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Part 5 ~ The best thing about the future is it only comes one day at a time...

Discussion in 'Mistress Watchful's Blog Archive' started by Mistress Watchful, Jan 1, 2009.

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  1. Well, Bull has disappeared! He said he wanted to offer me some advice on things I'd been going through, I said "OK" and he disappeared.

    Well actually it's not even been 24 hours but there were a few things that pet was feeling a bit iffy about, and now I'm wondering the same.

    He's probably out of town on business, or maybe he has a life!!! Heaven forbid!

    pet's xmas pressie turned up today, and I was so excited I decided to give it to him.

    A zentai suit with crotch holes, breast holes and a mouth hole! Good for torturing nipples, putting a penis gag in and teasing his locked cock! BUT it didn't fit!

    Suppliers are being really helpful though, so I will do a review once we get the right size.

    Took my two daughters to see St Trinians 2 this evening and laughed all the way through at the FemDomme connotations which flew over most people's heads! Maybe I'm just twisted and depraved now and everything seems kinky.
  2. Kris will be so jealous when he reads what you got Pet. Kris has wanted a zentai suit for ages, damn financials getting in the way though.
  3. Look out for the review in the next few days when we get the right size, it was only 34.99 and pet LOVES it!

    4 Him 4 Her - They do other bits too, including a clear female chastity belt!

    Had a little bit of fun last night. Whilst at the cinema with my girlies I was thinking about all sorts of things I wanted to do when I got home, but as we all know, planning is never a good idea.

    I got home to find pet had not done a couple of things, silly things, but important details to me. This put me in a bit of a mood, so I just sat playing on my laptop waiting for him to ask me if I wanted something to eat or a drink... he didnt and was totally oblivious to my needs. I knew he was horny and obviously that was clouding his perception.

    I explained why I was in a mood, so pet got a bit upset and went to fetch me some of my latest passion, olives, feta cheese and wine! Yum.

    By this time it was getting late and starting to get cold. I knew there was no way I was going to be dressing up in skimpy outfits and doing all the things I wanted to so I decided to call it a night, put on my fluffy pyjamas and snuggled down.

    Because I can never make my mind up (Lol) I took my bottoms off, made pet take his off and push my naked bottom half up against his cage. He was immediately all over me, and I figure I was in the mood for some teasing, and I was still annoyed about all the little things that hadnt been done.

    I found the key, unlocked the padlock and let him remove the device.

    I pulled him straight on top of me and said no cumming. He cheekily asked you or me. Not the best thing to say really.

    Ive said many times before that pet is awesome in bed, I love having sex with him, but goodness knows what was going on in his head last night. I began to get wound up at how useless he was being and started giving instructions, telling him he really needed to be watching someone else do it properly. Of course, pet loved every minute of it as he struggled and struggled not to cum.

    In the end he just couldnt fuck me any more, so I told him to lie on his back, and I sat firmly on his face whilst he licked away. I turned myself round so that I could play with his cock, and edged him a couple of times whilst he licked, moaned, panicked... it was fun, I was feeling quite devilish.

    I turned back around so I could hold onto the headboard and proceeded to fuck his face as hard as I could, REALLY hard. I dont think Ive ever really been that forceful in that position and for some reason it was not only turning me on, but helped kick in my Domme side. He was struggling, so I pulled his hands above his head and held them as tight as I could, tighter and tighter the harder I fucked...

    After a wonderful, long, hard orgasm, I jumped off, flipped him onto his stomach and slapped his bare butt cheeks, HARD, twice.

    He was not happy, not happy at all. I wondered if Id pushed things a little too far for him, but to be honest it was nothing compared to the thrashing and fucking I would have given him if wed been home alone.

    I sat to his side, hugged him, told him I loved him, and kissed him gently until he started to relax a bit more. Then back to cock stroking.

    I brought him to the edge a few more times, all the while discussing if he wanted to cum or not, forcing his legs down when he tried to bring his knees up to move me away and stop himself cumming. In the end I gave him the option lock it back up and go to sleep, or cum and lick it up.

    A few more times edging and he was really struggling with the decision. In the end he decided to be locked back up.

    We snuggled down to sleep. I know I was blissfully happy, and pet seems fairly disorientated, which is how I like to keep him!
  4. MW rock on as they say. Sounds like you are turning into a wonderfully skilful Domme. Keep him on the edge till he gets it right, kinda like the Pavlovian(?) thing. After a while he will be bothering you to bring you a drink or something to eat. It sounds like both You and Charolette are enjoying yourselves. :happy0030:

    Sorry to hear about your Bull/fuckbuddy but i am sure he will be back. Who could resit your beauty and charm?

    i really enjoy when you and Charlotte write about the same experience. You both experienced the same thing at the same time and yet the description is completely different.

    MM's sweetpea
  5. You're right Rachel.

