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Please help

Discussion in 'Chastity and orgasm denial' started by justinrides69, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. I am currently searching for a new device. With everything that’s out there I need advice from all of you.
    Can I get a recommendation for what you think is the best device for me? I’m about 2.5-3” flaccid and 6” when excited.
    I’m looking for something light weight, discreet, easy to use, and comfortable.
    Thank you so much for your help. I love this forum!!!!!
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  2. those measurements say your a grower. i found the best device of all was a well placed pa lock. i pierced the skin just above the base of the penis twice a pa distance apart. then i pushed the head inside the body and pierced the scrotum twice right next to where the penis went in to the body. when he is hard the holes are up and inch or so on the penis. once healed i put the pa through all 4 holes his head is slightly visible he looks like he's peeking out between the bars. he has full range of motion and it never gets in the way. i thought it might migrate because of him trying to get hard but not so. it really helps with feminine clothing too. the down side is it needs to be taken out and washed twice a day. coconut oil helps keep fungi down.
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  3. regarding a cbxxxx being broken, I have found that the chinese imitation cb's are good as parts cars. that is, even if one sneers at them as inferior, they do contain all of the parts and it is hard to consider each and every part inferior. the total cost of a cb6000 on ebay from shanghai is much lower and if all you have is one broken part, this might be the way to replace your cage if that is all you need, just one part. personally i find the 6000 the most comfortable i have tried, cannot actually wear anything else for a long time, meaning more than 3 days, without sore balls.
  4. so i am told the knock off rings are real uncomfortable....
  5. Some knock offs are comfortable to, but never as comfortable as a better made device.
  6. Htv2 small! 40mm ring or 36mm
  7. Thank you all
  8. I am about 2" flaccid and close to 8" erect. I have the A276. You can get it on ebay. It prevents me from getting totally erect. She just discovered she enjoys teasing me while I'm wearing it. ChastityDeviceA276.jpg
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  9. Looks good. TY
  10. CB6000 is the instrument of the Devil. They're bloody awful things, I have a Steelworxx Looker 02 and a cheap Chinese short cage, the Chinese thing is the most comfortable device I have ever worn.
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  11. Hello owned. I too have a chinese short cage, stainless steel, and it is quite comfortable. I like the added weight of the steel device, lets me know I am owned.
  12. OMG, you really got serious didn't you....did you pierce yourself? Oh and hunni I know exactly what you mean about the show in a nice tight dress! Have you posted any pictures of this?
  13. no .... i pierced my xy. i didn't really have a choice. puck is what is called a super grower. not that puck is all that big, at best he's 6 by 6 but when flaccid ( and no pulling) he is often a zero. by it's self it retracts completely inside. so i decided to lock him in place.
    with dresses you can not see a thing but swim suit are another story. puck had very sensitive skin to start with but on estrogen puck can not wear a band aid. so tucking is not possible. for years i have been toying with piercing the scrotum to hold the testicles in forming a camel toe. in the same vein if i do put 8 holes in his scrotum i would like to have a custom made shank made that does both and ends up between his legs. it would require a second custom made shank to complete the camel toe. now that other ma'ats have done the same with their pucks there is a group wanting the second half figured out. some say 5 years is a long time to toy with an idea. (my puck says 10 more years is ok too!) when i get it right, then and only then will i post pictures....maybe even market it. though each would have to be custom made to fit.
  14. You should really, and if I was in pucks place I would, remove the balls! Why keep them? I would love to lose my balls, they are ugly and show far too much!
  15. wow, your avatar is evil looking.....
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  16. 4 days in the new short cage and no irritation at all. Also, no night time erection issues as it's too small to allow any. I think this is the way to go.
  17. 4 days in the new short cage and no irritation at all. Also, no night time erection issues as it's too small to allow any. I think this is the way to go.
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  18. Sorry I have to disagree with your use of the word never... perhaps its the exception that proves the rule. :)

    Having used all the CBXXXX chastity devices ... not the 5000 it is not a chastity device IMHO.... I bought a Fort ...photo in my album. A stainless steel cb6000 knock off. The A-rings were cumbersome horrid and full of nickel. I needed to varnish them to prevent irritation so I had a base ring made and for years it was the most comfortable chastity device I'd ever worn. I really did forget I was wearing it at times.

    I'd love to get it shortened if I could I'd definitely wear it again.

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