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Pretend Cuckolding

Discussion in 'Cuckolding' started by PouchPantyLover, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. So both my wife and I enjoy the sexual fantasy of her being a hot wife and me being a cuckold. I would like to see it move from fantasy to reality, but she does not. That's fine as she is in charge and even if she wasn't I'd respect her wishes. About a week ago she told me she was going out on a date on Friday (last night). She got really dressed up, kissed me goodbye and left me home alone with some chores to do and the kids to take care of. I seriously doubt she was on an actual date, however she could have been. She played it beautifully. She didn't try to over sell it, she refused to share details with me. When she came home and we got ready for bed I pulled out her vibrator and all she said was "no thanks I've had enough".

    I have to say I was so happy and aroused by the whole thing. I was by myself last night folding laundry thinking "I hope she has a wonderful time". I have told her all this and she has smiled and that's all. I'd love to provide her some resource that she could turn to for ideas on how to continue this, however when I search for pretend cuckolding or fake cuckolding all I get is hardcore cuckolding sites. I have a pretty creative mind and could come up with suggestions, but it wouldn't have the same effect if she was following my script. Anybody have any ideas on where I could send her to find ideas?
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  2. Pretend huh? Ya never know lol. I guess that’s the point. We don’t have quite the same arrangement, she would have to let me know something was happening before it happened.

    It sounds like she has a pretty good idea on how to push your buttons. She will figure things out if she wants to continue the deception/reality.
  3. pretend is fun. I like the idea. Don't have any suggestions though.
  4. When you order pizza, you might Just get pizza.
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    I do like the way your wife thinks, although I would be just a tad worried that one day she may go further than you expect.
  6. I knew a few wives who did things like:

    - leave a Magnum size empty condom wrapper on the floor near the bed.
    - bring home a filled condom that they got from a girlfriend who got it from her man.
    - spray themselves with men's cologne
    - don't come home. Stay at a girlfriend's house and come home in the morning minus panties and disheveled.
    - leave a piece of men's clothing in the bedroom.
    - wear something sex that he never saw before and when asked, say some guy bought it for her. Same for a piece of jewelry.
    - They sell a sexual lubricant that looks like semen. A lot of that stuff you see in porn is fake semen so she could use a little of that in her panties or vagina.
    - Mistaken text, email or picture sent to fake cuck that looks like it was meant for someone else.
    - wife leaves phone on table and text from girlfriend talks about the hot guy she left with last night.
    - Have a girlfriend call late at night and then hang up as the wife pretends she is whispering to her boyfriend or even do it while having sex with her husband.
    - I had one wife who used to have me make sex sounds while she called her cuck to tell him that we were in the middle of sex. That can be duplicated with a girlfriend as you talk to your husband or perhaps a loud porn video playing.

    I think you get the picture Funny thing is that the wives used to tell me that they embellished what we did when they got home to their husbands. I was a sex god and so much better and bigger than the cuck even when we had some quick oral sex and watched a movie. Yep, not all cuckoldresses are just looking for sex all night long. Some like to date and have sex and watch a movie just like what they would do with any other boyfriend.
  7. I don't think worried is the word I would pick, however who knows right? Be careful what you wish for and all that.
  8. My husband and I have been pretending to cuckold for years. @Vinny@Vinny - some awesome ideas here, many we have used. They work. The fake cum has fooled my husband several times, as has a large dildo in the bathroom at work before I come home. A pair of soaking wet panties and a sloppy vag and who'll know the difference??

    I have actually cucked my husband twice recently. The first time I was very nervous about his reaction, but he seemed very excited about it. The second time I think he really enjoyed. Each time he has not been present, the first was in a hotel, the second at our house, where hubby stayed in the spare room until he left. I was concerned about having unprotected sex, but I know him, he was tested for everything, and doesn't have any other partners. This was one of our biggest concerns.

    The faking has been fun. So has the real thing, but now I will mix it up. The reaction of my poor locked up hubby has been worth it. (Poor guy was locked for Locktober + a couple of days, and this is when I actually cucked him. I think his extreme frustration and desire helped us with the transition).

    Vinny's list above is a good start. I found most of my inspiration from this website, and listening to my husbands desires and thoughts. And his fears.
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  9. so you pretended for a while then transitioned to the real thing. Did he know you had done that or talked about it? Or is he still in the dark about all of it?
  10. If you search some of my/our comments here (my husband, whose sign-in I used for a while - CaptainScarlett) you'll be able to see how we have transitioned.

    The faking gave me confidence - and for my husband the realization that his fantasy could become reality safely, so I am glad we did this. As I have stated before, I plan to continue to fake him out, the reaction is pretty much the same, emotionally. There was however WAY more cum than I expected when I actually cucked him, but maybe that's TMI!!! Something to remember next time.

    As a reward I unlocked my hubby a few days ago and he'll be out for the next few weeks. This will be the first extended release for him in over 2 years. I do not plan on any activity until he is relocked, and I have told him he can be locked any time he wants, until I decide. It amuses me to see his face, thinking about locking up again, and HE deciding. I know he's missing it. Funny thing this chastity stuff, I have so much fun.

    Anyway, I strongly encourage the fake. And maybe a good poker face too!
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  11. @KHtoCaptainScarlett@KHtoCaptainScarlett , sounds like you definitely keep him on his toes lol. Glad your having so much fun :). And yeah I read into some more of your posts that day and seen how that happened. Very interesting.
  12. @ineverknew@ineverknew As the holidays draw near, our fun has slowed to a crawl. He's not locked, I'm busy at work, doing doubles, and the craziness of life continues. But I believe 2018 will bring more fun. I think we have finally found a happy place for us both. And, so far it works.

    I'd asked him to circle a date for re-locking before the end of the year. He circled Christmas Day. I had to giggle. Sounds like a lovely gift.

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  13. Good to hear. :)

    Ha Ha well some of the best gifts cost nothing ;)
  14. Boxing Day may take on a whole new meaning for you with your cuckold husband safely locked away on Christmas!
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  15. How do you think you'd feel if she decided that the time had come to make fantasy reality?
  16. My other half pretends occasionally.

    Just last week she arrived home from work, sometimes she can't find her keys in her bag so rings the doorbell for me to let her in.
    When I opened the door, she was standing sideways, holding and smelling a large bouquet of red roses, eyes closed and grinning like a cheshire cat.

    It took me a bit by surprise. There was a 'reduced to 15p' sticker on the wrapper and she told me that one of her female staff at work saw them during her lunchbreak and bought them for her. [either that or she has a very cheapskate alpha male :p]
    She does enjoy teasing me in unexpected ways, and from her delight at my initial discomfort, she'll do something else like it again.