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Preventing erection in the 1850-1900 period...

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Felix cum ea, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. Hi all,

    I was browsing the internet in search for possibilities to reduce the night time erections and stumbled on this:


    Please take a look at these medical inventions....:eek:

    Some of these inventions seem to belong in a BDSM shop in today's world...:D

    Incredible what was believed to be medically justified back then! :confused:

    I thought I'd share this with CM, really incredible!


  2. I recent searched on why you get night time erections, very interesting. Based on what I read, factual sources not confirmed, you get 2-3 per night to stretch the penis and flex the soft tissue 'muscle'. By doing this your body maintains the fitness of the penis. As the penis is a use it or lose it muscle. Potentially if you forego erections you strength of the erection and elasticity will deteriorate.

    As such, I negotiated a no chastity at night policy with very harsh, and I mean very harsh penalties for cheating. This was to improve my sleep and maintain the health of my penis. I also find I serve my mistress well if I am rested. There are rules, such as if I am sleeping without her I have to wear it.

    Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed 24/7, chastity over the last year, but I find it more sustainable with good sleep to have the no chastity at night policy. Especially with 3 small children and a busy vanilla life.
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  3. @Mr M@Mr M thank you for your feedback.

    The disturbed sleep is indeed a not so welcome side effect of being caged 24/7. But to us the 24/7 has an added value, so I'm trying to find tips and tricks to overcome the nightly erections (if any exist..).

    Funny thing is that when I fall a sleep on the couch for example, they either do not occur or at least don't wake me up and some times in the bed neither, there are nights where I sleep through without being woken up by the constricted erection attempt. (must have something to do with being really tired, probably.)

    A use or lose it can be true, but I suffered from erectile dysfunction before we started chastity, and in my case that is not caused by a physical reason but by a functional reason: having lost most of sensation in my penis after my circumcision (when I as 30) and the fact of not maintaining an erection because of it. (with the help of my urologist's prescription for Caverject injections that can be treated but it has been long time since my last time I did that.)

    The sensitivity to the glans is returning somewhat thanks to the cage forming kind of an artificial foreskin, so that is something we take into account also to keep it on 24/7 to have the penis sensitive and ready when called upon (very rarely I must admit, last PIV was January 2nd 2016, the last time I used this Caverject injection).

    My wife is not so much into PIV, she is quite happy with the replacement strap-ons that allows her to chose size..
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  4. Good background, thanks for sharing your story with me. If you do find anything to help ease night time erection pain / waking many others on here would be thankful for the help. Great post.
  5. I'll do of course, hope to find some tips and tricks