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Popularity of Chastity

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by alanlocked, Jul 15, 2014.

  1. I wonder if the popularity of chastity is dropping off. There use to be several sites dedicated to chastity and the life style. Most of them are gone now. Many of the people I use to chat with, both male and female are gone also. So, is chastity loosing favor with people or is it just going underground?
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  2. In my experience I believe I it runs in cycles of interest, at the moment is a down cycle. I base this comment on what happens on other sites and the enquiry and question rate plus blogs. I dont think chastity is any different than a lot of other kinks, it just runs in cycles of interest, but it never dies.
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  3. Summer tends to be quieter on forums. And peopel tend to be active here for a while and then settle in to something and not post much,
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  4. I agree with the above posters, its probably just a cycle or you learned all that you care for and just settle in for whatever chastity lifestyle you have chosen. I know I'm new to all of this so have been on here almost daily!!
  5. It could be worse. We could have more people that have been here for barely a month and posted near 200 times. Opinions, like orgasms, are often better in limited quantities.
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  6. I have no idea how popular male chastity might be, but I can tell you that my local adult shop reports the sale of about four devices per month (I live in a small semi-rural area, population about 15,000). When I went to speak with a locksmith whom I have known for years he knew exactly what the steel ring was about. He had one just like it that he had worn for years. - lol
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  7. Always keep in mind that more post than actually do so the numbers of true practitioners is much less than what you see. That is one of the reasons people come and go. They satisfy their online fantasy or find this forum non stimulating and then move on.

    The other chastity forum I belong to gets about 7-10 new posts per week. Yawn. If it were not for the frequent posters this place might end up like them. How interesting is it to hear about how long someone has gone without an orgasm or what device they are using? Kind of a boring fetish. Just join Fetlife to see how inactive their chastity forums are compared to other fetishes. Chastity seems more popular in Europe than the U.S. and even then, more as part of cross dressing or a D/S relationship. Few practice chastity just for chastity. No prize for not having orgasms the longest. Most are like me, get locked up between orgasms that may be one or more per week depending on one's age. :)
  8. I actually believe male chastity is gaining popularity. I am seeing chastity devices is sex stores more often now.
    Mostly the cb6000 and the Birdlocked. So I think it is going more mainstream. 5 or 6 years ago, the only way you could get one was online.
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  9. I also think that chastity is going through a cycle. It's summer here in the U.S. upper mid west. I don't know about any body else but I have a lot more chores to do when its summer time. Mow the lawn, water the flowers, take care of the garden, etc., this in addition to my daily chores. So my time here on the Mansion is usually limited to the a.m.
  10. I would like to think that it is turning more mainstream, and that people are settling in..., but It could of course just be my subtile desire for being "normal", that makes me think like that...LOL!

    From own experiences I see my wife talking about chastity as something much more mainstream than she used to. Now and then she hints me that she in fact are thinking of suggesting it to a couple of mutual friends, - because their sexlife, and life together in general seems to have gone somewhat dry.... That is mainstream!

    Once you start NOT to feel like a freak when You are in chastity, - ones your partner realizes what a magnificent game changer this lifestyle can be, then it becomes a tool in the toolbox of life, and a tool that many more should know of...
    I have this general approach that I am not ashamed of my device. It does me good, and certainly also do good for her, and our love and life together. So I have no emergency key. If I get exposed, so be it. I Am proud that I did something actively to save and enrich my marriage. Nothing wrong in being a better husband, a better lover, a better person....

    So mainstream starts with yourself, Your own unconditional acceptance - and spreads from there....

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  11. Male chastity devices hit the mainstream a year or so ago when they appeared on Californication without any fetish overtones. From the comments upthread, I think they have crossed over from kink toy to sex toy. I also suspect that some couples use them "for real" as a sexual appliance.
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  12. Another data point: This past weekend, we were in Purple Passi0n, a BDSM toystore in New York City that has been around for 20+ years. Chastity devices were prominently displayed; you'd not have seen that 20 or even 10 years ago.
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  13. I have had a website that features male chastity for 15 years. I don't see any reduction (or increase) in interest. You can't judge a kink's popularity by forums. They tend to go through cycles. People get tired of posting and reading and eventually new people come along. My chastity blog has had steadily increasing traffic since February. Growth has been faster this summer. This doesn't mean chastity is more popular, just that more people find us.

