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Pierced from now on

Discussion in 'The Mall (Everything Else)' started by Nicoftime, Aug 18, 2016.

  1. On my way to get pierced right now. She is taking me and hope it goes well, I am sooo nervous! Was going to a place that only did piercings but after talking to them they only start out with a 14 gauge. I read all over that most wouldn't even consider with smaller than 10. So I found another spot that will pierce me with 10. Will give updates, and will be ordering a Lori 18a as soon as possible and will give reports on that as well.
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  2. Ouch
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  3. Congratulations! Now the long healing process, don't rush a device and all should go well for you.
  4. Thanks, my device shouldn't come for 3 to 4 months so should be almost ready by then. Not gonna force anything, I've spent the last 6 months in Chastity so waiting is nothing new

  5. That's surprising. There was one place I called that wanted to do a 14, but the piercer I went with scoffed at that as not only odd, but dangerous. I was pierced at an 8 four weeks ago, and have a taper in the mail to move to a 6 in a couple days. It's completely healed now, just toughening. So moving to a 6 this week and then a few more to toughen and should be good. The time involved in moving from 10, let alone 14, would be extensive. Though, I have read in multiple places that the PA is among the easiest piercings to stretch, and especially at the smaller sizes it's common to be able to stretch more than one size at once. But i'm glad I started at 8. He would have done 6 for me I believe, but it was just too intimidating.

    Check out a product called Briotech. Applied throughout the day as you would with a salt solution and the healing went crazy fast.
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  6. Thanks Thatguy, I will look for it. It's been a few days, bleeding is pretty much done, just hurts to pee, like I got my thumb over it and too much pressure. Also the bead on the pee hole end sometimes slips into my peephole, I don't notice right away but eventually I get to a point that something is off and I check. It couldn't go through the other end so I won't lose it so I guess I will be fine. Can't wait to heal enough to switch to a screw in captive bead

  7. Once you get to a bigger gauge that won't happen as often I don't thing. Plus when the wound heals up it gets a little more snug and won't rotate so easily. I use a CBR that holds the ball in place using indents on the ball part. That means the ends of the ring taper nice and smoothly to rounded points to settle in the ball. That style also allows you to swap out for just a larger ball. At first I had the type of CBR that held onto the ball via indents in the ends of the ring (rather than the ball) and it caused issues because there's a small gap and no taper, so if the ball came against the skin at the piercing the hole would sort of nestle into the small gap. Switching styles helped.

    I plan to use a segment ring going forward, as a quality one will be smooth all the way around. I haven't yet because I've had trouble finding a 6g 3/4" diameter one, particularly in Titanium, which I prefer. But if you're able to use a 5/8 diameter ring you should have no issue finding anything. Good luck!
  8. Having got pierced at 10ga some years ago and now very happily at 2ga, I agree with the other postings here. Those early weeks with a PA weren't much fun for me, the healing and that small rings don't look or feel good. However, it soon gets much better but do take your time. It's a good idea to invest in some proper metal stretching tapers. I used to take a long hot bath and stretch the piercing then. Stretching was never completely painless for me but the rush I got from seeing and feeling bigger metal everytime was wel worth it afterwards.

    Smooth segment rings are my favourite. They are harder to find. I am happy with steel ones, as titanium is rare and often costly.

    I am biased but I would always say never let the first month or so put people off. It soon becomes a distant memory once you are at a bigger gauge and can use the PA as intended.
  9. I was pierced at 10 and immediately stretched to an 8. I guess that is common from all I have read. I was still more tender than I would like till I went up to a 6. Mine stretched itself with the stainless jewelry, within 3 months the 6 slid right in. A couple months later the curved barbell 4 gauge went right in. Have been very happy with it since then! I went with titanium for my 4 so it wouldn't keep self stretching and it has worked perfect.
  10. I hate being uncaged. There I said it. My piercing still hurts but doesn't hurt so much where I still couldn't get off if I wanted to. Not used to having erections and able to touch it. Missing the temptation free confines of my steel nest. Still trying to please Ms A, but my work schedule changed to nights, and I don't get enough quality time. Trying to get her off has been successful I think, I have been able to squeeze that in(no pun intended), but miss laying my head right below her belly button with her hands on my head. Haven't had time to rub her feet, or even lay next to her with my steel nest burrowed next to her lovely backside. Anyway, cageless sucks, working nights sucks, having erections that you can't do anything about sucks. Hats off to all who are into Chastity and are on the honor system. I have a recent penis hole and I can still barely keep from touching it. Ms. A ordered me a new ring and hope by next week I will be able to wear it as well as my cage.

