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Prince Albert

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by Serafina's pet, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. First piercing (other than my ears) was my belly button, then my nipples. When I got pregnant I removed them because I didn't want my nipples to stretch out with holes in them or my belly!!! I got my nipples repierced about 7 years later. (Still a naked belly button) And I've had my tongue, four in each ear and my septum.. I have always thought healing is always way worse than the actually stab.. that's quick.. even in tattoos, its quick in comparison! So I agree
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  2. From experience not fantasy it hurt like crazy...granted it was over in 6 seconds, but it was no bee sting or hardly noticeable hypodermic needle. I have been in plenty of fights and this was ten times worse than a sock in the eye or head butt to the nose.

    I don't regret mine one bit, but won't minimize it to a bee sting or a doctorss needle. Maybe mine used the wrong needle:po_O
  3. Had mine done years ago. Its no big deal but I would suggest getting it done and having a 5 or 6mm gauge ring in there straight off.. whatever you are going to wear... that will save time messing around trying to stretch it later. also it stops bleeding more quickly too.
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  4. I did my own PA piercing. Mainly because it looked so easy and they sold kits to do so. I don't recommend this though lol. I don't remember the pain but I do remember the panic when the needle would not go into the receiving tube and blood was dripping on the floor. It eventually all worked out and happy to have it.
  5. The stretch to a higher gauge hurt worse than the piercing.
  6. Day 2 was not bad - a little blood and stinging while pissing. It is a 10g barbell so it will take a few months before I stretch it to an 8 or 6. Bifurcation would be bad. Most PA specific chastity devices require a 4 ga. Do existing cages like the QK become redundant or simply attach a closed ring piercing to the front of the cage?
  7. I tried to wear the piercing through the cage so it was attached...lasted all of 10 minutes before I realized it wasn't going to work. Ring will either be too tight against the cage and any bump or move against it causing pain, or not close enough on the cage and gets sore from being pulled on.

    I suggest getting a device that is specifically designed for this, and your size.
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  8. If you are apprehensive about the pain involved when getting the piercing, do this... About an hour before your appointment with the piercer, liberally apply some tattoo numbing cream (ie Emla cream) to the underside of your penis as well as to inside your urethra. Put on a condom to allow the numbing cream soak in and work its magic and you will not feel a thing. At least that was my experience. I do recall some pain while urinating during the first few days of healing.
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  9. Thanks for all the input, went wed. And got it done. The initial prick hurt for just a few seconds. Was done bleading in about an hour. Now i take Motrin for dual ache and keep swelling down
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  10. Congrats. At what gauge did you have it done?
  11. Started with 10, peiricer put 2 heavy balls on it said should be an 8 when heeled
  12. Once you are done with the initial healing, you should stretch it up to 4 or even 2 gauge. But give it time.
  13. My goal is a 6 but never know
  14. my goal was initially a 6 but I'm at a 2 now. The bigger the jewelry the sexier it is for some reason.
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  15. Does not feel sexy right now
  16. LOL. No it won't for some time. Dont worry though after a week no more problems.
  17. At 2.5 days now. I was surprised after reading about all the bleeding though. I had minimum bleeding only lasted about an hour
  18. yeah I didn't bleed after the first day. I think the salt soaks help a lot. I did them twice a day.
  19. This is the combo im looking at

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  21. Had mine done yesterday at 8g. Woke up to bloody sheets this morning :p
  22. I'm not sure about that combination. I have tried that on other devices and it was very pinchy. I think you would be better off with a device that has a pa pin incorporated into it. The reason I didn't like it was the ring is either loose or attached to the end of the cage somehow but the ring will get pushed around, in and out with the clothes your wearing as you walk. Eventually some skin is going to get pinched in-between the ring and the cage. But that was just me. If you really wanna try it talk with someone who is using it.
  23. So wash with unscented soap and soak to stop any infection problem. Mine got sensitive and had to get antibiotics from the doctor exactly 2-weeks in.
  24. For after care, use 2 teaspoons of sea salt in 8oz of warm distilled water, put in glass or cup and soak the piercing for about 5 minutes 3 times a day for a couple of weeks.
    Will heal nicely.
    Btw upsizing is addictive. I’m at a 00GA.
    I love it.
  25. Yes, the importance of the sea salt soaks cannot be overstated. Twice a day. It promotes healing, and soothes any soreness. And, when you gauge up after the initial healing, start the sea salt soaks again to heal the micro tears caused by the stretching.