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Discussion in 'The Play Room' started by chasteta, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. I just noticed we have a section for fantasies. I didn't want to clog up the busier parts of the forum with a random fantasy but it seems appropriate here.

    I'm into the idea of permanent chastity. A fantasy I've had is to be forcibly pierced chaste. I'd come home one day and my KH would tell me she had a surprise. We'd go to a piercing studio with a piercer who would be in on it. She could say something like "I hope last time was good, because that was the last penile orgasm you'll ever have." No warning, no time to think about it and back out. No consent given, you can't consent for something that isn't your property. The device itself would be pierced on and that would be that. Only relief through milkings from or coming during a strapon session from now on. And of course, I'd be completely unable to use my cock for penetrative sex.

    Of course this isn't practical, I doubt a piercing would be able to heal properly with the weight of a device pulling on it. Furthermore my KH really hates the look of PAs. It'd have to be an apadravya or similar and I don't know that I'm every willing to undergo that much pain in my penis. It's nice to daydream, though.
  2. nice fantasy. But yeah like you said not practical unless maybe it was midieval times lol. So your wife doesn't like the look of a PA but does like the Apadravya? Thats a serious piercing LOL. Thats the no fucking around time. I too would love one but yeah looks painful. But then again its not much different than any other piercing, I'm sure its just as quick, maybe a little longer healing time. Just a poke and its done.
  3. I think about that sometimes. I'm sure there have been people in medieval times that had something like this done to them and it's like a "well you'll heal up or you'll die" kind of situation. *shudder*

    She doesn't like the look of a PA and also doesn't like that it would probably affect how I shoot my load. Sometimes she likes to see me shooting a lot and really far, and the PA would inhibit that.

    I had 4 frenum piercings done a few years ago and it's bad but not THAT bad. I think I'm not well suited to piercings though. It was done by a really high end and reputable studio but 2 of them migrated and had to come out. The other 2 were healing really slowly and I got so sick of not being able to wear a cage that I took them out too. Studio apologized a lot and offered to redo them for free but I was like "Nah..."
  4. Hey. Look at the Apy this way. It's just a PA and a Reverse PA connected. No big deal. Apy may be more appealing to wife because it will have a bar through it. The look of 2 rings will shock her ....... lol
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  5. LOL, aint the truth! I've heard they would infibulate men who were slaves or eunuchs. That couldn't have been fun. If she wants to see you shoot just take the jewelry out. though depending on what size you are it might come out both holes lol.
  6. Yup haha and that's part of the problem. She likes it on me, on her, or in one/both of our mouths. I get punished if my aim is sloppy and it ends up on the sheets though. Would make my life a lot harder if I had cum coming out 2 different directions. :p
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  7. It does......yup
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  8. I have a large gauge PA but will be going to an apadravya piercing soon.
  9. Problem solved. This is very secure
  10. I have a pa and am healed and awaiting a new Loris custom cage. The pa makes peeing at a urinal a challenge, it can get messy. With ejaculation seamen is thick and I haven't noticed it coming our the piercing with jelwery installed.
    I'm at 6 gauge by the way. Larger holes may be different.
  11. It does, totally freaked me out...wondered where it all went...the other side.
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  12. Was at 4 but tried a 2. It slipped in with no problem. Attempted a 0 and not even close. Big difference between 4 to 2 and 2 to 0.

    Will keep on attempting, wearing the heavy #2 when I can, and hope it stretches naturally
  13. There are other options other than PAs that do the job
    here are other piercings that do the job other than PA's
  14. A PA is half an apadravya. Admittedly, it is probably the easier half.
  15. Not as knowledgeable on piercings as I should be but prefer the bar that goes through just below the head.
  16. Hey. Look at the Apy this way. It's just a PA and a Reverse PA connected. No big deal. Apy may be more appealing to wife because it will have a bar through it. The look of 2 rings will shock her ....... lol
  17. I have an apy now. Love it. !!!!
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  18. how was the piercing experience?
  19. Surreal. I did it myself. I had a PA, loved it then it was decided to go with the apy. Did the research, bought the tools and did it.
    It really was not that bad.
    For the record, this was my second piercing, I’m an executive and need to be discrete, so I am not a hardware guy.
    I would do it again.
  20. Congratulations. DIY piercings are always gratifying. Challenging, but gratifying. Next is the ampallang do you can say you did your own magic cross. That one is real interesting. Good luck. Even executives and professionals wear metal
  21. The amp may be a while. But not out of the question.
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  22. sweet. Yeah I did my own PA. Only had one minor problem lol, but it worked out. So to do this i'm assuming you put the receiving tube through your PA and then pierce downward into it? Or is there another way?
  23. I went from the top down. A bit bloody, and lots of leg shaking. Halfway through, I freaked out a bit but continued. The hardest part was pushing through the urethra used a 6 ga.
  24. how did you know how to end up in the pa hole? I guess I'm confused. But yeah when I did my PA the needle started in but stopped so I was bleeding and couldn't get it to go in all the way. I started to panic a bit, legs shaking lol, sweating profusely. So I pulled the needle out and looked at it, then tried again. I think it was just a really tight fit. so it eventually went in. Bleeding stopped. It was a real nail biter for a minute though lol