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Photocaption blogs - Tumblr, Blogspot, et al

Discussion in 'Work of Others' started by Casual_Reader, Sep 18, 2014.

  1. Not 4 Davey has been around for a while, and has a number of good captions. I think its also the home site of the excellent "New Mistress Training Guide" captions.

    The guild has moved again - I think they're now the Chastity Chronicles (which was the old name)
  2. Once again Iā€™m so grateful to Casual_Reader for all of the links he has provided and for his ongoing generosity of time, knowledge and the lovely descriptors of the links he provided above and throughout Chastity Mansion! You are the BEST! Blush :) :) :)
  3. There's a group on Reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/keyholdercaptions/) collecting chastity captions. Some I've seen before, but many are entirely new, and they're collecting from BlogSpot, tumblr, Imgur . . .

    Worth a look, if you think you've seen everything already. I know I've never seen the Game of Thrones or Dungeons & Dragons ones before
  4. OMG more of the best from Casual Reader! Love the captioned photos and tiny little videos as well! As you can imagine I'm feeling the tightness of my cage and chuckling at the very recognizable chastity situations illustrated so well. Blush blush since I have been in similar situations! :)
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  5. Chastity Fun and Humor is a relatively new captioner who is doing a lot with Locktober, male chastity in otherwise vanilla relationships, and Holy Trainer chastity devices

    CB-X, the official twitter account of the company that makes the CB (CB-2000, CB-2000, CB-6000 . . . ) line of chastity devices, posts their own original captions. They also post promotional "posters" for their product, which is neat (particularly if you're into gynarchy-type fiction).

    Celebrate Women (a.k.a. Professor Monkey Business) is another prolific femdom and chastity captioner. And the Pursuit of Chastity has some good ones, too

    And Submissive William has been around for quite a while, doing femdom and chastity captions.
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  7. Many thanks to all who have posted tumblr links.

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