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Penis size

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by edgedontcum, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. i know a lot of us males are obsessed with penis size, mostly because we believe we are below average or average at best, or want to be smaller than we already are...Many years ago, i measured my erect penis, and i measured 5.2 inches. This was on the topside from pubic area to tip of penis without pushing the ruler in to the soft area of the pubis. A couple of months ago, i measured again, and now it is 4.3 inches, and measured the same way, erect. i have gained a bit of weight since those years ago when i measured and i guess that is the reason...but not a lot of weight. Perhaps as we age, it naturally retracts or something? Anyway, i was telling my wife that i was sure i was over 5 inches, and when we measured it, a few times, it was 4.3. She just laughed..as She could actually care less, as we don't have intercourse, and She is not all that interested in my penis anyway.
  2. Actually, because of my wife's problems, she has only ever complained that I am too big and it just hurts. That's one of the things that led to her desire for my chastity. I'm really not that big (maybe about the same size as you), but she has never liked my size.
  3. average size is a matter of debate though one would think measuring it would be quite easy. what happens to it over time is another issue. this is the part most here will not like to hear at all. the penis is a use it or lose it tool. some say it shrinks with age but usage slows with age as well... for most anyway. i know that many believe chastity does not shrink the penis but consider transsexuals who take hormones which kills their libido. the problem is they have no hard ons. the penis is not exercised and therefore shrinks as much as 60% . you would not think much of that since they don't want the penis anyway except they need it to make their new vagina. so when the penis shrink so does the available material for the vagina. if you start out with 6 inches and you lose 3.6 inches your vagina will be 2.4 inches deep. this is a very real problem for transsexuals. they are told to use it as often as possible so when it comes time for surgery they have enough to work with. it's the only real study based on lack of use shrinkage and not having enough for a vagina can ruin the whole point. so if your worried about shrinkage take it out ten times a day and get it hard. no pleasure required just exercise.
    ma'ats measure the penis and testicles of their puck every week too make sure they are being properly exercised. surprisingly enough testicles shrink long before the penis does. testicles grow back in size by reducing the hormones and increasing use. penises never recover what they lose so the testicles are the first warning sign and we take immediate action to stop penis shrinkage before it happens.
    for the record book some ma'ats intentionally shrink the puck's penis because it is too big for them. one puck went from 7.5 to 6 in short order not to mention an inch in girth. the ma'at said it was now her favorite toy. we joked that it all went to his breasts........as they increased an inch and a half during the same time period.
  4. For me it's a catch 22 scenario. Yes it has shrunk from 4 to 3.5, but given enough time unlocked am certain it would return to normal...catch...it's not unlocked long enough for that to happen.

    Going from 4 to 3.5 inches isn't exactly changing the experience though so we are just fine keeping things the way they are. Things might change when we are trying to conceive and I'm out a bit more often.
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  5. we can always depend on you for a new perspective..... keep them coming
  6. When we married my wife thought I was too big for her mouth and vagina. She was 4' 11" and 80 lbs. when we married. She liked to show me off to her unmarried friends and got them into our bed to have a threesome with us so they could have sex with me. Now sometimes I cannot find it. It retracts into my body. Weight gain forms a pad that covers some of your penis and I have medical issues that keep it soft most of the time.

    Just a few days ago I took a viagra at my wife's urging and I only could manage 5". I used to be almost 7" and on my then 114 lb. frame, made it seem even larger. Yet flaccid it easily fits into a 1 1/4" chastity cage. We stopped having intercourse about 20 years ago. A combination of our BDSM play, my wife's girlfriend who was sexually dominating me and making my wife her wife plus medical issues after my wife had a few surgeries down there and hip problems that caused intercourse to be painful. What started as sexual domination eventually turned into a physical impossibility. So as my wife says, my penis is not needed. She mostly uses her vibrator with my tongue reserved for special occasions as a treat for me. I cannot compete with a vibrator but sometimes come close.

    So yes, your penis does shrink with age and weight gain. I am living proof of that and hence chastity was perfect for our situation.