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Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by K's submissive, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. I would like to find out from others. Once I return home next month my wife/OH told me I'm going be plugged pretty much all the time. It's going start just being at home then it's going move on to all day everyday. At home as we are out and about. Is there anyone else going through this? Could you share how it is.
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  2. Anally? Or urethral plug ?
  3. Plugged anally.
  4. I am usually caged and plugged, mostly at night but also during the days, depending on the circunstances, travelling or not, doing some physical work, etc.
    The plug I like most is a metal one, not too large, that I feel very comfortable.
    Have experienced various types, silicon, glass, rubber. The oneI like more is this metal one.
    With my cage and plugged i feel very confident through the whole day, protected and with that sensation of belonging to my loved one.
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  5. I must admit I like being plugged, mostly at night. But sometimes during the day.
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  6. I'm plugged right now, but I can't do it long term. Might be because mine is large and has a remote control vibrator feature. Longest I've gone with it in was about 10 hours, but most of the time it's like 2 - 4 hours. I don't think I could sleep with it in.
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  7. I'm plugged right now too, with a small but delightful metal plug, can use it all day long. Tried medium and large plugs, but they are not so good for long term use.
  8. I have been told mine is in the post don't know how size or what type but i suppose I will find out soon.
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  9. I bet you are very excited waiting for it. I would drool just to think how big it will be.
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  10. Thanks for the replies. From what my wife-K/H tells me it's going become long term all day and while sleeping. Starting a couple hours on a couple hour break. So I will see what happens.
  11. My Kh has taken a real liking to plugging. She feels the difference In my demeanor is more notable when plugged than from most anything else.

    Start for shorter periods then just build up. We got carried away a week or so ago and I ended up with some minor abrasions on the sides of my tush, where the base of the plug rubs. Mostly my fault for not keeping some water based lube handy during the day after having had it in all night already. But nonetheless, like anything else, it takes a little time to get used to.
  12. Thank you. I use one here and there already. I think here plan is to make me wear it almost 24/7. I am ok with that. Let me ask is it weird going out in public at first wearing it?
  13. My wife has made me wear a plug in public several times and it is not weird. Nobody knows you are wearing it. You just want to make sure you have plenty of lube, or have some with you, if you are going to be away from the house for a while, to avoid chaffing. I love the feeling of dominance it gives my wife when she plugs me. I never know when it is going to happen. If I hint at wanting it, it will NOT happen, therefore, I never ask for it or expect it. I enjoy it.
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  14. My wife has me use a vibrating plug with a remote control from nexus. Control range is very short so it's not one of the fancy ones that works with a smart phone app. Sometimes she sends me shopping and tells me to use the remote as I move through the store. It is audible in certain vibration modes so it's pretty nerve wracking. It also has a button on the base facing out that turns the power on/off. this button also will cycle through the vibrations manually separate from a remote. One night I was at a parents briefing for my sons little league sitting in a school cafeteria with those hard plastic benches. I guess I managed to move my butt around enough that I accidentally set it off :eek:. The woman sitting next to me could hear the buzzing and turned to look. I fumbled in my pocket muttering about my phone and vibrate mode. Managed to turn it off with the remote after what seemed like a year, but was probably 10 - 15 seconds. That was the most embarrassing moment in my FLR life so far.
  15. Care to share which metal plug that is? Is it available online?
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  16. I use a chinese one, no need for fancy ones.
    One of those for daily use:

    Alternate with this one:


    The small for work, a medium at night.

    I have one of this, not comfy for 24 use, but nice for sex games:

    Next will buy a a silicone:

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  17. We had that same plug! Broke after a short time. Upgraded to the Lovense Hush which is 1000 times better, but unfortunately it just broke after a month and a half. Luckily, they give you a one year warrantee when you buy it, so working on getting it replaced now since it is my favorite plug to use on him because I get to interact with it at any given time at ANY distance;) It's super fun sending him to work in it!!
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  18. last time i was lock i had to wear a plug 24/7, i was allowed 1-3 hours breaks 1-2 times a day the first week but after that i wore it 24/7 except for daily enema and showers. And i must say being locked up with a medium plug inside of me all the time is frustrating but then again 10 times more arousing :D It does take some getting used to, and for me it waas the sleep that was the hardest part.
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  19. Youngling : welcome to the club. I grew accustumed to use a plug 24/7 and I think It is so nice!
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  20. I've been kept plugged for a week now. Pretty sure there's no end in sight
  21. Wow. Those AliExpress plugs start at nearly 3 inches diameter. That would be a lot for me but I guess everything takes practice.
  22. I have been using a butt plug 21 hours a day, 7 days a week since January 4ish of this year.

    I LOVE being plugged. Both fore 'n aft. Unlike my penis plug which after time you will no longer feel in your urethra a butt plug never lets you forget it's in your anus/rectum. I have to make a effort not to have a shit eating grin on my face when walking around in public!

    My butt plug is removed 3 times per day. At 6:30am and 12:30pm for about ten minutes to clean and re-lube. Three hours each day (6:30 - 9:30pm) for cleaning and to allow for bowel movement(s). If by 8:30pm no bowel movement has occurred I'll use two Fleet enemas and I'm good to go.................pun intended.

    Speed bumps, Before being plugged I hated those darn things but now that I'm plugged essentially all day I love driving over them! :)
  23. I love the feeling of having a plug in..... but I normally defecate about 3 times per day and, sometimes in a big hurry. It can get pretty messy and I hate the cleanup process more than I enjoy having the plug in. Therefore, Mistress now requires me to be plugged less and less. It's a love-hate, double edged sword, so to speak!
  24. Thank you for this posting! My KH has similar plans for me moving forward. The advice here is priceless.
  25. Not to hijack the plug but those that plug daily... do you do an enema everyday? Or have a lot of leftovers on the plug? I've tried before but have not done a regular enema as I hear that is unhealthy but then the plug is dirty every time and gross. Thanks for the advice