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Permanent chastity

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by shadowman6, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. Hot read - but not sure I could do it ...
  2. I think it's permanent as in "the window was nailed shut permanently". It's the intent that matters, not the possibility that it may have to be opened from time to time. Perhaps we need a better name for it.

    Otherwise, practicality depends on the device. The OP's device looks as if it would need no cleaning, though I don't know about the effect on the piercing. Something like my surgical nylon cage seems wearable indefinitely. I've managed a month with no apparent issues...

    Regarding teasing and edging. Some of us don't want to be the centre of attention. Pleasuring my wife turns me on almost as intensely as edging would. As long as our dynamic is "live" I'm happy to remain chaste for long periods. I suspect I'm not alone in this.
  3. It’s funny how reality mixes in with fantasy, we get so close to one but the reality of it is impossible.

    For example, thru all of this open dialogue and communication I have given her more than just control of my sexual life but also given her many secrets. Secrets she could use to control me even more. Attire, cleaning her up, she’s pegged me a few times, knows my size, grooming habits, and wearing the cage...all are very embarrassing and life altering information she could threaten to share. Here is the rub...if I didn’t completely trust her, would I have shared this knowledge with her? If there was any chance at all that she would hurt me like that, would I have opened up like that and shared my true self to her?

    So yes it’s exciting that I have given her so much of me, knowing she could wield that power any way she wanted, but the reality is, I knew before I told her anything that she would never hurt me. Same with permanent chastity. Yes it’s exciting that she could forever decide that she wants to keep you wanting, wants to keep you under her thumb, but the reality is you probably wouldn’t have expressed or given her such power if you weren’t sure she wouldn’t abuse it. Knowing that she has your best interest at heart.
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  4. i think its silly saying you has to be seal away and cant ever ever get out of your cage cos really you cud if you want and you cud run off and get a hammer or something and break it off or get a saw and do it. and then you wud has to find another house and live there.