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Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by Zeb6, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. Very easily and often.
    She never had any problems or difficulties with it the only realistic downside she ever mentioned was that she thought she ought to have had one a long time ago.

    Her unrealistic downsides were that she could not comfortably leave it in all day and only have it become erect when needed .....and it was not self-lubricating and the size at both ends should be adjustable according to her mood at the time

    I can only imagine what life might have been like had those fantasises become realities.
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  2. So the revolver, strapless dildo didn't produce any orgasms,.for.us
  3. Yes pegging can be fun. My first experience was with a gal I met on line. I was on a trip through her area and took a couple extra days to take her to a casino in the area and of course a shared bed. I have a lot of trouble cumming so to me Pegging along with some cross dressing helps to heighten the experience. I wore nylons garter and a bra and she just bent me over and worked over my rear. It must have worked cause cumming was not a problem. She didnt use a harness though. My new gal she pegs me on occasion and she dont use either of the harnesses that I purchased. Not sure why but it sure can get the job done. Good luck
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  4. Hell yes.
    My fingers, tongue or her feeldoe in me and of course combinations of all 3 were the only ways she ever orgasmed.
    And through being pegged was the only way she let me cum.

    It was only for a few months... a very unique experience.
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