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Prince Albert

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by Serafina's pet, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. I am seriously thinking of making my hubby do this. He showed me how his first cage was easy to escape from. Then I made him wear one with a insert. If he really works at it he can get out of that one. It’s hard for him to get back in unless he is unlocked. I watched him escape and reinsert once. In looking at my options I found the PA is the most Inescapable. Is that true? Also if that is true and he can’t escape then I want to ask another question. How will a inescapable situation change how he feels? Will it change the way he thinks? Did it change your thinking? Did it change the way you feel? If given the choice as a man to have easily escape or no realistic escape which is better and why? If you were a woman like me keeping someone locked, knowing what you know now would you as a keyholding woman order a pa or not. He obeys me without hesitating so It’s my choice. What should I do? What would you advise me to do?
  2. A device with a piercing is the most secure way to go. A PA is also a relatively easy piercing to get, since it goes through a fairly thin piece of tissue. You have to make sure to get the piercing back from the tip at least 3/4 inches, and to increase the gauge after the initial piercing. It is normally done at 10 or 8 gauge, going up to 4 or 2 gauge is recommended for use to anchor a chastity device.

    I have to say that it absolutely changes your outlook as a wearer. Since there is no possibility to cheat by slipping out, the reality of the situation really comes home. If you are supervised, and the device has a secure locking mechanism, you aren't getting out without discovery.

    As a wearer, I much prefer being stuck without any way to escape. The fact is that the drive to get relief can get relentless at times, and not being able to cheat results in the hormonal cycles changing as a result of no orgasms. I would also suggest a device which does not allow an erection of any consequence. While difficult in the beginning, eventually your body adapts.

    Just remember that it is important to have a well executed, and healed piercing to begin, and a quality device, both for comfort and security.
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  4. Well 2 week today i got the pa. Has healed great so far. Only being uncomfotable when hard in pants.
  5. Congrats on the piercing.

    From personal experience I will say that attaching your ring through the cage will cause pain and possibly damage the penis.

    Because your ring is attached to the tip of cage, it will always stick out a small amount. When you are pressed tightly to the end of cage, a lot of ring will stick out making it vulnerable to any bump, pressure, or movement. It could pivot and tear, it could pinch in between the cage, I actually couldn’t even handle it for a day before the pain was so intense I had to take it off.
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  6. So I mentioned PAs to my other half, explained the difference in security and she likes the idea of he having one (well, she wants me as escape proof as possible).

    How do I know where to get it pierced (on my junk, not where to go) ?

    I've been eyeing up a Rigid Chastity Model 5 and I'm not sure what the difference is with the hook types either.
  7. I think most guys get it done just off to the side, not in the middle. But the person who choose to pierce you may have more info on that. They should know where to put it. As far as the hooks, I believe there are just two but I could be wrong. One is for a regular pa for circumcised men and the other is for uncircumcised.
  8. I just told the peiricer what i was going to do with it. We discussed size. Went with a 10 gauge with two heavy balls on it said it should heal at an 8 or 6
  9. I mean how far from the end of the penis, I'm unsure.

    Which hook is for which? I'm uncircumcised.
  10. Not sure peiricer took care of all that. But i would imagine it depends on your body structure
  11. yeah if you tell them its for a chastity device they can figure that out. I think 1/2 - 3/4" is normal from the end of the penis. It really depends on the area of your frenum. It needs to be near the frenum.

    This helps explain the different hooks. http://rigidchastity.com/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=7
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  12. Hmm, that says the cage should be as wide as an erect penis, not flaccid. That seems to fly in the face of what I've seen on these forums.
  13. yeah that is weird. I've never heard that either. Lets see what @Nicoftime@Nicoftime has to say about it. He has one of these devices.
  14. I would say their recommendation is spot on.

    From experience I know that this device will not allow any growth in length. I also know that you must make it as short as your most flacid length gets. Otherwise when you shrink or sit (we do this more than u think) it will pull on your piercing. The extra room with girth would help alleviate pain and hygiene issues (its enclosed except for the tip). I wouldn’t go hog wild on the girth aspect though, just make sure it’s not a tight fit.

    I thought I had a pretty good handle on my length, they said to make it shorter than flacid and I didn’t believe them and gave them the exact length of my flacid penis. That was 6mm too long, and I ended up buying a shorter device.
  15. thats interesting. I mean Im a grower so there is a big difference in-between flaccid and hard. Go for something in the middle?
  16. Thanks Nic.

    With the device being modular could I buy it and use it without the PA hook for a while?
  17. No, you need the hook to put the two together
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  18. Yes I would say that’s a good idea on the diameter, go short with the length though.

    I did notice that the gap was something they would work with you on, I had not seen this guide when I ordered mine, I do wish my gap was a bit roomier...no need for that small of a gap if I’m pierced.
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  19. Yes, it is inescapable. That does not mean one can not climax in it, but inescapable is getting closer to no climax. I got a Lori 8a which are made of rods with lots of openings. We liked this because it is easy to clean and lighter in weight. After a couple months I found I could climax by rubbing the bottom of my glans. So we got bars put in there. Several months later I found I could climax by stroking the sides of my penis. It is going back to get more bars put on. Slowly we are closing up the holes.

    It does feel different when I can not escape and can not climax and time passes in which M remains strict. But so far, every couple months something comes up which is cause for me to have a week or two out of the device. Eventually there may no longer be reasons for that.
  20. Get the PA or make your man get one. Totally inescapable. Totally. However lock up the magic wands. I'm getting ready to write a thread about how I screwed up with one.
  21. What device do you wear your PA with?

  22. Lori 8b