    Ps read thru a post on gallery cock pics. I'm new to being an active member here, but what exactly was anyone thinking they were going to see pics of. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy seeing pics of actual kh's, keys, devices, toys, and examples of tease and denial games, but examining other cages that actually have a cock in them gives perspective. I find it informative not erotic.
  11. Nothing wrong at all with hating being uncaged. I was just curious how that sort of desire to be caged fit into the D/S dynamic. Genuinely.

    As for the other thing. I don't think anyone minds seeing galleries of any kind, particularly if that's what your looking for. But this is chastity mansion. Not cock cage mansion :) Cages are but a small element of chastity. Some of us men (not directed at you at all) talk a lot about serving our KH's and so on and so forth, yet seem still primarily focused on our cocks and their enclosures.
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  12. It's a love hate relationship...don't get me wrong when I say I hate being uncaged...I don't care for the temptation. Granted it hurts yet but I'm sure I could find a way to get off, and swinging free with nothing stopping me besides my commitment is torture lol! I guess I now prefer losing the options over challenging myself with every dirty thought, every erection, and every free moment it would just be easy. As far as our d/s dynamic, I try to not let it make me go all alpha, and she does a good job of reminding me of what I really want and need. We text tumblr pics and captions to each other, I have been servicing her as much as I can, and the new hole in my penis is a pretty good reminder as well. I wasn't a piercing kind of guy, and did it for the sole sake of chastity.
  13. Went to stretch into an 8 gauge, it slipped right in no problem, so easy I will wait a bit and go to a 6 eventually to make sure my new device doesn't irritate it or migrate. It was super sore all this time, but instantly felt better once I gauged up. Now only if I am rough with it. I just ordered a cheap steel cage with vertical bars on the end so my ring should line up nicely. Only has to last until my new pa cage is ordered and arrives. Having some difficulty communicating with @TitaniumChastiTi@TitaniumChastiTi. He returned my email right away, but still unsure how to relay measurements, how to take the measurements he requires, what the key looks like without his pendant, or the build time.
  14. He is around quite a bit so maybe having a few days holiday.

    Xx Wendy
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  15. I had a bear of a time stretching. Took nearly an hour and a half of continual effort and hurt like a sonofabitch. I healed very quickly at he original 8, and didn't feel any discomfort after moving to a 6 beyond the first day. I did have to switch to Titanium again, as I did with the 8g. Surprising how much a difference the weight makes.

    We tried PIV the first time a couple weeks in and I couldn't do it. The comdom forcing the ring to lay completely to the side hurt too much. But we were successful a week later. So we stretched it right at week 5. That was a week or so ago. We'll give it 4 more weeks. Maybe 5, then give the cage a go I guess. This cage weighs nearly nothing though.
  16. Thought I would update my piercing info and not clog up my thread about mistress Amante.

    Had gauges up to 4 for my device, seemed a lot bigger than 6 but really only needed steady pressure and it slid in. Now months later I tried a ring at #2. Slid right in no problem. I didn’t like the ring though. It’s a tribal dream circle, uses an Allan wrench to open and close. I ordered a 3/4 diameter and it is just too much space. It doesn’t stay lined up with penis and chooses a side to turn to. Leaving it in for awhile just to see if I can gauge up to 0.

    Ordered another ring, 0 with less diameter 5/8. There is a big difference between #2 and #0 gauge. I couldn’t slide 2 in at all, and I doubt I will ever leave this ring in long enough to stretch out naturally. I do really like the weight and smaller footprint of it. If I ever do stretch out to a #0, think it would be worth replacing my device for that gauge. Rigid Chastity is not that expensive that a new device is out of the question. Was 360 bucks, I waste more than that on dumber stuff.
  17. thanks for the update, I’m curious about the ease with which you can go to a bigger size, I suppose that means it’s stretching on its own? I’m considering a PA, but wouldn’t like the hole to get bigger without my choosing, if that makes any sense.
    nks fo