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Pretending to Cuckold?

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by Michael McDaniel, Oct 28, 2015.

  1. Mi Amor doesn't have any desire to actually cuckold me, despite my constant begging and rationalizations for her too. She has agreed to "pretend" and I was wondering if the community had any out of the box ideas on how to do this.

    We're looking for something beyond the old" Yes honey I had sex last night.....scenario.
  2. well praps She don't want to has another man.
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  3. Michael,
    Going outside a marriage is serious and it is a bell that cannot be unrung.
    Just as we must respect others' boundaries, you must respect hers. I believe you already know that and accept it as you have asked for ideas on how to pretend.
    That, my friend, comes under the general heading of Pillow Talk. It is an experience that will play out as a fantasy in both your heads. If your wife teases you thusly it is her gift to you. If not, it is your cross to bear. Everyone has crosses to bear.

  4. You're quite right on this point. She doesn't and wouldn't. I'm just looking for the compromise, lol
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  5. I understand that firsthand. I went through this very thing with my ex, but Mi Amor is significantly different and I'm positive that something like this would work with her. That being said, I absolutely respect her decision and I no longer ask. We're just exploring ideas to reinforce the "pillowtalk"
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    If someone here pretends. Wont you know that they are pretending because you arranged the pretense?

    Have I missed something?
  7. Well perhaps this wasn't as great an idea as I first thought, lol.
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  8. Jen (Master) gets me to wear a strap on we bought for her use only. This strapon is her boyfriend and she will tell me how much better he is than me in bed, after shes done she will have me clean it off with my mouth and continue to talk as if its her boyfriends cock im sucking. Thats the closest we normally get to cuckholding and we both find it hot.
  9. What a great idea. That's the kind of thing I was leaning towards. Thanks
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  10. Well she could arrange dates and go out and meet men with no intent of sleeping with them, but merely having a nice meal and company, meantime she can set you to cooking and cleaning the house. If she happens to enjoy the chaps company a lot and knows she has complete freedom to do whatever she so desires who knows what could happen?
  11. I cannot see this ever being a reality for us, nor do I know whether I could live with it, however we do carry on conversation and discourse relating to this. Given my suspicions about my Wife/Mistress/Keyholder I "pick out her lovers" usually 70% female and 30% male and send her steamy little email short stories with one or 2 still shots that coincide with the photos and always involve both of us. She seems to enjoy this immensely because when asked if she wanted me to stop them she quickly said NO. I also refer to her vibrator as "her lover", "her boyfriend" or her "her girlfriend". If I am out and she has time to herself I will mention to her things like "They should think of getting dressed and leaving because I will be home soon." When out and about together I will also discreetly point them out to her and ask her "What would you do to her/him." I also include myself in my little fantasy stories as a bystander, servant or toy or pleasure receptacle for she and her lovers. This all works well for us and serves our kinky leanings very well without complication or jealousy.

  12. I really like your ideas. Especially the one about rating people you see while out and about. Thank you for your insight.
  13. To me "cuckold" means that you (at least your cock that is) are not being used as her means of sexual enjoyment. I say it this way because to me anything can be used to replace your cock ... vibrator / dildo / sex machine / male sex doll ... the options are endless and they in no way have to involve another human being. From my perspective it is all in how you are not being used and those other things are used, so as others have pointed out it is all in the way you communicate and the place she puts you in mentally. Good luck on this journey, sounds like fun.
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    She can just go out with guys vanilla. Keep you guessing. Also keep you locked. And just tell you maybe she did maybe not.
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  15. There are all sorts of ways of 'pretending' which can be fun, I think, without putting pressure on her to live up to what is, after all, your fantasy she's very kindly indulging...

    Can be anything from you having to do something nice for her every time she points out a man or woman she finds attractive, to talking about past lovers in a positive way...

    Or one thing I like, which is kind of silly, is just telling her which of our mutual friends find her attractive. Not suggesting she reciprocates, but just letting her know how it is pleasant to see your love desired

    I suppose none of this is pretending in a kink way, but it is pretending in the sense of knowing nothing will happen and so taking pleasure in the desires not acted on...
  16. Found the perfect toy for your cuckold adventures @Michael McDaniel@Michael McDaniel ... she can ride away right above you and you only get to watch ... Sex Stool Ultra ... one of the images shows him below her and her in the riding position. This of course assumes that she is interested in using a dildo in front of you.
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  18. Have her contact me. We can work up ways to make it feel very real to you.
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  19. Hello Michael,

    My Wife/KH and I have also discussed this fantasy, and finding ways to incorporate it into our sex lives. Initially, She wasn't that interested at all, mainly because she feared it could disrupt the harmony in our relationship, and there's always the possibility of disease. She was just happy to see me locked up for extended periods, with the occasional milking/and rare ruined orgasm.

