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PERMANENT Titanium.... It is done

Discussion in 'Chastity and orgasm denial' started by Minas bitch, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. So I am now permanently locked into my 3d printed titanium chastity device.

    The device attaches with a titanium Prince Albert pin through the penis. I custom made a screw that when turned passed the screw being tight the shaft attached to the head breaks free leaving a flat stainless surface. Nothing to grab onto, no holes to insert anything into. To make sure I did not find a way to back the screw out I also set the screw into the device with loctite Red. It's not going anywhere.

    We took a video of the event so we could share it with the community and I will be posting it to Fetlife and I am going to try to post it to my tumblr Minasbitch.tumblr.com . Until I get that edited and up I have a few screen shots of the sequence. I'll also be posting on my tumblr some more after pics.

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  2. So how does it feel being kept in chastity by a blob of glue rather than a keyholder?.
  3. The full sequence. I got caught by the 3 min edit

    IMG_0236.JPG IMG_0237.JPG IMG_0238.JPG IMG_0240.JPG IMG_0239.JPG IMG_0241.JPG IMG_0242.JPG IMG_0243.JPG
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  4. It feels great knowing I will be chaste for my Domina for as long as it pleases her.
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  5. I did it while kneeling down in front of her. She helped by firmly digging her heel into my thigh as I did it kneeling in front of her.
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  6. Nice. Though it would have been more of a surprise if she'd done it to you.
  7. But you are chaste for a blob of glue and she cannot unlock you if it pleases her.
    The blob of glue doesn't care. About either of your feelings.
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  8. Your criticisms would be on the nail for couples where the chastity is about day-to-day control of lockup. However, they don't really apply here because Mina and @Minas bitch@Minas bitch clearly prefer him locked. It's similar to being collared or entering an open ended power exchange, and often is part of that.

    We're the same. Me being locked makes me my wife's slave and she likes me that way. She's not interested in my penis. She is interested in my submission. Since I am very kinky, I am more than happy with this. If she wanted me to lock "permanently", I would. I'm not sure she would even want to make a ritual out of it.
  9. Well done MB, and thanks for sharing. Nice work.

    I'd be interested to see a close-up of the head of the screw that's left. Assume you drilled off the sheared top edge to make it smooth?
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  10. Here you go!



    Fully stuck!
  11. Oh, there is a lot of metal around that pin. That is not going to cut off easy. When you show up n the emergency room they are going to cut through the head of your penis to get that device off. May your good health last for a long time:)
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  12. While I hope the same, I doubt he'd need to go as far as the fire department. Probably has most of these tools in the garage, if not under the bed. :D
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  13. I think he’s in for more than normal “let’s just cut this thing off”.

    Titanium can’t just be cut. If attempted it also heats up like crazy.

    There doesn’t seem like there is a way to get at the prong, and the screw is recessed and filed. Even getting it started by putting a new bite into it would be tricky and hazardous.

    I haven’t inspected the armory of an ambulance, but pretty sure that tools to delicately cut thru titanium are not right next to the jaws of life. No one is equipped or knowledgeable enough to remove that device but him, and even he will have some issues.

    I hope everything goes well for him.
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  14. Well the good news is no plans of attempting escape for the foreseeable future. I think in a true emergency the only way it is coming off is with a scalpel.

    So I was talking to someone a couple days ago and he said he was in a motorcycle accident. So they were in the ER and they had taken X-rays of his lower back. In the X-ray you could see the metal shape of his chastity device! He said that he got a few funny looks.

    At the end of the day even medically although there are definitely reasons to need it removed, many of them can be planned for. If not I probably have bigger issues to worry about than either a piece of titanim or 1cm of skin.

    Thanks @pokekey@pokekey and @Nicoftime@Nicoftime Cheers to good health!
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  15. Maybe you could be making a few more of these.

    You could have a market for them....;):);)
  16. Honestly, I think the biggest potential issue isn't with the chastity device itself, but the PA pin. If you ever need emergency surgery (hopefully never!), they'll need to catheterize you, and there's no room to do that with the PA pin in there. They may need to do a urethrotomy (ie: cut into the urethra from the outside) past the back edge of the cage.
  17. My thought exactly. I certainly won't criticize anyone's personal adult behavior, assuming it's consensual. (Lord knows my own fetish(es) would not be well received by most members of vanilla society, sitting here with my cock locked up and wearing pink frilly panties) But the fact that she doesn't have control of the situation seems to be a vastly different concept. May as well be castrated. (not that I'd criticize that either, if it's your thing).

    Now, there's no hoping/begging her for release. She can't order you to do something on the premise that it might buy you a release. The frustration disappears. Good luck with that, it's just not for me.

    Side note: the device itself looks great. work of art. If I am ever bold enough to get a PA, that's the look and style I'd be going for.
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  19. I think what you describe is the point...
  20. Everyone’s a critic.

    It’s a beautiful piece of metal, for one. And as far as I’m concerned his choice to affix it virtually permenatly is symbolic of the fact that his chastity isn’t predicated on how it makes him feel - losing the element of anticipation of release, or the accompanying frustration or the like takes a back seat. It’s a tribute to how it makes her feel. And we can assume she likes it, and wanted this, and thus it was the right decision, based on the right person’s happiness. And I’m sure giving her this gift is plenty fulfilling to him for that reason alone.
  21. 1. Good luck having an emergency MRI
    2. Good luck having any sort of medical emergency that needs removal
    3. Good luck being denied by an inanimate piece of metal, as opposed to your partner who now has zero control over you

    Not judging, honestly wishing you good luck.