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Pic of my cuckold tattoo

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by Sissy maid doris, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. Mistress took me for my tattoo today here's a pic I'm still in shock but as now I'm marked for life

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  2. I love it. I want my next one in the same spot. Only thing is many nudist resorts get pissy about tattoos in that area much less genital jewelry. God know what they would say about a cage. But by that time I will want the world to know I am a submissive sissy cuckold and it will not make any difference to m.
  3. I would imagine it would depend on the cage. I could see if it was a totally covered type of cage that it would be "covering" up. Open steel cage would expose enough you would think to still be "nude"
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  4. nice one
  5. Nice tattoo and no room for what does it mean questions either.

    My other comment would be is that cage a bit big ? Lol

    Xx Wendy
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  6. Awl photo gone :(
  7. It's there
  8. fabulous and health to enjoy this with your Mistress / Keyholder
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  9. where? I can't see it... :(
  10. It is at top of page

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  11. Yes been in over a year now and my balls have stretched. Take a look at my pics when the queens keep arrived, it was really tight. I've ordered a jailbird with smaller measurements . When it arrives I'll send the qk back for adjustments

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  12. cooo tis big and not even panties will cover it up.
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  13. BEAUTIFUL! Quality tattoo and Quality cage!
    Leaves no room at all for doubt!
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  14. Awesome stuff.
  15. Jemima put it perfectly - even panties won't cover it I'm envious
  16. That is fantastic. Well done.
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  17. Love your ink... You must be very dedicated and very fortunate to have all that you have as a result.
    Hope you are smiling and happy with your role as a permanent cuck. I am somewhat envious, I must say.
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  18. Love it and envious!
  19. T
    to be honest I don't feel brave it just feels right
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  20. Love it, congrats on your status being with you forever
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  21. Wow !!!!

    Just.... WOW !!!
  22. Thanks
  23. my mistress made me have my PA done a short while back. I already had nipple piercings but the PA was another level.

    now stretched it out to 5mm
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  24. Jealous! How was the tattooist - any comment from him/her? It isn't a standard inking after all! x
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