Don't test my patience again, I'll make you beg me to cut off your little head before the night is through. If you thought me spanking your rear end was the worst to come, you better prepare yourself!!"

    Five minutes passed as wifey applied a small amount of numbing cream to his ass.

    "I'm not numbing you as a courtesy. I'm numbing you because this area has now received adequate punishment and I don't want you hurting for longer than needed, Plus you are going to be sitting on your rear end for quite a while. Now, I am going to undo the straps for a moment, You are to flip over slowly and sit slightly up against the pillows and head board and I will reapply your straps. Is that Understood?"

    "Yes Dear." Hubby said

    She undid the straps and Hubby obligingly flipped over and got in the position she required.

    "Oh and one more thing, since this is your punishment night and since you lack self control and insist on acting like a little boy who got his hand caught in the cookie jar after mother told him NO, you will say to me YES MA'AM for the rest of the night, Understood?." She said while she strapped him back down.

    "Yes de....er Ma'am" He said meekly

    "Don't push it!!!! I'm serious." She said as she glared at him."

    "Now, I'm going to blindfold you until I am ready for stage two of your punishment." She said while she reached for his sleeping mask and put it over his eyes.

    "Just so you know, Your ass was stage one, you got three more to go." She said.

    Hubby was in a bit of fear and mystery as he heard her get off the bed and went about grabbing multiple items.

    She came back on the bed and he felt the screws on his cage being turned. He felt some relief as his cage was removed for the first time in a week, he was kicking himself for thinking he could sneak one without her noticing. Never again, he thought. He also noticed she installed his large PA ring.

    "Lift your back up slightly NOW" she said.

    Hubby lifted his back up. It was one of the few maneuvers he could manage being tightly strapped down.

    He felt some kind of small string (a shoelace) being wrapped around his waist and being tied around him, as it tightened he felt his Cock being held in place on his navel. He then felt towels being draped over his legs, his chest, and navel.
    He then felt something being slid up to his ass and pressing against his cheeks. He noticed it was placed in such a way that his Balls were now resting on it....(oh god) he thought."

    "Open your mouth NOW!!"

    He obediently opened and he soon felt something being forced in, some kind of cloth. She had gagged him with a pair of her clean underwear.

    She then pulled up his mask and he got a full view and he was horrified by what he saw.

    He was tied legs fully spread, Arms strapped out of the way. His Cock was tied against his body, Towels were draped over his legs and the only thing exposed was his balls and Wifey sitting right between his legs looking pissed and with a bag of terror sitting next to her.

    "Now Hubby, these little balls are what is pumping your mind with thoughts of misbehavior. I am first sentencing your Balls to 15 smacks each."

    She reached into her bag and pulled out something that had brought Hubby alot of arousal in the past but now was the thing of nightmares given his predicament.

    She was holding a 12" ruler!!!!!

    "Remember when we used to use this to measure your cock Hubby, You always used to make me measure you while I gave you a Handjob or a BJ? You always felt so prideful of that meat between your legs right?" Always made you feel superior, right? Tables are turned aren't they LITTLE BOY?"

    Hubby could only look at the seriousness on her face with the evil look as he moaned nervously but couldn't articulate.

    She reached down and grabbed both sides of his sack spreading his balls and making them easier targets.

    She picked back up the ruler and lightly rubbed the end over the left one.

    "Okay, you ready to receive your punishment?"

    Hubby closed his eyes and held his breath.

    She tapped the left one with slightly less force than swatting a fly, she had no intention of causing any permanent damage but wanted to make him suffer for a bit. She did not alternate like his ass cheeks, she smacked the left one again with the same force.


    Hubby, whined as the pain radiated through his abdominal area.

    Smack number 15 was a bit harder than the rest.

    She noticed the left area on his sack was a little red, no permanent damage but it got the point across.

    "Now for the righty," She said

    She went about the same routine and gave his right ball a thorough lesson in discomfort.

    Like before, smack number 15 was the hardest and made the most impression.

    She put the ruler away, and again stretched out his sack.

    "Now, We're halfway through with your little balls. You got them smacked around a bit, now your going to feel pressure. I'm going to squeeze each one for 15 seconds each and then you ball punishment will be complete." She said.

    Again Hubby whined but could do nothing to protest.

    She reached down and gently grabbed the left one. She messaged it for a few seconds then began to lightly squeeze.

    The pressure wasn't overly intense but it caused Hubby to breath harder and pull a bit on the arm straps.

    After 15 seconds she let go.

    She repeated the same process for the right one as well. When it was over hubby was looking down eyes closed breathing heavily.

    She reached up and pulled down his mask.

    Once again she went about arranging things for stage three.

    "Good job Hubby, you made it through the halfway point, but just because you are 50% there does not mean that was the most painful it will be tonight. I can only imagine the last two will be the most intense for you. and judging by the time, we have another hour and a half of activities." She said casually.

    He could only guess what she was doing with the blindfold on, He knew his(her) penis was the next obvious target. He felt the towel draped over his navel removed and was now between his legs covering his sore balls.