    I got in from work last night and was offered a drink straight away. The bathroom was immaculate, the bedroom was also lovely and tidy, and the research I'd asked pet to do on piss gags was beautifully written up and emailed to me... was a very enjoyable read too.

    We didn't play too much last night. I put on a new dress I'd treated myself too (peekaboo pics below) and put pet in a collar and cuffs combination with the intention of fucking him with my strap on. Unfortunately the strap on wasn't being co-operative and we gave up on that game!

    I needed an early night anyway, but I think pet was struggling with the little bit of fucking he did receive and me being all dressed up.

    He is back to being super-attentive right now, sometimes pestering... so I've reigned that in!

    We have a busy couple of days ahead so I don't expect too much fun on the horizon, but we'll see.

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  6. Heh, well done MW! :)

  7. MW, those pictures are almost as lovely as you and yes they are artistic ;-). As a photographer I really like the one on the right although both are great.
  8. Mainly family time going on right now. :tortoise:

    I have been teasing pet with my feet every so often. In fact he is just about to bring me a martini and massage my feet as they are very hot now after today's trip out in the snow.

    I'm tempted to send him out for some ginger root to help keep him warm this evening, but that can wait for another day, I want him here massaging my feet! :smilies_xxx22:
  9. i think you took a little too much liking to the ginger root MW. Remember to microwave or soak it in some hot water first. Sorry Charlotte, ah not really,lol.

    MM's sweetpea
  10. Thanks for reminding me Rachel, you're such a whizz in the kitchen, an asset to any household!

    I... have... butterflies!!!!!

    Potential Alpha Male #... oh crumbs what number are we up to now! LOL!

    Quite an intriguing guy. Looks quite scary in a horny sort of way. No messing around! Conversation went from "I like your profile" to "I will use a condom to reassure you in early days, here's my phone nuber" in about 9 steps!

    He's from FetLife and has nothing on his profile, so it's time to start digging into his likes and dislikes whilst we get round to setting up a vanilla meeting after Xmas.

    Wish me luck!
  11. Mmmm...Mistress Watchful, You just described two of dollyanne's favorite things--olives & feta! Put them in a Greek salad, add a glass of wine, & voila--heaven!

  12. Good luck, Mistress! Dollyanne would be suspicious of a blank profile, but maybe he is new there and just hasn't filled one out yet. Please exercise caution--dolly knows You will--but at the same time, have fun!

    Curtsey & Merry Christmas,
  13. Quick post, but I have a lot to tell! (Feels like a lot anyway).

    Bull is in a relationship (for heaven's sake!!!) but apparently she knows (possible hope then). Still very unforthcoming on the information about prior play which is making alarm bells ring.

    Play last night (hooray!) I will go into detail later but apparently I'm no longer allowed to buy ginger, never allowed to go back to America, and Ms Michelle is to be banned from the site for being a bad influence! :haha4:
  14. Well MW sounds like all went well.

    MM's sweetpea
  15. Wow MW. Sounds like you had an amazing play session!!!! Can't wait to hear the details.
  16. Hey now....I just supply the knowledge....I didnt buy the ginger for you...LMAO

    Mistress Michelle

  17. Exactly, HE bought it and HE carved it.... How can either You or I be to blame?!

    Grrr... kids are away and we're rushing around like mad things and I really want to play again!

    It's not helping that somewhere, in the post, are 3 floggers/cats, 1 full zentai body suit, and a new double ended strap on dildo.

  18. I need to sit down and update this before it all goes out of my mind!

    No kids in the house! *woot woot* which means we can be as noisy as we like! Marvellous!

    I got home from work fairly late last night. pet removed my boots, played with my feet, fetched me a Baileys and started to cook my dinner.

    I had planned to get dressed up and play in the living room, but pet seemed keen to get to bed. I knew he'd been working far to hard on the site, so I figured we'd have a little playtime and then snuggle up.

    Earlier in the day he'd been to the supermarket and asked if I needed anything. I told him to go and buy a nice big piece of ginger root. He knew what for. He seemed halfway between terrified and excited.

    6 days in chastity and he was more than happy to do as I asked.

    I told him to go and fetch the root and explained he needed to carve it into a butt plug. He sat at the dining room table, carving away, grumbling about various things. I left him to it and went to put on (yet another) new outfit!

    I put my dressing gown on so he couldn't see, munched down my dinner and then decided it was playtime.

    I removed my gown to reveal my new outfit. Lavender blue crotchless panties, peephole bra and a flirty little skirt to match. Amazing how slutty can look classy these days! pet seemed to approve and tried instantly to get my nipples into his mouth. Oh no I said, and made him get on all fours.

    Again he moaned and grumbled, and I started stroking the ginger round his hole. I realised it was farrrrr too big and popped downstairs to do a little more carving. By the time I got back, pet was none to pleased with the mild burning sensations.

    Not perturbed, and pet still sticking his butt in the air and wriggling it, I figured that was a green light to keep playing.

