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Posting videos

Discussion in 'The Study' started by Breathe, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. Maybe someone might know/provide the answer.

    I had hoped to upload a video production I made to the site, but upon getting to the last page for uploading video files I'm now seeing I can only 'embed' media. Which is a bit confusing - not sure if the button names and/or prompts were left over from a previous site overhaul but it seemed like both were options until actually landing on the page to make it happen.

    Or maybe it's because my account is new? Not sure. It might help to know, upfront, that we can't host videos here if that's the case, or if there's a time-limit on membership privileges with videos. Not crucial, but a thought.

    Anyway, I understand the choices from where to embed are limited. So, I'm also curious if vimeo is a good place to host something that's NSFW. If not, does anyone have any other suggestions on how/where I can do this so as to share it here as a part of our journey?

  2. You can try xhamster
  3. I haven't looked into porn sites for uploads. Those are also not options in the 'embed media' site list.

    I understand when you post something online, it's out there 'forever'. But my goal for this video isn't standard public exposure, nor to set it out in the ether alongside a bunch of other pornography on a run of the mill wank site. No disrespect to your suggestion, mind you.

    I made it last year as a symbol of the progress we've made in our relationship, and this is the only place I've felt an urge to share it with others.
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  4. Understood. No disrespect felt.
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  5. I have used xtube.com. You can limit access - either everyone - friends or just you.
  6. I just looked at that, strange it says which website you are able to put there, and that none of those are some place you would post a fetish vid in the first place.

    If it doesn’t matter which site you post from, I believe you could set up a Flickr account under a false or made up personality (anonymous) and share from there. Maybe they do not have the space on the servers for this site to accommodate videos.
  7. Thanks for the info; I figured those sites were only public. I'll look into it.

    Yes, I thought it was a rather strange set of choices. No idea if the listed sites limit NSFW content, but I suppose I shall find out. I had assumed that was the case with Flickr, but maybe I'll find a way. Thanks for the tip.

    Maybe the clarification could be made, by changing the button scripts and/or description of user upload capabilities at some point, to limit future confusion? Just a thought.

    Any input on this subject from the mods out there... ?
  8. If the embed option doesn't work (while it is nice to just see the image / video right in the thread) a simple link to where ever you place it would also work well.
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  9. maid_carrie

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    As far as I know videos can not be uploaded and I will flag this to @Jens (Partner)@Jens (Partner) for his confirmation and your suggestions on script buttons may be taken on board if it’s possible to remove them.

    As @danleft1@danleft1 says, a link in a post works well and it also saves server space for CM
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  10. Yes, I thought it was strange that uploading was shown as an option yet the forum stats only denote 3 videos on-site. I had been curious if the change was due to server space, a feature inherently limited and/or granted by user privileges... Or just a residual remnant of a previous option in site-wide capabilities.

    Thanks for responding, @maid_carrie@maid_carrie.
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  11. Jens (Partner)

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    I am in process together with @L-u-c-y (Partner)@L-u-c-y (Partner) to figure out how we will handle video in the future. No doubt that we will HAVE to come up with an easy to acces scheme, for uploading and/embedding. But we have to think hard to make a robust and supervised solution. We'll be back.
    Regarding the wrong label on the current feature, I ca only offer my apology:)
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