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Prince Albert

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by Serafina's pet, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. First I'd like to say I've never been pierced or even gotten a tatto. Looking at getting a prince albert piercing, abd getting a locking ring i found on line. Has anyone here had bad experiences, would your recomend it?
  2. I can't speak to a PA as I'm thinking about getting one.
    I can tell you I had a Dydoe and loved it. Unfortunately it migrated so I had to take it out.

    Getting the Dydoe was extremely painful. Thankfully it was only for a few seconds. The only way I'd do that again is for a Domme that I'm committed to, that said, I hear the PA isn't very painful, so you just need to get a food piercer, and let them know what you're going to do with it.

    Do tell be shy, and don't think you'll freak them out. Remember the piercer is a professional and knowing what it's used for will determine placement, size etc. I talked to mine about it, and the response was no big deal, but a little extra care is taken so it won't rip out.

    Let us know when you do and and please post pics. In my case I'm thinking around Christmas or next birthday. But we'll see.
  3. Absolutely. I love mine. I now have a rpa. Love that more.
    What is the URL for the locking ring ?
    By the way neither hurt but for a moment. Go for it.
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  4. How long was the heal time? Im reading can take more then 8 weeks
  5. Its not a big deal. Quick poke and then its over. The skin your piercing is quite thin. I found the only pain was when urinating for a few days. Kinda like a burning pain but again wasn't that bad. It will heal quickly but will take time before you can use it for sex.
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  6. I don't mean to be the party pooper here but you shouldn't believe everyone when they say it does not hurt. I got mine 6 weeks ago and it wasn't the most pleasant experience of my short life. Lots of things come into the equation when it comes to the pain you'll experience.
    First thing is, do you have a rather tight or loose urethra ? Will you get pierced at a small or big gauge ? and Overall how high is your pain threshold. Nobody reacts the same when it comes to pain.
    I had (now it loosened up thanks to the ring :p) a tight urethra and decided to get pierced at 8ga. Having a tube inserted in that tiny hole made the whole thing very uncomfortable. Then comes the time when you literally get stabbed in the d*ck, yes it hurts, but it quickly fades.

    I personally had no pain peeing afterwards but i bled a lot thus clogging my urethra on numerous occasions which made it tricky for me, i was so afraid to blow everything with the pressure trying to break through the dried blood that i wouldn't pee at all the first day :p

    At the end of the day, i love it now and if you really want one, the pain isn't something you should be concerned about. 10 seconds of torment for a lifetime of pleasure ? sign me up ! :p

    Hope i was helpful :)
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  7. I have had my PA for almost 5 years. If you get pierced at 10 gauge, it is not that bad, and you can then gauge up over time.

    Here is my experience:
    The important points are to not mess with it at all, for 12 weeks. That includes removing the jewelry unless you need to go back to the piercer for a different size or style. Do not remove it yourself!

    Also, soak it twice daily in a sea salt solution. This promotes healing, and it just feels good.

    You are creating a wound on your body, so expect it to be sore until it heals completely. Also, expect some bleeding for the first 2-3 days. I wore a nitrile medical glove rubber banded around the whole package for the first two days. But, remove it as soon as you can because that will retard healing also.

    Good luck!
  8. It hurts more than people on the internet will lead you to believe. My piercer agreed. But the pain is brief.

    8 weeks to heal for jewelry but expect more like 3-4 months before you can sustain a device.

    I pierced at 10 and then had 8g barbell inserted. I wrote a report that you van find by searching.

