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Pic of my cuckold tattoo

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by Sissy maid doris, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. Thanks, the tattoo artist was a mature lady, mid 50s , she has her own appointment only studio, my mistress arranged it, she was really cool, made a few jokes but once my initial humiliation was over it went ok, it took nearly 2 hours to complete
  2. Well worth it though hunny. It is beautiful - and to the point! x
  3. great tattoo.You must feel so honered to have such a great mistress
  4. I do she is amazing
  5. Very nice. I love the tattoo. Now she needs to show you off. There are alternate lifestyle clubs and venues in every state that allow and even encourage such a fine display of submission. I can see you with a leash attached to your cage and her leading you around by your poor little caged cock.
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  6. I would be too embarrassed to do that.
  7. Damn, that is serious!! No coming back from that one buddy!!
  8. That was the plan and nearly three months on and I feel so proud to wear her mark
  9. I am jealous! I would like the same - I am just getting letters of my KH's name tattooed in discrete places around my body!
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  10. It was done by collet a tattooist in Perth with her own studio. She was amazing she really put me at ease and just cracked a few jokes about it and got on with it
  11. are you caged while tatooing?
  12. Bravo! I have never had or wanted a tattoo in my life. Now, serving my KH I find I am actually thinking about it!! Like...woah! Thinking if I did ever get one it would be a mix of a symbol with her letters or something. Also in that area above my cock.
  13. I'd love to get my wife's name tattooed like:

    "Kate's property" or
    "Looked by Kate". or

    something similar maybe with a small padlock next to it.
    I'd be soo proud BUT I know she'd never would agree to that.

  14. Hey Bert, that is a bummer....she is adverse to tattoos in general or anything permanent that would denote your cuck status (if you don't mind me asking)?
  15. I now, but she doesn't like tattoos at all.
    I'd love to get such a permanently signature which is directly linked/associated to her lady ship.
  16. great dedication that bet your very pleased with it
  17. Great!
    Now consider permanent chastity.
    It is as exciting as tattoo!
  18. Over text today, we continued our discussion about tattoos. She has a few of them and adores them. I have been staunchly opposed to getting any on my body ever since I met her. Hard to believe it, but now I am really keen to get a tattoo that indicates my locked status with something that that indicates she is my Key Holder. She is happy to help me design it and find a good studio. She will get one too with the design of a key of some sort. It's pretty exciting. I want to reflect my total commitment to our MC and FLM journey together.

    Does male chastity seriously rewire our brains so much that what we found offensive before is appealing now (rhetorical musing)?