    I know the owner of Purple Passion. He has always stocked some chastity items. The fact is that until fairly recently (2005 or so), male chastity devices were very expensive and uncomfortable. Thanks to the CB2000, etc., inexpensive, effective (more or less) devices are around that can be worn comfortably and do the job enough for most of us.

    Forced male chastity has always been a fringe kink. Like it or not, most who practice it are solo males. Those of us in relationships that are locked up are few and far between. Forums like this don't attract or keep partnered practitioners since many posts are fantasy based and not too interesting to people who have real life relationships. No insult is intended, but bear in mind that for every person who posts, there are at least a hundred who just read.

    I don't post often because I am busy and I have a blog of my own which I find very rewarding. I love communicating with others who are in real-life, living-together chastity relationships. It may be me, but I am less interested in solo males discussing the fine points of fantasy lockup.
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  14. I personally believe message board dynamics override the topic in terms of inferring trends regarding user participation. Members come and go, contribute along the way etc.

    Chastity manufactures are way behind on orders because of all of the new demand, supposedly.
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  15. I think this is really important. Male chastity sites 10 years ago were more like hobbyist communities than erotic ones. Half the non-fantasy chatter was about making chastity belts actually work and adapting to them. Wearing a chastity device was like becoming voluntarily disabled - there was always something to fuss with, some impediment to normal life; hardly attractive to a vanilla partner.

    Fast forward to the present and there is no practical downside to wearing the more popular devices. (With a few interruptions I have worn my Holy Trainer 2 every night since I got it. No adjustment period, no chafing, no tinkering with creams...) The male cb is suddenly a low-maintenance sex toy or relationship tool.
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  16. It is also worth noting that over the past 15 years, the network effect of Internet access has allowed people to find fringe kinks like chastity. I remember seeing a few Tolleyboy ads back in the 80s or 90s, and was dimly aware of the CB plastic devices, but if the likes of Mature Metal or Steelworks existed back then, I never heard of them.
  17. Steelworx and MM didn't exist way back then. MM I believe started in 2009. Back in the 90's Access Denied was the premier belt maker and Lori did the most tubes. Three were others but they didn't last. In the 90's, newsgroups (alt.sex.bondage) discussed chastity sometimes. When the web finally emerged, altairboy's site reviewed tons of homemade and other devices. The emphasis was on escape. As far as I could tell, chastity devices were bought by single men. They remained locked until they could escape. It was an expensive hobby since they then got the next device.

    There is no doubt that the Internet got more people interested, but it was the advent of the CB2000 that really kicked off heterosexual chastity play. The devices were inexpensive, easy to fit, and comfortable enough to wear for a while. Very recently, the Chinese imports came around. I can't tell if they have gotten more people interested.
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  19. Personally I think the chinese imports have alot of people interested in chastity. Its how I started :). If it even remotely looks interesting $50 compared to $500 will make it much easier to try out. Then once I tried it out and realized I liked it, then it was time to invest in a well made device. I think anytime you make something reasonably affordable for the common man it will gain popularity.
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  20. I think pricing will have a lot to do with it.
    Would I try out chastity for €£$1000 and wait for 6 months or go for 25 and its delivered within a week.

    Xx Wendy
  21. I think a lot of people have moved over to microblogging sites like Tumblr and blogspot. There are a ton of current chastity blogs over there. Pre-established templates, no need/expense of a domain name . .. I've seen several people (more or less) abandon their regular websites in favor of them. Still posting stories, photos, photocaptions . . .just through a third party.

    Unfortunately, though, search engines seem to have problems indexing them, so it can be hard to find the best ones.
  22. Looking for things can be fun you find all sorts of funny and interesting things on the way.

    So what I quite like the search engines not finding everything . Like reading a book under the bed covers with a torch kinda fun and cosy !

    Xx Wendy
  23. i thinks its a bit boring jut reading bout one person blog thingy. i likes to chat and it nice on here.
  24. I do not know if you can equate the sales of chastity devices with those who continue with chastity after an initial trial period. A lot of people buy sex toys, use them a few times and then put them away. I have a rather large box of toys I have not used in many years. :) I sort of think that chastity on its own is not very exciting. It is the context in which it is used that is exciting like forced feminization, cuckolding, D/s, etc.. Sort of like making a fetish out of enjoying dressing your wife sexy without the cuckold part. :)