    PA tube devices are both secure and comfortable.
  9. To be honest, I do not remember the actual "stick" 4 plus years later. However, I remember it being sore for weeks afterwards. That is where the sea salt soaks help, it soothes the soreness.
  10. No bad at. One deep breath and don
  11. I got pierced on July 9th 2016 on a 10ga. The pain was 2/10 on a scale. It is a brief sting and done. A bit unpleasantness afterwarts when peeing, but overall a quick heal. The most important thing, has allready been said. Don't touch it, look at it or play with it for atleast 12 weeks. I could have sex after 15 weeks. I stretched after 18 weeks and went up to 2ga ( 6mm). I have that now for over 6 months and am very happy with it. My 5b was ordered in May and is now on the way. I can truly say it is properly healed, allthough the device itself will be getting used to again !
    If you have an experianced piercer, it'll be over in less then 2 minutes, 10 minutes later you will exit the store with some bandages and a glove on your penis and you will think; WAS THIS IT?
    Aftercare is very important, but the best feeling in the world will be the salty hot baths where you will hang your junk in. Those are heaven !!!.
    1 BIG RULE; Don't rush into pulling, stretching, or playing with it.
    I've been out of a cage for more then a year now and patience will be my best friend ;-) ( We did the honorgame untill the new cage arrives)
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  12. I am pierced I didnt find it that bad, just avoided sleeping on my stomach other than that I had little to no pain.
  13. Ok listen. It's a needle through your junk. Yeah it hurts like a needle. The pain is over in 20 seconds. Healing takes a few months and then you gotta toughen it up a bit. I love mine. Would do it again in a heart beat. Life is about choices. Do it. You can always undo it.
  14. 2/10! Jesus H Christ! A 2 would be maybe pinching your cheek between 2 fingers or stepping on a pebble.
    Unless you have some kind of nerve damage in your dick that is way off base no matter who you are.
    2 outta 10....Come ooooooon.
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  15. There wasn't a super like button for steves post
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  16. Some people have a high pain threshold. The skin for a PA is stretched at the time of the needle stab, so it is not that bad. You want some "ouch", try an apadravya or an ampallang. They are a bit more challenging.
  17. Hi, maybe I will elaborate. Ever got stung by a bee? Well, that feels worse. With a descent piercer, he will ask you to breath in and on that moment, he will pierce. It is just as I said, a brief sting. Don't ber wrong, you will feel that sting,. But it will be over in a second. It is not that bad. Ever donated blood? it's the same sting. The supersharm needle will go through like butter. I am not making this up. Look at my Fetlife profile, you will find pictures of my piercing. ( Fetlife: RubbaglYce). I was only trying to help here in this topic. Don't blow me off like I'm making this up. I speak out of experience, not out of fantasy.
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  18. I will agree that it does end fairly quickly but 2 out of 10? That scale is no where near mine.
    1 paper cut
    2 dick piercing
    3 sliding naked in glass
    4 broken limb
    5 limb removal
    6 corkscrew to the kneecaps
    7 head in vice
    8 slowly eaten by zombies
    9 all the above with a huge zit on your nose
    10. All the above and forced to watch sweet home Alabama movie

    See how that had to escalate once everything lower than putting a needle in your penis was skipped. Skipping stubbed my toe, tooth pain, tummy ache, bad bruise, etc.

    Maybe it glided in for you without notice and it was like giving blood. I assure you, that is not how mine felt. Mine was an incredible amount of pain for a very short duration.
  19. Day 1. 4 on a scale of 10 - like a cat biting hard - except it is your dick. I cant wear a cage for awhile neither...
    Make sure you get the medical supplies (gauze, tape, saline) and wear tight underpants. Also - get a good piercer - mine wrote the book.
  20. Had mine done Aug 30th (4 weeks ago today) I took the leap and started at a 6 gauge. Larger piercing, more painful I guess. I thought the sound they inserted was more painful than the piercing..it hurt.
    ..alot the stick hurt as well but slightly less. I would say intense pain for 10 ssc. Burning with urination quit last week. I blead for 3 days. First day heavy, the next two light. I used a maxi pad..it didnt stick to the wound and kept me from staining my shorts.
    We did have Intercourse on the 8th of sept..it was a little painful but we both want to try it out. I have healed enough for a cage. If your a cage addict the wait is the harder part. As for the cage itself that review will have to wait until Christmas time I would guess.
  21. Meant haven't healed enough for cage...fat fingers, small phone.
  22. If you are anxious to lock up, I bought a steel cage from Amazon that had vertical bars on the tip so my piercing wouldn't be bothered . It doesn't connect or anything so it's not secured with it. Just a way to stay locked while u heal.
  23. @Nicoftime@Nicoftime my KH (wife) suggested that but I gotta believe that it will heal faster without being smashed up in a cage. Also while I do miss it a lot at times, I know once its healed and the lori's has arrived I'm in for some long lock ups, longer then i was before. So for now I'm enjoying some freedom. My life in a cage will restart soon enough!
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