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Pretending to Cuckold?

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by Michael McDaniel, Oct 28, 2015.

  1. So, today I was talking to my my Wife about last week. And I find out, yet again, she fooled me. I know I could easily just leave this commentary alone,and not say anything to you guys here. I feel like a fool, but I was faked out again.

    My wife went and played pool upstairs with Jason, and 2 others, (including Jason's girlfriend). Nothing happened, but she knew because of the length of time she had disappeared, I was going to be curious about her absence.

    Again she had used her dildo (the new, bigger one) once she arrived home, and had also defrosted some of my cum she had stored from my milking/ruined orgasms from the last month or so. She had kept it in a small sealable bag.

    So, I feel like an idiot knowing I was fooled again, and it has had my brain and cock going for the last week. I have to say I was quite jealous but aroused at the same time. I'm not sure what will happen in the future, but I do know my Wife is really into playing the role now, and she is really enjoying it. As for me, it's working. It's a lifetime fantasy almost come true, and maybe that's the best place, especially for the long term. For now, the cage stays on, my Wife enjoys her control, and I am living the dream.
  2. What a minx! Glad to hear she is getting into the scene. Much happiness to you both.
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  3. I like that she is a smart woman
  4. I have talked a few times many months ago about watching her with another guy who is bigger than i am. After i got the cage she is talking about it. It will NEVER happen though but still a hot and interesting fantasy
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  5. you could try a cock sheath or a strap on as long as its not you going in you could cuck your self
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    Easy. She just goes out for an evening with an old vanilla M friend.Perfectly innocuous on the surface. Comes back late. Doesn't have sex with you. And leaves you guessing: did she or didn't she?

    And does this often.
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    Perhaps coming back late and also looking a little dishevelled. :)

  8. It's so much fun to read my husbands posts. He really does got into the mindset, and I really do enjoy messing with his brain.

    I'm sure for the longest time he believed I had sex outside our marriage, and he really found it very exciting. It wasn't until a couple of weeks later did I tell him I again faked him out. Keeping frozen condoms of my husbands milking has proven to be very useful. So, no, I didn't let Jason fuck me, but feeling a cold condom full of cum up inside me melting and then emptying the contents into my already soaked panties really did the trick.

    And I think that's the best way for us to handle this fantasy. At least for us. It works. I can send him a picture of a pussy dripping with cum (there's a million if I want to find them on the Internet), tell him I've had a busy afternoon, and by the time I get home he's in a very high state of painful arousal and willing to service my body like the goddess I am! And watching him leak in his cage is a HUGE turn on for me.

    He has totally consented to me having an extramarital affair so long as I tell him. Just for these purposes. Maybe I will, and as he reads this, as I am sure he will, maybe one day I might surprise him. But he's already felt several times like I already did, so I'm not convinced the response will be any different.

    So, I'm just here to fulfill my dreams, and his. But it certainly wasn't a dream.
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  9. She dresses sexy and tells you that she is going out with her girlfriends. She comes home late with disheveled hair, smeared lipstick and her panties in her pocketbook. She tells you that she had sex with someone. You know she is just pretending until she pulls out a condom filled with semen that she brought home just for you to eat. Now your mind is squirming. What she actually did was to get a filled condom from one of her girlfriends. Now you have no idea if she is lying or not.

    A simple thing to do is to leave an empty condom packet laying on the night table so that the husband comes home and sees it. If asked, she just smiles and tells you that you do not want to know how it got there. Or she can make up a story while stroking her.

    She can call you up while she is out and you hear a man's voice in the background. Of course she planned it that way. If you are looking for something you two do together do as we used to do. I would ejaculate into condom on one night and then the next or a few nights later my wife would produce it and say it is from one of her lovers. After she gets me erect my stroking me an telling me what the other guy did to here, she would snip the tip of the filled condom and let it drip into my mouth until I orgasmed. She could also pour the semen on her breast or any other part of her body that she wants you to lick. There is the old standby of her telling you how big her ex boyfriends were and now much better they pleased her. She can make up a story about what she fantasizes about doing with another guy.

    My wife and I used to play a game. We would go to a club and she would sit down by herself or hang around the bar. I would watch from afar as guys tried to pick her up. We would agree how far she could go and a signal to let me know that she wants to leave. She would wear her wedding ring and tell the guys that she is waiting for her husband to pick her up but she has no idea of how long that will be. Guys sometimes like the challenge of picking up a married woman. They could put their arm around her and give her a peck on the lips and she could put a hand on their thighs. She would dance sexily and try to get as many guys erect by dancing as she could. Then when she was ready, I would start to walk towards her and she would excuse herself by saying she sees her husband and she has to go and then walk to me.

