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Prostate milking

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Silky4Good, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. My Mistress wants to milk me whilst I am wearing my CB3000 so she can empty me without orgasm and has instructed me to buy a prostate massager for this purpose. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations as to what would be best thing
  2. I've used many a toy (and fingers) in trying to milk my subbie boyfriend. We initially purchased an Aneros, but found it too hard and with no luck.

    This has produced the most success out of everything that we've tried:
    It is not too hard, not too soft, and curved just right - at least for my slut's bottom :)

    Also quite pleasurable (and frustrating - but no milk) is this, used with my magic wand:

    And, using my gloved finger and gently using the "come hither" motion has brought us close, but no candy.

    Milking for us is frequent during times of chastity play. But, it is something that has to hit the spot exactly right for a successful milking. Only a small percentage of attempts have resulted in a full emission of semen/milk - but, we still try often. A nice tasty treat for him when we hit the right spot :)
  3. my mistress does it with her fingers quite easily.
  4. Thanks for the replies. We will be looking in to the options but the Nexus Glide does look good.
  5. i have the experience that the normal Aneros prostate massager for me just doesn't do the job. As i don't see much improvements in the Nexus model i doubt if it will work either. i only give it a chance if it is longer then the aneros but that maybe dependant on individual anatomy. Since some months milking has become very easy for me when using a g-spot vibrator. i use this one: link. i have made a handle on it so i can keep it in the right orientation. But if your Mistress does the job this will probably not be necessary.
  6. Ooooh...maid rose, this looks delightful! And, in pink too! Thank you for the link. A nice stocking stuffer for dollyanne! Do you have a description or picture of the handle you made for it? That sounds like a good idea!


  7. Though i have never been milked, i used to run a rather large group on the subject of milking. If you would like to get in touch offline, i would be happy to answer any questions you may have. i still have all the files from my group, and they include how-to's, diagrams, descrioptions, stories, pictures, movies, and anything else you can imagine about milking. i could send them to you via file transfer if you are searching for specific information.

    BTW... i have the G-Spot vibrator, and it's vibrations are quite powerful for such a small toy. Mistress decided recently that the only way i'm going to be permitted to orgasm, is from rubbing my tucked smooth front, and this vibrator provides for a wonderful orgasm!

    Be well.

    brianna :)
  8. I have been abscessed with learning to milk for sometime now. I have had the best results with both of these toys, the first one is a vibrator, nice fat head and small shaft so that it is comfortable sliding back and forth. Slimline G Vibrator http://www.extremerestraints.com/slimline-g-vibrator_1733.html

    The one I like the best is the Njoy Stainless Steel Pure Wand.
    It is so smooth and hits just the right spots. One thing really nice is you can run it from the front, I mean you don't have to reach around to the backside. Works great laying down on your back relaxing and flowing. After you get all relaxed just turn it around to the big side and let the fun begin. I have had what I call a female orgasm from just using this tool. Just love it.

    Missy Tanya
  9. I have to agree with Missy Tanya regarding the tools.

    When a male milkee is being milked, the milker will often have difficulty maintaining the correct angle long enough to have success. Not too mention the issues of the milker having fingers that are too short, their fingers, wrist and arm potentially getting sore, maintaining pressure on the prostate, etc.

    The Njoy Pure Wand that Missy Tanya mentioned and linked to is the perfect tool for a milker.
    • It is long enough for easy access to the prostate
    • Is stiff, providing firm, steady pressure
    • The angle is right to avoid awkward positioning and also to reach up and over to the top of prostate
    • The ends are large enough to cover the prostate reasonably well on each pass
    All of which are important benefits needed to achieve the goal. Plus, stainless steel makes for quick and easy clean up. $ 94.00 is a bit much, but for others it may not be, considering the benefits.

    I have found that for self-milking, a tool that is nearly identical to the Njoy Pure Wand, but has a much sharper angle, is ideal. Some years ago when the ex and I began to experiment with prostate massage, she decided that I should milk myself sometimes and she could just watch and enjoy the show, or keep me within eyesight while ignoring me as I do my duty. At that time prostate massagers that actually worked well weren't easily found online, so I started to look around for something that would work. This will sound odd, but I found an over-the-door hook at a big-box hardware store that worked great. Mine has a 1" ball that has a screw built into that threads into the metal hook. That degree of angle is better for me for self-milking, because the "handle" end is then much closer to my hand than the Njoy would be, thus avoiding contortions. That's important to me, because of my bad back.


    Njoy Pure Wand

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  10. i also agree on the n'Joy pure wand. It were the positive reviews on this one that made me believe that it could be done. As it is a bit expensive and the aneros also was costly and didn't work i first tried to fiddle a bit with the g-spot vibe i already had and make a handle. Results are now very good, i start dribbling white stuff within 2 to 3 minutes but i still think the n'joy is esthetically very pleasing. Attached are two pics the first attempt had a handle that was a bit too narrow and therefore i made a second one with the added advantage that milking now can be done while in a chastity device - very frustrating...
    (the hose clamps on top were drilled so could be simply screwed into the handle.

