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Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by Zeb6, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. Here is a link to the blog: http://peggingparadise.com/blog/
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  2. I am a little ass slut that loves to be pegged but my wife rarely gives it to me because I rarely earn it.
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  3. Sounds like it was a great workout for the both of you although you probably burnt a few more calories than he did. Bet he is still thinking about it.:)
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  4. Cool, I'll check it out!
  5. i wish my wife would peg me......
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  6. I have a beautiful, big dick that I peg DH with. The harness is the problem. It's a bit wobbly. I need a solid harness. I purchased some suspenders to help hold it up. We'll see how that goes. It also chafes a bit. For the first time in my life, I understand penis envy. I feel extremely powerful and turned on when I'm fucking him with the strap on.
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  7. Got pegged in the cage for the first time last week and it was something else. Ended up being quite a milking session as well, which we didn't expect. She used a nice harness with a 9" inch. Haven't earned the opportunity for another, but I can't wait. Left me nice and sore to.
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  8. My goddess love to peg me, she gets so turned on, she will then start talking dirty while she is riding my arse. So hot!!!
    We have a Doc Johnson Vac-U lock.

    When I'm caged she will sometimes make me us it on her, Torture:D
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  9. I have been pegged in the past, but I've never had a truly spectacular experience. That doesn't mean I'm not still hopeful of a great experience in the future. Especially as my time in chastity goes longer and longer.

    I've been looking for locals to serve as a pegging bottom. So far no luck. But hopefully soon.
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  10. Pegging is our normal (regular) sex. Slut simply loves it, along with the fact that I can orgasm or "leak" heavily from the stimulation. Higher end products seem to work the best. Buy a $50 kit and she ends up holding the dong so much she may as well just have a dong and no strap. The best ones have the dong ridding low so she can thrust like a man, rather than having the dong at almost hip level, as most cheaper kits do. Hip level straps force her to mover her entire body rather than thrusting naturally. As for size....I'm married to a size queen so...............
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  11. We got into it a while back, and again recently as we've gotten back into chastity after piercing. I'm always kinda scared going in, which heightens the whole thing. And due to my own bondage weirdness I really do need to be tied, even superficially, for it to be as pleasurable as it can be. Like so much else, it's got to feel essentially forced for it to be a natural turn on for me. And just over short time we've dabbled in this @Thatgirl@Thatgirl has gone from tentative (mostly because I'm a big baby) to quite rough. Someone recently asked why so many pegging vids have the guy as a whimpering mess - but that's totally me. The best is when I gasp "ok wait!" and she just says "'no" (she's not a talker). Idk why. Again, I think that momentary actual loss of control really triggers me. Thankfully she knows me well and can tell the difference between that and a serious "stop" even without words.

    Plus, We've had little success milking. The rough, bound pegging play seems to be the closest to actually getting it done. I certainly made a mess the three times this week we did it. Other weird thing is I've little desire at all for it unless I've been locked a long while (for us that's a week or so).

    Out of curiosity, and I think somewhat on-subject; those of you pegged / milked - what does it feel like down there? I THINK it bears an uncanny resemblance to pissing, which I think is what's made it so difficult for me to allow it really happen at at once rather than in little dribbles. Been meaning to ask that, but it's not a subject I'm 100% comfortable with yet.

    Btw - @Thatgirl@Thatgirl needs to post the new dong she got that is legitimately awesome. She loves it. LOVES IT. And it was better when she used it on me than anything else she's used before. And cheap...

    As usual, apologies for the length. I've never written a short email in my life. Sorry.
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  12. @Thatguyontheinternet@Thatguyontheinternet 's PA has finally healed fully and we are on day 9 of a 10 day lockup (long time for both of us) in his cheap chinese cage. We are going to be trying the Evotions again after tomorrow to see how well it works for the edema. So during his most recent lockup, I have pegged him 3 times. Each time he ends up dripping, but I am not quite sure it would be coined a successful milking. My guy is a big baby when it comes to pegging (he is a manly-man so pegging is quite a submissive thing for him to participate in.) He describes the feeling when I hit the prostate as "on the edge." or "feeling like I have to pee." I would assume this is normal, but I would really like to figure out how to get him to go over the edge so he can finish while caged - then I will never have to unlock him, haha! Who am I kidding?! I LIKE his dick, the PA feels AMAZING, so ladies if your guy doesn't have one, GET HIM ONE! As time goes on, I am getting better at being assertive and verbal (I am not like this naturally) so it's actually becoming quite fun for me - bringing out that side of myself that I have never seen before.