    He felt her lift his(her) cock out from underneath the string and felt some things being slid down the shaft. He then felt a small shot glass being forced over his glans.

    She then reached up pulled his blindfold up.

    If he thought the sight in regards to his balls was scary, what he saw before him now was a complete nightmare. There was a hair-tie at the bottom of his shaft and two slightly tight rubber bands in the middle and at the top of his shaft.

    "Now, since you think your/my little penis is only there for YOUR pleasure. I'm going to demon-strait to you the amount of displeasure YOU can receive."

    She reached down and grabbed the hair-tie she pulled it back far and hubby's eyes went wide with fear but she did not release it instead brought it back to normal.

    "I'm sentencing this Penis shaft to 10 snaps on each rubber band. Are you ready to receive part one your shaft punishment?"

    Hubby dropped his head and slightly nodded and was confused by why this was part one, how could it get more painful? he thought

    She took two fingers on the hair tie and spread out the width of the band, then with her other hand pulled the band taught about halfway up to the limit and then released.

    Hubby Winced and whined.

    She repeated eight more times.

    The last two she pulled the band nearly all the way up and released causing Hubby more discomfort.

    She then repeated the same pattern with the other two bands.

    Hubby was tranced with a mixture of pain and regret. He wanted the night to be over.

    Wifey removed the bands but left the cock tied down. She then reached into her bag and puled out an item that now made hubby regret questioning to himself how his shaft could possibly suffer more than a couple of rubber bands.

    Wifey held the pair of wooden chopsticks and rubbed them gently across the delicate skin shaft.

    Hubby was nervous with fear.

    "I am sentencing the Cock Shaft to 40 smacks."

    She started off lightly for the first 20 strokes. It wasn't pleasent for him but was enough to know she means business. She then upped her game by increasing her intensity on the last 10 strokes. When number 40 hit his skin was bright pink.

    She then lightly petted the sore cock.

    Hubby wanted his torment to be over, but knew more was to come.

    "That was stage three. one more to go." She said

    She pulled back down his blind fold and went to work setting up his next stage of punishment.

    "This will be the most intense yet and you will learn a new meaning of punishment with the forth and final stage little boy." She said sternly as she got to work.

    Hubby feared what was to come. He felt the shoestring being removed that bound his/her cock to his navel.

    "I want you to slightly sit up a couple of inches now."

    He moved up a bit as much as the straps would allow.

    He he felt his/her cock being manipulated as it was being placed inside something hollow. When it rested on his pubic area he felt the cock trapped pointed striaght up. He heard her rummaging through her bag removing various items. Then she got up again and returned a moment later. He heard a couple of cups being placed down beside him, he guessed they were full of water.

    She finally removed his blindfold and then the ultimate meaning of true terror set in when he saw what was in front of him.

    The penis was trapped inside a full roll of Toilet paper with just the Head and a quarter inch of shaft exposed. It was completely at Wifey's mercy.

    "So, This is what you think is your ultimate crown jewel?"

    She reached up and removed his gag so he could speak again.

    "Answer me NOW!!"

    "Yes Ma'am." he said meekly.

    "And you thought you could use it for pleasure at your whim even though it is supposed to belong to me, correct?"

    "Yes Ma'am, I'm sorry." he said in the same tone.

    "LOL, your going to know the meaning of the word sorry once I finish with stage four. Are you ready to receive your final punishment."

    "Yes Ma'am" He said slightly whining.

    She put his gag back in his mouth

    "Ok, First, since you got your piercing over the summer, I haven't had a chance to fully explore it now that its fully healed."

    She reached down and and gently grabbed the ring with two fingers and slightly rotated it.

    "Its amazing that this little bit of flesh holds this ring in place, I wonder if it can withstand being punished as well. I am sentencing the glans to tast the limits of its piercing."

    She started gently tugging on the ring.

    Hubby's eyes went wide with fear not knowing how far she was willing to go.

    She started pulling a little harder but released when the ring became taught. She pulled a bit harder until his head started to move with the ring then released it back into place. She repeated this a few more times to her satisfaction. She then grasped it again and started gently turning the ring like a car key bending the head with it. she repeated this again in the opposite direction.

    "Well I think its safe to say your piercing is fully healed. Piss me off again and I will rip that thing out of you and split you in half. GOT IT?!!!!"

    Hubby nodded and said "mmmmmhmmm

    "Now, part of your problem with this cock is the sensitivity and the pleasure it bring. Obviously the head is the most sensitive, So I'm going to attempt to find out where the most sensitive area is, this will come into play for the next part, hang tight because this stage will be the longest." She said sternly.

    She reached back into her hair and pulled out a bobby pin.

    She then reached down and removed his ring. We wont be needing this for the res of the night.

    "Now lets play find the most sensitive spot."

    She started taking the pin and poking his sensitive head. She poked him all around the flat ridge and only got muffled discomfort from hubby. She then poked him all along the corona which made him moan a little louder.

    "Is that the most sensitive spot?" She asked.

    Hubby just moaned

    "No, Well lets keep poking and prodding."

    She got to the underside and poked his frenium next to the opening of his piercing slightly pinching the skin.

    "Looks like we found it."

