Psychology behind Very Long Term?

Discussion in 'Chastity and orgasm denial' started by Chastsecond, Feb 28, 2017.

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    Hello, I am currently chast, going on 5 Days now (the longest so far, but note, that I am very new). I am hoping that my wife/KH wants me to go a month at least, and sometime down the road, I would like to expect to go two months, or even three.

    My desire/goal is to have my organisms and cum controled by my wife, and for the urge to get bigger and bigger to want it. Then to be denied. But that one day she releases me, that I hope its everything that I have built up.

    I read a lot of people doing 1-4 years sometimes. But I was hoping to hear from those whom have been locked up for more than a year, and was your desires and goals the same as mine, were they just amplified?

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