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Pet trainer underneath a CB

Discussion in 'The Mall (Everything Else)' started by bertl32, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. oooh i wudnt want electric shock i just has the paddle if i'm misbehave.
  2. This is not something I or my Mistress have any experience of but would like to try it and hear from others who have
  3. The purple strap in my avatar is holding a remote big dog trainer that fits on behind my cb6000s and works well, but is only used for a short period, maybe up to several hours
  4. How strong are the shocks from it
  5. 1-3 I do not feel, 4 feels like just a very slight pin prick and it works up to 10 and the higher ones will get your attention. the higher ones will get a reaction out of me. 10 is manageable but will make me stop and slightly pull back. Especially if I do not see her going for the button.
  6. Maybe sometime, at your leisure, you could provide a pic with it on and ready to go for those of who might be interested. Really seems like a harmless and fun way for her to control you, or at least get your attention, Right ?
  7. Hi
    first post here,
    I bought one of these shock collars a month or so ago, about £13 on ebay, exactly the same as more expensive "specialist sites".
    It has shock settings of 1-100, and vibrate setting for attracting attention.
    I bought it with the intention of handing control to my mistress on my next visit to provide her with some amusement.
    However, I tried it myself on level one and got the shock of my life! I havent played with it since and am genuinely scared of it and seriously considering handing it to Mistress. I really couldnt handle level 2.
    Maybe I have a rogue one.
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  8. Depends on where you put it, if the neck I think that the neck would be much more sensitive, and also, some cheap knock off might not be very well regulated... Try it against your leg and see if that is different.

    I will get better pictures of mine.
  9. Maid Julie thanks for the reply's , I would be very interested to see some more pictures
  10. If you get the style that works with a wire in the ground and you have a unfinished basement, you can fasten the wire upon the floor joists around the outside edge or where ever you want to run it. hook up the wire and energize it. go up stairs and turn on/put on the trainer and then anytime you cross or get to close to the wire, your in for a shock. check craigslist for a good price on a good used unit.
  11. here are the pictures, the adapter is so that it can be used without the cb and then the shock goes to the tip. mid settings on this one can cause leaking. a lock can go on the strap.

    Attached Files:

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  12. Thanks for pictures . I like the way you have put the contacts into the strap instead of just having them come out of the box, it makes more wear options. Its given me some ideas going to think about this but am definitely going to get one to play around with. Thank you
  13. Has anyone used a shock device along with a metal chastity device?
  14. The more metal, if on the shocking lead, the more area it has to spread out and be less intense.
    Now on to why I came back to this one.
    tied out spread eagle with only the trainer and blind fold on and set up with the tip plug being used. getting a lot of tease and denial and body contact. Also a bunch of low level shocks along with some other levels, this can actually get the pre cum flowing. then quickly removing the contact a harness and giving me mouth attention until a ruined o then quickly getting the harness back on the tip and giving me pot with the shocking and varying levels. Good thing I am secured to the bed.
  15. We have one of these. It's quite effective and has quite a long range so can be used from other rooms in the house
  16. So if I am getting this right, it is only for 'play time'? -not something to be worn long term? I like the idea of a locked strap, but isn't there an off/on button? My wife would have way too much fun with this kind of thing:eek:!
  17. On the neosteel page recently they added an option to incorporate one of these trainer devices. It would seem that they can be waterproof and somehow attached to some of the crotch modules. No details past that. This post reminded me. Anyone know anything past the info there? They suggest you email them with questions but... I am holding off for now.
  18. Yes mine is used for play time, but that can be several hours without any problems