    She then grabbed a small clothes pin.

    "I'm sentencing this cock to wear a clothespin for five minutes. If I hear more than a peep from you, the time doubles."

    Hubby fearfully watched as she grabbed the clothespin and clamped it on.

    "You stay put, I'm going out for a Cig."

    She left the room and Hubby was left bound, gagged and with a clothespin on the underside of his cock.

    Hubby tried with all his might not to scream, finally after a few minutes she returned.

    "Sorry to leave you hanging, all this punishment has stressed me out and I needed a break. You doing alright?

    Hubby's eyes pleaded with her to remove the pin.

    "Oh, sorry, guess I lost track of the time. let me take this off."

    She slowly removed the pin and Hubby breathed in deep

    "Last two steps, almost done."

    Hubby was relieved but terrified, all her punishments got progressively worse, so it might get worse before it gets better.

    "Since you have insisted on using this as a child's plaything and acting like a child and disobeying me, I'm going to use some motherly discipline on this next stage. You know when a child says naughty words, the mother would wash their mouth out with soap. I'm going to apply the same principle here!! This also solves another problem we have been having. You have not been keeping my penis properly clean. Every-time I let you out of your cage for playtime it stinks to high heaven so I am going to do six months worth of cleaning and punish you at the same time."

    She then picked up several items.

    He was slightly confused when he picked up a spot band-aid and placed it right on his urethra.

    "Don't get relieved, your little pee hole will get its punishment soon enough."

    She then picked up the items that gave him real panic. A two pack toothbrush and anti-bacterial soap from the bathroom. She first however slightly wet a damp washcloth and wet his head. Then she applied a liberal amount of soap to the bristles then held it close to his head.

    Hubby looked in fear at what was about to happen.

    "Now you will get cleaned to my satisfaction."

    She started scrubbing the top side applying a gentle amount of pressure but she then started applying more and more pressure to the point Hubby started to moan in discomfort. Wifey didn't care, she wanted him to learn a valuable lesson tonight.

    Hubby looked in awe as his head was being scrubbed

    He head was lathered completely with soap and bubbles, Wifey then started scrubbing under the base of the head which made hubby moan in discomfort more.

    "I have a question for you." She asked.

    When you came without permission, did the cum stay on my Cock head for an extended amount of time? Like more than five seconds."

    Hubby nodded, he knew better than to lie to her.

    "Well, then we will just have to scrub harder then,"

    She upped her speed and force getting every millimeter of the head with the unforgiving bristles.

    As she continued her torment. She said to him;

    "This is what happens to naughty little boys who play with their toys when they are not supposed to and don't keep them clean. Good boys who behave and do as they are told get to put their big cocks in their Keyholder's tight pussies and pump their seed deep in their womb. Naughty little boys like you with little dickies who misbehave get their cocks scrubbed clean and are locked back up for months."

    "Do you regret being a naughty little boy now?" she said while she scrubbed intently

    "MMMMMMMHHHHHHMMMMM" He said with some tears welling up in his eyes as she continued to scrub.

    Finally, she stopped her assault on the poor head. She grabbed the washcloth and got all the soap off. His head was now noticeably more red than pink.

    She then dipped the second toothbrush in the second cup of water and removed the band-aid.

    She pointed at his pee hole.

    "Is this where the unauthorized cum came out?"

    He looked down and nodded knowing what was about to happen.

    Wifey knew this may be too much so she would show a bit of mercy. She spread open the hole and gently scrubbed the opening of his urethra clean.

    "Now for your final stage of punishment." She said proudly.

    She reached up and pulled down his blindfold.

    He felt her rummaging around again and heard her open a box of something. He then felt what he thought was a Cue-tip applying something all around his head and underneath. At least his Urethra was spared he thought. He couldn't figure out what it was.

    She then put everything back in the bag.

    You are going to sit there until I put everything away. Have fun.

    Have fun, he thought?

    After all he went through, what could be next.

    Suddenly his little head started to get warmer...............and warmer................and warmer..............and then burning!!!!!!

    He wanted to wipe off whatever she put on him but could not get free.

    He moaned like crazy but heard Wifey go outside for another cig.

    He jerked with all his might but the straps were too tight.

    Finally she came back in and she saw him pleading with his eyes to let him up to wash this off.

    "Are you enjoying the icyhot I put on the head."

    Hubby was thrashing about wanting to be released.

    "LOOK AT ME!!!!" She said.


    Hubby shook his head frantically.


    She released the straps and let him loose. He washed it off and got some sweet relief.

    If there was one lesson he learned today.


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    So Mrs.B decided to make a good portion of this fantasy come true, considering I have a veeeeeeerrrrrry low pain tolerance I may be more cautious of what I write in the future.
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    Mrs.B has ordered me tell you guys what she did, she unlocked me, proceeded to give me a bi the bit the tip. She the forced me to lay back against the headboard then proceeded to take her limp cock in her hand and sweat it repeatedly. She then proceded to snack my balls numerous times, then more cock swatting on all sides. The more I struggled the harder it got. She asked if it's out of my system then I said.......yes

    I'm sore
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