    This time I managed to insert the ginger and pet talked me through the sensations. He didn't use his safeword, but I figured he was struggling and removed the ginger after a very short time.

    He got very annoyed and asked me what he could do to stop the burning. "Ummm, nothing!" I giggled. By this time it was becoming apparent that pet was really REALLY not happy, so I took him off to the bathroom and also removed his CB.

    He stood in the shower, with the cool jet on shouting various bits of abuse about vegetables, America, Ms Michelle, and me being an evil person! :character0028: All of which I found highly amusing.

    When we went back to bed I figured a fuck was in order. Hooded pet up and told him to fuck me for all he was worth. "Can I cum" he asked, "only if you clean up" was my reply.

    Lots of lovely fucking ensued, I kept wrapping my feet up round pet's neck, or lowering them and running them round by his balls, or along his legs. Eventually he gave in, thrust a few more times and came loud and hard.

    I didn't give him any time to fully enjoy the experience, pulled the hood off (to much protestation!) and forced his head between my legs.

    I must say I was VERY proud. He did an awesome job of clean up and then bringing me to a lovely hard, loud orgasm.

    This whole scene sent me over the edge and I knew I just wanted to spank the life out of him.

    Out came tiff's long handled paddle and I warmed up pet's rear end. He struggled and rolled over onto his back. I told him that was a foolish thing to do and lightly tapped his balls with the paddle. He turned back over and I continued to "pop" at his butt.

    After a while it again became clear something was wrong. I sat him up and gave him a long hug, and he looked like he was going to start crying. We hugged and hugged and discussed the importance of using a safeword.

    He said he was just feeling very emotional and very tired. This usually happens when we finally get rid of the kids! One or both of us is super tired but pushes through to make the most of the situation.

    I'm left feeling a little rattled, and pet is obviously not very happy right now... notice the absence of blogging on his part. :spider:
  19. It sounds like a lovely time to me. I imagine pet was just not in the ideal head space, given all the chaos of the Holidays. I think your conversation about safewords was a good one. It's all about communication and he needs to let you know if things are REALLY not working.

    I'd pay good money to see video of him running for the shower to hose the ginger juice off his backside! lol. I tried ginger once, and found it totally uninteresting. It was a little warm, but nothing more for me. I literally left it up there for an hour with nothing more than a warm sensation. Odd others have such a strong reaction!

  20. mmmm, how delicious. i so need to be on the receiving end of a paddle! thanks for sharing!
  21. Mistress Watchful, I can see how he would get upset, chastity is such a wild ride emotionally. It really takes a lot out of you and is a struggle to maintain, that being said...maybe you need to remind him of just how lucky he is. There are many men who would give just about anything for their partner to offer the "play" evening that you outlined. I know I would, hope he gets over his emotions and that you two have a happy new year!
  22. Just a quickie this morning! (Blog that is!)

    Looking back I think it was all about stress and timing. pet has said that he was happy with everything that happened, but was very tired and we both felt under pressure to play.

    I think he's also scared of me now, in an affectionate "I'm happy you're in charge" kind of way, which is lovely.

    We're both very happy with how things are progressing, so all's well and good in the Watchful Household.

    I will also say that from some of the responses that I've been reading to our current "pain problem" (LOL) you would think I thrashed him within an inch of his life! Actually, I tapped him about 5 times!

    I have heeded everyone's advice though, so next time I will be able to improve!
  23. MW, I'm with your pet on those "vegetables". But shouting things about the US is uncalled for. Please be sure to bring your pet on your next trip to the States and maybe we can show him what Yankee ingenuity is all about and he can learn to love us!!!!! ;-) And you and MM evil? Well only in the best of ways!!!!

    And MW it's so great to see you this way. I hope the fear that he is showing is the fear that we all go when we get what we ask for and the pleasure it brings to the domme that we adore.
  24. Wow. Wow. I spent most of the past 48 hours reading your blog from Chapter 1, and I am so happy!!! I had this story in my head that other dommes never face the kinds of challenges I do. Heh heh heh. Why did I even think that?!?

    Mistress Watchful, I feel like we've been hanging out for the past few days, and I think you are an amazing, powerful, incredible, gorgeous goddess!!! Thank you so much for sharing your story so consistently and openly. You are beyond description in your fantasticness! I am very grateful to have found my way to the Mansion!
  25. LOL - are you MAD!!!!? I'm glad you enjoyed it though, and you flatter me, I'm just a normal kinky girl!

    Well, if my life didn't put you off, then you'll be ok. I'm pretty sure we make it a lot more difficult than is truly necessary.

    I do like to blog though, because it's not an easy thing to do if you weren't born Domme, or if you had things happen to you which trashed your self-esteem, or made you lose confidence in yourself.

    I'm sat here right now trying to catch up with everyone else. I don't feel Domme at ALL! I've spent so much time doing cooking and housework, I just feel like your normal everyday housewife.

    Not sure how to remedy that! I'll keep you all posted.
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