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Pic of my shortened jailbird

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by Sissy maid doris, May 30, 2017.

  1. Here is a pic of my shortened jailbird. We had it reduced from 2 inches down to 1 3/8 it doesn't sound much but the visual appearance is quite dramatic. When I opened it I thought that there was no way it would fit and it was way too short. My wife laughed and said she didn't think it would be a problem. The fit is perfect. Definitely go shorter than you think. I started off with a queens keep 2 1/4 in length. Delusions of adequacy my wife called it. Mature metal have been amazing, I have sent both devices back for adjustment and the customer service has been fantastic. I think I have found the perfect fit as I'm spending the rest of my life locked.

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  2. Great news! It's reassuring to know the metal cages can be adjusted as that will be the next one I got for sure!

  3. Doris how long will test run be, will you get one?
    Looks like keep you nice and safe
  4. Their customer service is top notch, just wish they had devices that had a prong for piercing, and I would have sent my old one back for an update after I got pierced.
  5. I'm in for good now
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  6. So funny I had a similar experience. I started at 2" and went down to 1 1/4". Thought the same thing when I pulled it out and wife said "isn't it still too big"? :p I also made my ring slightly bigger and the gap slightly bigger. Yes awesome service from Mature Metal. Only thing they can't adjust after is diameter. I could have gone an 1/8" smaller there too.
  7. I wonder what happens with the skin. I wear my cage not for long and I experience that my dick's skin is too much, and a lot of that doesnt fit into the cage. Will it shrink with time?
  8. Would you ladys know how to make ring smaller with out buying a new one?

  9. @hunci@hunci I'm not 100% sure how to answer your question. For example when I put my cage on it's tough getting it to fit and not pinch. Some of this is due to the fact that putting a cage on and even wearing a cage is exciting and that leads to obvious growth. However once I settle down and start doing other things everything is OK. I'm a grower not a shower and so sometimes it's tight, sometimes a little loose, but mostly just right. How long are you wearing your cage for? Is there too much skin all the time? Or just at first?

    @RGL@RGL first off thank you for the compliment of calling me a lady :D curtsy. If you bought a custom made device from Mature Metal you can send it back to them for adjustment. It's really inexpensive to adjust ring size. I think around $15? The cage length adjustment was more pricey. I think around $100? If you're asking for do it yourself advice I can't help you. Being a lady and all I don't want to break a nail. :p
  10. When I put on the cage, I have to pull back my foreskin to fit in the cage and the skin gets buggy at the root of my penis that doesn't slips back into the cage.