    However, she has a very good imagination, and could see how much it aroused me, the implication that she'd had sex with someone else, and returned home for me to see, and for me to service her, all while still being caged.

    I have made reference to this in a prior post elsewhere, where She would leave the house, supposedly to meet someone, and return an hour or so later, obviously disheveled, and looking like she actually had been with a lover. After an extended and extremely enjoyable evening of me servicing Her, (I don't need to elaborate do I?) She explained to me that She had used a large dildo on herself, and used a bottle of "Spunk" (she bought it from Amazon.com). I have to say at the time I was thankful that it hadn't actually happened, but the mind fuck was there, the fantasy had, for me, turned very real for a quite a while. It was this positive reaction that has encouraged Her to do this more.

    Later that weekend She told me that she really was thrilled by the whole idea, and would do it again. And she has, several times. She sends me pictures of guys cocks and Her soaked panties, always with some interesting text message. Waiting several hours for Her to come home has me leaking like a crazed dog.

    She mentioned the other day that if it really did happen now, that I'd probably not know the difference. I'm not sure if that's true, but Her comfort level has increased dramatically, as has mine. I have pretty much told myself they are all now real, and it has become the most incredible turn on for me. My Wife has never been happier, She's definitely getting more oral satisfaction from me than She used to, and has felt more comfortable becoming much more dominant in our relationship.

    I will keep you posted.
  20. Captain. - that's awonderful story - and a great way for her to check whether the 'reality' of her being with someone else would affect you in an unexpected way -really thoughtful of her to go to all that effort to see if it 'works'

    Here's a thought though. If she's saying you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between fake and real, and you've agreed she can have sex, perhaps you already have been cuckolded!

    (I'm sure she'd discuss it with you first really, but if you agreed you didn't need to know when and where it might it could actually become 'real' cuckolding -that could add another layer to the fantasy!)
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  21. She hasn't, and most likely won't until we both totally agree on it. We have decided I should be there if/when she does, either watching (her desire) or waiting in the other room (mine... For now)...

    She's a clever lady, and knows how to play with my mind. And it's working. She just texted me just a few minutes ago to tell me she was going to be late home ;-P and to be waiting. I swear I'm going to go nuts.
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  22. My wife is utterly uninterested in having sex with someone else even though I admitted to her recently that it has been a fantasy of mine for almost as long as we have been married. She had told me once that she had come close but resisted, and I was surprised that it really turned me on, I was actually disappointed she hadn't gone ahead. These ideas sound like something that would be the perfect compromise for both of us, especially yours @CaptainScarlett@CaptainScarlett .
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  23. Interesting concept. We are just starting our journey and, although I have cuckold fantasies, I don't know if my KH is up for that. These simulated cuckold options might work. when we get there.
  24. Last week we attended a Thanksgiving party held at my KH's bosses house. Late in the afternoon she disappeared for about an hour, and finally showed back up, and introduced me to one of her work colleagues, Jason. (Late 20s, 5'11" white and good looking). I asked where She'd been, and I was told I'd have to wait and see.

    After we got home, she took off my cage, (first time in over a year), and allowed me to masturbate, but not cum. She took off her panties, and turned them inside out, and put them back on. She sat on my face, and made me lick Her. I had to stop touching my cock, the scent of someone else was just too much, and when She finally pulled Her panties aside, I knew She had finally done it. She'd let Jason cum in Her pussy.

    After a long cleaning She told me to fuck Her. Actual, PIV sex!! I lasted no more than 30 seconds, embarrassing really, but the feeling of Her once tight pussy now loose and wet was just too much.

    I slept without my cage, (VERY weird) and was woken for a second face sitting/cleaning, this time my own leftovers. After a shower, I was caged (no orgasm for me) and we are.... back to our daily routine.

    She is smiling a lot now.... and ... so am I....
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  25. Sounds like a dream cum true!:) You're sure it wasn't a dream, right?:p