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Post orgasem state.

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Musher, Dec 26, 2016.

  1. Hi. Well after my first time in a bit longer lock up (55day) i know its not long. many of you chat about the post orgasem bluse...or like not horny at all!
    So i was especting to be a bitt emty after my orgasem. How ever im more sexual frustratet today than befor my orgasem and want sex Even more than i did befor my orgasem. Any els experienced it?
  2. I am usually more horny the day after an orgasm than on the date of the orgasm. Then I feel a little sad and bored for two weeks. I also feel that I lost a lot of energy because the sexual tension is gone and I miss it.
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  3. My Mistress always milks me before going out of town on business - just to make sure that I don't wank while She is gone. After I am completely drained by such milking, I feel empty and completely docile for 2 to 3 days afterward. Of course, I am more than 70 yrs old and probably don't produce semen or seminal fluid as quickly as I once did.
  4. For me I dont get the effect unless Im lucky enough to have two or more orgasms before being locked up again (very rare). If I just get the one orgasm and locked back up again it can make me even more horny because I keep thinking about whatever we just did.
  5. its day 3 and im still AS horny AS i was day One! The intens felings and sexuel tention is the same.. i am glad i am in that state also after my orgasem!! Cos then i dont need my 4+weeks to build back up!
  6. I have always been that way. The day after my wife and I would have PIV I was always so horny and would try to initiated sex with her again and she always said NO so I would just masturbate.
  7. I've found that when I go 2 weeks I have post O blues that last a day or two. If I cum after 5 to 7 days I don't have post O blues and am also very horny wanting more. Usually a little playfulness in the next day after an O will help curb any downward feeling I might have.
  8. Have written about this elsewhere in here...but yes...i get the blues..
    i have found that once i've been locked for more than a month...and the constant level of horniness is overwhelming..and i am desperate to please and serve...an orgasm destroys that feeling. For 1-3 days after i almost crave the feeling i had before the orgasm and that in turn seems to leave me flat and a bit deflated...
    ..but as long as i'm relocked.. it all builds up again after then and i get into sub mode...
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  9. Ditto.
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  10. Im thinking your latter point re volume of seminal fluid is worthy of a post/discussion in its own right
  11. My post orgasm blues translates into being very reluctant putting the cage on again. Sometimes I query tho whole purpose of being in chastity.
    In addition I have a very strong drive doing productive work, especially ones that are difficult or hard to do (hence in the past I delayed doing it). Kind of "heroic aggressive acquittal", so to say. :mad:
    My Lady knows and so my orgasm seem to occur with the coming up of huge or difficult tasks ..... accidently, oy course.

    My blue state would last about 1 or 2 days, if let so. But after I have done my aggressive working, Lady tells me to write an erotic story, doing chores naked or something else giving me a horny kick .... and .... have a look at that! The boy, just aggressive and blue, he is a nice boy and brings the cage to Mistress. :oops:
    All the chastity doubts have gone..... :)
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  12. Yes, Cain, I think that you are right, but since most people on here are much younger than me, I don't want to keep posting about how sex drive, semen production, hair growth, penis shrinkage, etc. change as you age. It's just a natural thing and I think probably has more to do with hormonal changes than anything. I have just found myself with ever increasing feminine feeling and urges and am very thankful that Mistress takes advantage of these things to keep me submissive and ever in Her service!
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