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Prince Albert only device

Discussion in 'Chastity and orgasm denial' started by Denny3297, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. Hello,

    I am looking to start a conversation with anyone who has spent a significant amount of time in a device attached only by a Prince Albert piercing. I have some questions:
    1 is the device more comfortable/concealable than traditional ball-trap devices?
    2 how long have you been locked in one?
    3 I am worried about migration due to the weight, is this a concern?
    4 anything else I should know?

    My primary reason for wanting to get this piercing is because I think it looks cool. However, I would also like to be able to wear these types of devices. Depending on what I learn here, I may go get pierced.

    Thanks in advance for your input!
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  2. hi there.

    1. there is no difference since the pin will be placed in a position the penis is in when its locked into the tube, it can't move much at all. No difference in concealment.
    2. 3 months was my longest without removing.
    3. shouldn't be a concern if its ball trap device, most weight is cared by the A ring around your testicles. If its a non ball trap then I would recommend underwear that a can support the device hence not letting it swing freely.
    4. sizing up makes it much more comfortable. I was pierced at a 10 gauge. My device wasn't as comfortable until I got to 6 gauge. Now at 2 gauge. So at least 6 is good for comfort.
    Hope that helps
  3. i pierced my puck through the scrotum and a pa for the purpose of preventing complete erections while allowing full range of motion. with the full weight of an erection on the piercings he is more than ready to to have them taken off 10 hours later. the pa is fine but the scrotum does migrate over time it needs to be redone every 4-6 years. this method was chose because super growers are super shrinkers as well. a helmet with a pa through it works well but the extra weight pulls both penis down more than he can bare without support though the pa is fine. sleeves with pa hooks tend to aggravate the pa and it hardens and sometimes gets pretty red. cages with pas tend to support the weight but with growers sooner or later the full weight will fall upon the pa.
    bottom line .... a well placed pa can take a lot of abuse an stay about the same...... the meatus is a whole other story and for that reason i change cages often.
  4. @Ma'at Rebekah@Ma'at Rebekah what kind of cages have you purchased in the past? What is this helmet? Very interested
  5. For clarification, I am looking for experience with cages similar to the ones pictured below. They include the Tube Jacket, or the Penicap by LustLock. Lori also make a couple, RigidChastity calls their version "the Impaler." I was hoping to find advice from someone who has used their PA this way for more than a short time to see if they have had issues with the PA taking the weight, as these cages don't have an "A" ring to support. Among other things questions(please see the O.P.). 
    impaler02-2-700x700.gif The-font-b-Tube-b-font-font-b-Jacket-b-font-02-only-for-PA800-chastity.jpg pc_s1.jpg
  6. I have the steelworxx tube jacket 02 similar to the second pic. it handles the weight fine but when I use that device I do wear underwear that helps support it so its not flopping around all day. I think if you were to wear boxers it might get sore after some time, maybe even migrate. The penicap is plastic so not much weight. Im sure that one would be fine with no support.
  7. @KevinBkk@KevinBkk thx for the review/link of the device. However I am looking for experiences in this thread. Can you have a look at the OP and answer those questions(any that may be applicable)?
  8. Research a PA5000. It's a plastic sleeve that fits over the end of your cock, it's not a full cage. It's locked on by a lock/ring thru a Prince Albert. i've worn one and the only downside is that the flared head of your cock exposed thru the end is EXTREMELY sensetive when you're dressed .