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    We're putting out a new video and have roughly 90 minutes from it (we do very long scenes). We're not going to be able to use this clip because of the poor audio quality, which is a shame because I think it has a lot of power. In the future, we're going to use a better mike set-up so that people can hear me better.

    Strap-On and Tease Video

    Here's what we're saying:

    MR: Is there anything you wanted to talk about before I go get it?

    P: Please, can I come if you fuck me?

    MR: Please what?

    P: Can I come if you fuck me?

    MR: Probably not

    P: Please

    MR: Remember, what I put on the calendar?

    P: Yes, but please.

    MR: But why would I change it?

    P: You know I feel scared.

    MR: I do

    P: That I feel really vulnerable, and I might feel angry with you. it's so not fair. Particularly if you come.

    MR: And what do I always say?

    P: I don't know?

    MR: If you start to get angry. If you start to really feel, distant, and incomplete. We can talk about it, and we can negotiate it. But right now, I think I should fuck you, and tease you. And you shouldn't come. OK>

    P: OK.
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