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    Property of Mrs. C The beginning

    My KH and I have put our toes into the Chastity pool for just over a month now. We found the Lock n Keep site first and are just visiting this site since yesterday. It seems a bit more active. And Mrs C likes that there are some women active here too

    Well by introduction, here is our story.

    Mrs. C (aka Queen Candace) and I have been married for over 20 years. We have had some great sex during that time and some hum drum sex too, like most couples together for a long time, I suppose. Weve done it indoors and out, in bed and in public, bound and gagged, lying down, bending over and standing up. Weve kept it very interesting and we are still hot for each other after all these years. But nothing weve done before quite prepared me for this.

    I was on a 10 day business trip. On the last nite I started to really yearn for her, so I texted her to shave herself down there. Thats been sort of a code for us that I am coming home horny and ready. I trimmed my pubes and shaved my balls as well and then went to bed. I had a hard time sleeping and woke at 3:30am with thoughts of her.

    Lately our sex seemed to be less than satisfying for her. She seemed to be complaining about me not taking enough time with her, of being selfish and only wanting to get off. And I must confess there was a ring of truth to that. And I knew the source of that. When it gets hard, it seems to have a mind of its own! (Big surprise I hear all you women saying!) All I can think about is getting off! So wanting to please her, I began to think, what if I couldnt do it until she was completely sexed up and ready. What woman wouldnt love that?

    Thats when the idea of a Chastity Belt came into my head. I immediately went online to see how they worked and much they cost and the next day while she was at work I went out and bought her one.

    Note should be taken that I thought I was buying this for her! Because when I gave it to her that nite, she accused me of, once again, thinking only of myself, buying a toy for me to enjoy. I tried to explain that I was only thinking of her, how she could release me only when and if I really got her in the mood.

    So I started kissing her everywhere and, with my dick straining against the cage, and it not being allowed to get hard I did feel to usual sense of urgency. In a way I felt freed and overcome with a desire only to please her. For a change she begged me to fuck her and when she finally released me we ravaged each other like we were teenagers again!

    The next morning she had a devilish smile on her face. While we were still basking in the glow of the nite before, she asked me to show here the CB. She just seemed curious about it and asked how it went on. While pretending to examine it, she softly clicked the lock shut. When I asked her to take it off, she asked, I thought you bought this for me? I think I might like you to wear it today and maybe we could do it again tonite.

    Hmmm wear it all day and then do it like that again? Why not?

    We were quite excited all day and couldnt stop thinking about this new toy. She went online and read a little about Male Chastity and told me there are some web sites I should read later on.

    That nite did not go as planned. I mean, it started out as planned. I kissed her everywhere and selflessly pleasured her, but when it was my time to be let out, she said shed had enough and maybe tomorrow.then turned over and fell asleep! With me holding my.cage.holding my dick!

    This was at the beginning of a 2 week vacation for us and we played with the CB the whole time. It was changing the way I treated her when I had it on. I was more attentive, listening, and bidding her wishes without complaint, making the bed, doing the dishesearning my release. But I fell right back to the old ways when it was off.

    We discussed what our life would be like after the vacation was over and I said that obviously we could not keep this up when I was back to work and we were back to real life. She agreed and so I expected that we would take the CB out for the weekends and put it away during the week.

    Its been a month now and I think Ive been out all of 4 days! I brought this up to her last nite and then again this morning and explained that I thought this was about fun and enhancing our love life not a 24/7 lifestyle. I am starting to feel very cuckolded. And getting tired of doing the dishes, making the bed, and interrupting anything I may be doing to take the trash out the minute she asks. Or be threatened with no release until she thinks I have learned my lesson.

    In hindsight I probably shouldnt have told her that she didnt have the right attitude that first week, because with each passing day of having control, she seems more unlikely to ever give it up again. I am beginning to fear this is no longer just for fun!
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    Great Story! my Wife and I have doing it for about 4 years and on but mostly on of course.
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    :welcome: to the Mansion.

    What a fabulous introduction, it really does show that there are so many different ways to start the chastity journey.

    Yes, we do have a lot of active Mistresses/Goddesses here, and we're all super friendly (to each other anyway, we take the subbies with a firm hand!)

    We also realise that not everyone wakes up a Super-Domme and needs some girlfriends to chat to about the emotional and more difficult bratty moments in chastity.

    I hope you enjoy it here.
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