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  11. I have tried the aneros and a couple of g-spot vibrators with moderate success. The njoy has turned out to be the best, by far, for me. Of course, there are many other factors involved (technique, edging, length of time since last milking or orgasm), and, like the stock market - past performance does not guarantee future success :). Having patience helps a lot too.
  12. Hi All,
    Being a solo performer I would like something which can be inserted and left to "it's" own "devices" (pun intended) so to speak.
    The "rear ender" looks to be a possibility for me, and reasonably priced too.
    Making an unholy sticky mess in my frilly underwear while doing chores or even driving and shopping has a certain.. "je ne sais quoi" about it, but the current crop of devices that I have seen seem to be designed for couple use or dedicated attention. This device looks as though it would stay put while moving around.
    I guess the "set and forget"(?) appeals.
    As previously mentioned by others, the aneros did nothing much for me and I couldn't get it to stay in my "pussy" whenever I stood up.
    The only item I have found to be of any use in milking is the fist dildo...that gets my juices flowing whenever it slides in.
    If anyone knows of any other "set and forget" devices please let me/us know.
    many thanks all
    love, michelleCD :animal0008:
  13. Thanks for suggesting the NJOY. I showed it to Mistress, and she was very pleased. So it looks like one will be tryed out on me soon. I'll keep you informed.
  14. My pet and I have ordered the Aneros MGX. After reading all of your replies on this issue he and I have second guessed our decision. The reason why we went with the MGX is because it was supposed to be good for the beginner and pros alike. We have not yet received it, but should get it any day now. We were supposed to have received it on the Dec. 8th. I am ready to contact the person we bought it from and find out what the hold up is. But now I'm just wanting to send it back and get my money back and order something else. I would love to get him the Njoy, but there is no way that we can afford $100 dollars right now with Christmas to buy for so is there anything else that could possibly work that does not cost that much? Thanks in advance for any replies. :)
  15. Miss J and I achieved a milking last night, without any specialty tools, although we do own some.

    She is a few inches shorter than me and we accomplished a proper miliking (much to our surprise) through anal sex with a strap-on. I was standing, leaning against the wall and she was behind me. I guess the angle was just right as it only took maybe 5 minutes and I was dripping all over the towel underneath us. The dildo used was a heavily ribbed penis-like affair with a head. Nothing fancy or curved.

    I will be looking into some of the other toys suggested on here as well.
  16. Prostate Milking E-Stim

    Another angle to Prostate milking is E-Stim. My Mistress(wife) milks me using an mp3 file that mimics a finger massaging the prostate(anal plug) and a finger rubbing my member(Corona & base band).
    This is controlled through her Erostek 312B E-Stim box. My Mistress has me in permenant chastity now and I am only released and milked in this way when I am bound & gagged, usually in her Gyno chair. After the milking I am cleansed with a shaving tidy up before her device is locked back on me. Only then am I released back into service.
    I am fitted with a Lori 7 with an 8g PA. I am uncut and the first few attempts did,very quickly leave the piercing sore and with some bleeding but the piercing has toughened up now hence My Mistresses decision to make the device permanent.
  17. I am milked on a frequent basis as my chastity periods often last 8 to 10 weeks. My wife uses either her fingers or a ribbed dildoe. The whole process takes about 10 minutes, I then cleaned up, and locked back in. My wife has been doing this for several years and has become very good at it.
  18. Some time ago I set up a poll on orgasmdenial.com. Here are the current results:

    POLL: Prostate milking and you?
    Not for me!

    Would like to try it...

    I know what it is like when it drips out.

    My prostate is used to regular workout.

    TOTAL VOTES: 220
  19. THIS Looks just absolutley AMAZING!

  20. aneros

    I have tried a few from Aneros, the first I got was the mgx, which i broke the handle off so that it wouldnt get in the way. Later I realized that you need the handle to place a small vibrator in, and wished I hadn't because the mgx is the most "grippy". Any of the models with a handle work great with a vibrator to get you wet and dripping. I have the prograsm which is almost too big but I love the completely full and secure feeling it gives me. It almost seems to lock into place. But to get the most effectiveness out of it you need to be moving (dancing, excercising,or just getting aroused helps). If you arern't going to be moving around alot you should just go with the smaller ones and a vibe. Either should do the trick after about 20 minutes of effort. The other models mentioned look good as well. I would like something large like the progasm but vibrating, and maybe even inflatable. Perhaps I can reward myself with a new toy if I am able to stay chaste for a certain time.
  21. Years ago, before my wife and KH put me in serious chastity, I had an Aneros - I think the first (and only?) model they had then. I was trying to follow the instructions but try as I might I seemed to get nowhere with it. I was getting frustrated and felt like I had wasted money on the thing. I put it aside for a several weeks and then tried it again. The time was very different. I wasn't sure exactly what I did different, but my anus started to pulse, the Aneros was sorta moving back and forth on it's own, and then I had just a massive orgasm and ejaculated heavily onto my chest. My entire body felt electrified or something. It was the most amazing thing. After that I was very glad I had bought it!
  22. just letting you all know that we did in fact buy an NJOY. It took a few attempts to find the right spot but when i did, WOW. it felt really good and i was worried that i would cum, worried because i'm not allowed to. Mistress liked watching me so much She decided to film me milking myself. Whenever She watchs it it gives Her a nice power rush.