    These are the two things I used:

    Cal Exotic LOVE RIDER HIPSTER HARNESS (Can move some so may want to use under a pair of unzipped shorts.)
    Veiny George 7 Inch Dildo

    I also use this once in awhile:

    Pipedream Products Fetish Fantasy Elite 7" Vibrating Penetrix Dildo

    And this is great as well:

    California Exotic Novelties 7-function Silicone Love Rider Wild Butterfly
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  13. DO you have a link to the higher end kit? I have a $80 Vac-U-Lock kit and the harness is not comfortable at all.
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  14. it is like peeing.
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  15. Spare parts, RodeoH, and ASLAN Leather are all supposed to be quality products. I'll be honest and say we have not tried them all. I think these are like anything, the same device may not be as comfortable for one lady as it will for the next., also not all of our ladies are shaped the same. May I suggest you determine what features you wish and go from there. I know my bride considers a harness that keeps the dong in place and is comfortable to wear as top criteria. She says features like an open crotch, and so forth, mean little if the dong pulls away or the harness is a pity to wear.

    I feel a little funny recommending anything as I'm not the one who wears them, lol. What little I know is from helping research them and what my wife has shared about her experience using them. I asked her about this topic and she recommends that you not go cheap and do your research. She did a good bit of reading and had to sort through a lot of Google junk to find good information but no longer has links to those sources saved.

    Slut isn't much of a researcher (that's me, I need to know everything) but she did on this topic and said it gave her the tools she needed to make good choices. I hope you have the same positive results. She isn't much for forum boards or social media but has expressed some interest in joining CM. If she does join I'll be sure to direct her to this topic.
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  16. I understand the comments saying a milking feels like peeing. I find it somewhat similar but far more intense and far more pleasurable. There is a sharp warmth that starts in your prostrate and moves through your penis, you can feel the cum working it's way out. Sometimes it makes me moan and sometimes it just feels very nice. Describing something that has few parallels is difficult. I do know this, from the first time until the latest it has always felt amazing and has never once left me satisfied like an orgasm does. The perfect thing for another session of "you don't cum".
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  17. As @CumboylovesSlut said the Spare Parts brand are very good ... I have personal experience with them and they fit well and work well.
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  18. One of my ex partners used a feeldoe on me her favourite thing to do was wake me up by pegging me face down flat on the bed first thing in a morning, sometimes two or three times a week. She would screw me till she came then let me help her shower, wash and condition her hair, dry her then wrap her in a dressing gown that had been in the dryer. I'd make breakfast whilst she dressed for work. She'd usually pass some comment like poor baby you never had a chance to even try tto get hard. Never mind maybe another time. Not that getting hard was a realistic possibility whilst caged.

    If she screwed me any other time I'd usually be on all fours and she'd fuck me till she had come two or three times and I'd maybe started to leak a little. Then she'd let me go down on her until she come a few more times and or then just stroke her till she fell asleep.

    There was never any question of me getting to come. I did not want to. I loved to see her fall asleep looking so content and knowing that I'd helped her do that.
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  19. So, she was able to cum using the feeldoe?
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  20. Oh pegging.. Not been pegged recently :( but omg. We have three different realistic dildos and Mistress has used them all on me. we bought a male strap on harness with an inbuilt dildo but it was too big for me but great in Mistresses pussy.. And then we bought an estim dildo...

    Lucy x
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  21. Have been pegged by @Mistress Amanté@Mistress Amanté several times and have enjoyed it very much. It's as close as a man can get to submission imo.

    First time I really thought she was going to make me cum in my cage! Second time was not as smooth but still fun. She has told me another session is coming soon, I hope she will assert herself much like @Thatgirl@Thatgirl has and her dominant switch gets flipped. She too is not all that vocal but she isn't shy either so hoping she enjoys and gets into taking me, even roughly.

    We use a leather harness that can fit two of needed. One on top and my cage on the bottom for when I'm fucking her, or top ring empty and toy on bottom for when she fucks me.
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  22. I'd love to be bound and pegged, I've even been tempted to find a man to mount me !
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  23. Hi,
    I can tell you from experience that my wife find it difficult to hold her side in and have a nice session. The idea of strap free is nice, but the reality is that she has to focus so much on holding her side in that it kills the mood !
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  24. I gust got the Revolver, its like the feel doe but a little thicker, which is good, and a whole lot cheaper. The first thing Idid was to shove it down my throat, to see how it fit. It was a tight fit and I had to force it down, it says its six inches insertablle but its a big thick six. I haven't gotten pegged with it yet, but maybe Friday.
    I may be bound have my bald busted a bit , get paddled, then pegged.
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  25. My biggest hope is that she can get some stimulation that can produce orgasms for her. With the regular strap on nobody cums so we never know when we are finished . It also has a bullet vibrator . I think it cost about 26$