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Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by Zeb6, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. I was just wondering how often you get pegged, and what your getting pegged with. My mistress has a ten inch strap on, but doesn't peg me until after I'm bound, and at her mercy.
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  2. At one point my wife had an interest in this and even bought a kit but it never happened.
    I'm an adventurous and ok with it and if she decides to try it one day then we will give it a try and if she enjoys it (regardless if I dont) we can continue.
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  3. Oh my, a first timer.
    I bought a 18" doubleheader, I thought that I was ready. My girl insisted on binding me first , and if she hadn't I would have never been able to go through with it not if I had any choice. But I had no choice and no ability to stop her. That thing was way too big to fit in my ass, and I know that I was in trouble, even though she kinda took it a little I was screaming and begging, but it didn't seem to matter. She said that I was her bitch and that she would fuck me however she wants.
    I hope your first time is as good as mine was
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  4. Seeing the word "pegging" reminds me of the time in the 60's that I was in jail. Back then a lot of men had fought in the ww11 or Korea .
    I was 16 years old and several of these older guys used to tease me saying I'd do well in a " peg house " .It turned out a peg house was a place where boys worked as prostitutes, the wall had wooden pegs of different sizes , and the client would choose one that was the size of his cock . From there he would be shown boys to choose from .
    Being young and innocent , there were several men " taking me under their wing" Strangely none wanted to fuck me or have me blow them. Instead they wanted to suck my cock instead.
    It never happened , I got used to their " joking" and listened to all the stories they told as they sat around swapping tales.
    Another thing they mentioned was a brothel with women ( I think) but you only got sucked off, this was called ( the way it sounds) a suckahotchy. I think they were in Japan.
    Anyway I hope no one minds this little off topic trivia .
  5. I like to think pegging is good exercise :p
  6. stretches the muscles I guess.....gulp
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  7. I dunno but after hitting the prostate with my aneros it's like a new "Achievement" has been unlocked lol.

    If it ever happens with us I'm in trouble as my wife likes BIG toys lol.
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  8. Yes I have been told that it's like a work out
  9. We have the kit but it hasn't happened yet. I am 'interested' but not rushing into anything. I do know that my sexuality has developed in the past ten months from craving penis based stimulation to absolutely loving it when my Wife stimulates my bottom and the root of my penis between my buttocks. I am sure it is only a matter of time before my Wife sees more information about pegging given her involvement here in the mansion and our shared Tumblr. I think I would rather let her decide whether she wants to try knowing that I am interested.
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  10. What's in the kit, how big is the strap on?
  11. I'm not going daft like you did first time! Mine is much more normal sized. Pain is not something that my Mistress is interested in.
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  12. We've been into for years as part of BDSM play, we have a few different dildo's / vibrators depending on her mood but none of them are huge. We do it for pleasure, not punishment or pain. Feeling her pound into me is pure bliss!
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  13. I want to experience the role reversal that this would give us. For years I was the one entering her when we made love. Now I want her to be the one entering me. I would love to buy her one of those pegging dildos that enter and stimulate her so that she could orgasm as well, but that at the moment is on our wish list. The ultimate shame is that she won't feel me the way that I feel her on those rare occasions she lets me inside.
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  14. We are working on it. Started with the normal prostate vibe, now working to taking her Feeldoe. Soon.
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  15. I was thinking about a Feeldoe too. But see mixed reviews. We first got the double header, because it is more versatile.
  16. Might I suggest the Revolver Strapless Dildo. My KH and I use the one with a vibrator. She also wears a SpareParts panty harness.
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  17. So far the Feeldoe fits best, since She is a BBW, and most of those "one size fits all" fits few.
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  18. Just take it slow and lube very well. You can actually cause damage and this seems little mentioned.
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  19. If keeping the "strapless" in place is an issue, as Curelle stated SpareParts brand of harnesses is a great way to allow her to not worry and be able to really "fuck" ... I know not everyone is into vigorous pegging action, but on the times that you are and you have a strapless, SpareParts is the answer.
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  20. SpareParts offers several types of cuts of panty and several types of sizes for each cut. So, it is not a "one size fits all" option. We purchased the TOMBOI from a local adult store so we could check out the sizes before buying (this store lets you open packages under supervision). Here is their website: https://www.myspare.com/ The RodeoH is also an option, but I do not have experience with them. Here is their website: http://rodeoh.com/

    The KH and I found that her muscles were not quite strong enough to keep the strapless in place, hence use of the panty harness. She also found the panty harness to be much more comfortable than a strap-on harness and easier to put on and remove. SpareParts is machine washable too, just have to hang or lay flat to dry.

    We did a little research before we settled on the Revolver over the Feeldoe. We found the Revolver was both better priced and better reviewed. It also met our particular needs.
  21. I agree! I was pegging my husband several days ago pretty hard for about 10-15 minutes. I guess I was using muscles I don't usually use because the next day I was very sore. Great workout!
    (I can only imagine he was a little sore too the next day even though he didn't say a word). :D:cool:
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  23. If people are looking for good information on pegging there is a podcast called peggers paradise, I listen to a lot of podcasts' and this one is produced and presented to a very high standard. I will be asking my wife to try pegging sometimes but I am not holding out much hope.
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  24. while we were on vacation we had a great pegging time . The Miss finally really enjoyed her self . She said she wasn't scared and I took a full 7 inches balls deep for the first time .She uses an Aslan harness
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