    Or you can do a wife swap as we did. We also got into soft swinging which is basically foreplay with others but saving the main event for you spouse. We did this in my pool or during parties I threw with sex themes. However, I never got aroused watching my wife but the sex we had afterwards was great. I was cuckolded by the girlfriend before I met my wife. I never watched and she did the sit on my face thing when she got home. However, she spiraled out of control, tossed out our rules and ended up by asking my visiting friends to gang bang her right in front of me without asking me first. There is a reason why it is rare to find a long married cuckold couple, in real life at least. I have cuckolded a few husbands and had two husbands ask me to have sex with their wives. They are all divorced except for the husband I cuckolded for 25 years. I do not even know if he was straight or not because his girlfriend was mine well before he met her. She needed financial security in case we broke up and she found a cuck who was willing to support her.
  10. @Vinny@Vinny I just wanted to say I Love your new Avatar.
  11. I've found that SecondLife is a wonderful safe way to explore these kinds of scenarios. It provides a physically safe environment, while allowing real time interaction with others. You could each log on to a computer from different areas of your house, and then pursue a cuckold encounter. There are no shortage of men there, and she would have her pick.
  12. @BenGee@BenGee you has a bag on your head :) giggle. has your Mistress make you wear that please.
  13. To each his/her own. I know many like the fantasy world of online. But I've never seen the appeal of it. I'd rather participate in discussion groups to make friends, learn things and share what I know. For experiences I'd rather do them in the real world.

    IMHO it's a lot more exciting seeing the one you love with multiple men and being part of it, then "living it in SecondLife" but that's the beauty of our society in that we can have different opinions and what you love can be something I hate and vice versa!
  14. cuckolding isn't something that I used to fantasize about, I do lately because she has been talking about it during sex. One of my last hard limits, I had recently told her that her pleasure mattered more than my possession of her, or pride. That she could and should feel free to talk to me about ANYTHING, be it a hot guy, the bulge of someone's crotch, anything.

    She has expressed zero interest to actually sleeping with someone else. Which is totally fine with me, I just wanted her to have the freedom, and for me to let go of the last bit of control I had hung on to.

    All that being said, since I have openly given my consent and she doesn't feel the need to actually do it, if she wanted she could mess with me quite a bit and I wouldn't be the wiser. She couldn't say she just slept with someone, our agreement is that it would always be discussed beforehand, but she could point someone out, tell me her plans, and little by little tell me of her flirtations or activities. They may or may not have happened and I would never know.

    She could have me help her set up an ad on craigslist and every night check out the responses with me and "pick" out a few potential studs that turn her on. She could tell me to make sure the house is picked up, that she might be bringing home a cute guy after work, when she got home without him she could just say she was too tired. She could just keep telling me that she is ready and was going to do it as soon as she found someone she wanted. She could actually respond to some of the craigslist offers and flirt with them. She could even set up dates (tell them that it was just a meet and greet) and we could go out and meet them or she could go alone and I would never know where it went.

    A woman with an imagination and a willingness to screw with your head should be able to screw with your head enough to keep you guessing. I won't ever really know if she is serious about actually doing it. The more I thought about it, the more I know that it wouldn't affect our relationship, so am really not either worried she will, or disappointed she won't. she may decide she wants to go down that road to receive a physical pleasure that I can't provide, or wants to double her pleasure, her pleasure is a my priority and will act accordingly, or she may not.
  15. Nicoftime, my ex and I had a few rules. One was to be safe so condoms were a must. Two was she had to tell me about anyone she was sleeping with and Three since she loved having anal with me that it was reserved for me.

    While we were together we did several MMF threesomes, and she took on a female lover. She also played with her lover's husband once.

    So all was good.

    Anyway, I offer this as many don't think about things before they jump into the deep end of the pool. I'd suggest that since you and your wife are doing great that you continue to have open and frank discussions. Then if/when she decides to have sex with someone there is are no misunderstandings.
  16. Thanks tomf, we are certainly keeping our communication up, and so far she seems to mostly enjoy talking about it, and doesn't actually want to go through with it. It really isn't my kink(although it is growing on me), so am not pushing her in any direction and she is just having fun.

    We did discuss some rules as well, I know, setting boundaries and telling them they are free is ironic but I think necessary.

    1. No secrets, no hiding, no sneakiness
    2. Discuss who and when beforehand
    3. I will be present...may or may not participate, but will be there.

    That's about it.

    Not something I think she is rushing to do, and if she does we definitely would have more discussions.
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  17. There is nothing like the thrill of knowing that your wife is making dates and seeing Bulls at her whim.

    For most of this year she has been seeing her Bulls while I am at work. I hear about it after the fact when I get home and am told to clean. I love the smell and taste of her Bulls on her flesh.

    We've had a lot of ups and downs with it but neither of us wants to go back. I haven't had PIV relations with the wife since June 1 2017 and she tells me I am never going to again.

    Tomorrow we are seeing a professional Domme for our first lesson in FemDom, sissification, and submission.
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