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Peeing sitting down

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by demale, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Obviously it makes sense if you're caged. I am not (medication has made me permanently limp so my wife doesn't see the need), but I still pee like a lady does. No mess and no stained undies. It was my first step to being feminized and everything that has followed seems perfectly rational.
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  2. I got so used to having to because of the cage, that even on the rare occasion when I am unlocked I sit to pee without even thinking about it.
  3. Since it's the first thing I do every day it reinforces my wife's message that I no longer am a real man.
  4. If that's what she wants, then that would be a good thing, right?

    My wife doesn't really care, she finds it amusing I guess. But if your wife finds it a positive sign of what she wants for you, then be glad that you are pleasing her.
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  5. She views it as a very positive sign of my willingness to become more feminine in everything I do.
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  6. Strange question... i've never done it any other way all my life... how could you read something standing up?
  7. If I'm caged I sit because that's practical. If I'm going somewhere it's not going to be practical to sit, like a pub crawl, I'm uncaged.

    Never thought of it as feminising.
  8. Not from a male perspective, perhaps. But for my wife, peeing sitting down was a primary and elemental lesson in the difference between men and women. Once you have given up the habit of urinating while standing it is easier to give up other male prerogatives. My wife's feminizing regimen is subtle and gradual, but undeniably effective.
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  9. It would seem really really strange to pee standing up. Have sit for so long. Don't know if I could do it standing up...... Yes it does remind me of the sissy I am but that is what I am.
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  10. Peeing standing up now seems unnatural to me. Sitting down reminds me that I am being feminized and no longer male.
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  11. I stopped to get gas in the car yesterday, and I had to pee. There was no way I could wait until I got home--though I wanted to, and thought about it since I'm caged. I went into the mensroom. Luckily it wasn't awful, but I didn't want to sit on the dirty seat so I had to kinda squat and pee. As I did, panties between my knees, I thought about how my wife has no choice in the matter. Practical or not I don't have a choice now either. I also thought about the many times she has come out of an icky dirty bathroom complaining about how hard it was to pee. Before I was caged I always sat to pee at home, but when I was out I stood. Now I sit all the time.
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  12. Indeed. Peeing like a woman was my first step in learning how think and behave like a woman and understand female challenges. Feminization begins on the inside.
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  13. Even from just a hygene perspective, it's just better. No spatter. Easier to clean. It's just more sanitary. I live alone, and trust me, if you do your own cleaning, it's a no-brainer.
  14. Exactly so. One of many benefits of becoming feminine.
  15. My Mistress recently bought me a much higher pair of hi heels
    And I find it so difficult to sit and pee
    Because my hips and back are being pushed much higher
    Arching my pelvis in a different way
    I find myself needing to sit much more forward
    The feeling of my womanhood is in full force
    Looking at my panties around my ankles
    I also find my garter straps pulling much more across my ass cheeks and thighs
    Pulling my stockings

    My Mistress told me I will get used to it and live her every day life

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  16. And don't forget to wipe front to back, darling. Every girl knows that,
  17. Sitting to pee is one of the most basic feminine traits! Wiping front to back keeps from accidentally smearing poop into your clitty area!

    Since I do our housework, I find it disgusting when one of my son's come over, stand to pee and spatter urine all over the place. I can't beleive that I was that crude for so many years. Also, I've read that, if a lady is wearing heels when she sits on the john, it forces a better position for your rectum to void itself. That is whey, if African countries, they use their "squatty potty" and have fewer intestinal problems.
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  18. Of course
  19. I also pee sitting down, even if I'm uncaged.
  20. It does become a natural and a pleasant habit.
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