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Part 5 ~ The best thing about the future is it only comes one day at a time...

Discussion in 'Mistress Watchful's Blog Archive' started by Mistress Watchful, Jan 1, 2009.

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  1. So, back in crazy town!

    I worked in the shop yesterday and LOVED it! Although I did have to control myself on a number of occasions when offering advice to people about products. I MUST remember that to some people the items we sell are *extreme* kink!!!!

    We have one very very VERY small rail with a couple of floggers on, and a few PVC items and people avoid that area because it's too kinky. At one point a lady (very friendly and with a sense of humour) was whipping her partner with a flogger and I was soooooooooooo tempted to go and help out! She was only tapping him lightly and giggling, but I really wanted to go and join in!

    I was also asked if I would like to reconsider my job in Party Plan (ie going out at night doing the parties at ladies houses) and work in the shop from the New Year. I was very pleased, I'd only been there 5 hours!

    I need to think it through. It would only be 20 hours a week for about 100 (minus tax and all that!) so it's not a great deal of money, but it means no more petrol, no more buying masses of stuff in, no more phone calls to deal with irrate customers, once I'm out of the shop I'm not at work!!!

    Still waiting on a response from Uni, but my supervisor may have finished for the Christmas holidays.

    I'm feeling very hectic but very happy right now.

    As I've said, I'm upping my existence around the net in the hope of meeting more people in the UK and going out and about. I've received a lovely email back from the organisers of a play party about an hours drive away and hopefully I will be able to get up there and play soon. I'm nervous, but hopefully the practice I got in at the Fall Gathering will see me through!

    Life really seems to be on the up.

    pet is constantly coming to me with kinky thoughts, so I think the fact that I'm happy is making him horny... that's a link I need to persue. :butterfly:
  2. Personally I would go with the in store job for the reasons you quoted. I know my life is easier since I moved my business out of my "house". Now when I lock the door at the end of the work day, I am done for the day. Only a couple of customers have my cell phone and I can tell them I'm closed.
  3. it makes our lives easier and more playfull even when he is at work:evilgrin0036: :butterfly:
  4. [​IMG]life easier, yes. More playful at work?
  5. not tempting on tieing you up during the day:yes1::butterfly:
  6. lol @ you two!

    Did I miss something, when did madamsboy become a baby boy?

    I've been learning loads about AB/DL lately. It doesn't appeal to me to be a mummy, but it sure appeals to me to be a little girl spoiled by her daddy (add that to the Bull's list!!!) not sure on diapers though!

    God I love the BDSM world... it's just like dress up and fantasy play all over again! But with better outfits! :manga_lolly:
  7. none of the AB stuff for us. It just has to do with some of Madam's preferences when it comes to playing with her boobies.
  8. Ahhhhh.... I catch your drift. :evilgrin0010:
  9. "God I love the BDSM world... it's just like dress up and fantasy play all over again! But with better outfits!"

    LOL!!! One of my favorite parts!!!
  10. Oh yes the outfits. As I see it Mistress Watchful you have a few of those! I think we need a fashion show of all the outfits. To bad for us who are not into femming there is not more of a selection. You can find all types of stuff for sissys and women but nothing for those of us just into plain old leather. Chaps, an occasional jock strap, or some body harness is about all there is. Truth be told that is good for me, because in all honesty I think I like watching the ladies play dress up more anyway. LOL
  11. I have 114 outfits/sets in all the boxes I sorted out last year... that doesn't include my day to day lingerie wear... AND I know I've added to that collection, just not put it on my spreadsheet.

    Hello. My name is Mistress Watchful and I'm a lingeriholic
  12. Jeezus! I'm not sure I own 114 items of clothing, total! lol... well, maybe if you count the socks individually! lol

  13. and I thought having enought t-shirts to last 3 weeks was too many!
  14. if you are counting the socks mike it should always be an odd number!
  15. For me its the old Garters, stockings etc. Corsets or long line bras YEAH!

    And ahh not for me btw!
  16. Wow!!! MW? Have you ever heard of a "purse exchange"? It's where you take all the bags you own and you kind of trade with another for a while. This way you don't have to spend the $ on dozens of new purses. I've done it with jewelry as well. Know what? I think we need to do a lingerie exchange! I'd love a peek at your collection.
  17. Ohhhhhhhhh no!

    I would NEVER get rid of any of my precious outfits!

    I tried to find the photos of the packing, I always meant to post them in my original thread about storing my lingerie... but I can't find them anywhere!

    BTW - I bought a new outfit yesterday! That's what you get for spending your WHOLE DAMN DAY surrounded by lingerie, stockings and a small selection of bondage equipment!

    Yesterday was a good day in store. Apparently the manager loves me, I am her rising star, and I managed to get a 79% conversion (ie, number of people who walked in to the store actually buying something) in the first hour. On my first day they were delighted when we got a 26% conversion, so you can imagine how happy they were yesterday!

    I have now been told not to go for the part-time job, they want me to go for the team leader position.

    I guess I know my knickers!
  18. Where to start?! Lots going on around here.

    I feel like I’ve been non-stop working, but I’m loving every minute of it. Pet is missing me lots which is making him more attentive, especially now he’s back in chastity too! (CB6000s with issues) Plenty of foot massaging and bath running and dinner cooking, I feel truly pampered, which always makes me feel super horny.

    We have also been talking to another potential Bull (yay – excitement!) pet has been talking a lot more than me, which is good, because he is a better judge of character. I’ve either been at work or asleep.

    The Bull is sexy looking, I feel a little connection with him at the moment but am confident that will grow if we keep up communication. He seems a little cagey about things but I’m wondering if I’m being over cautious given that the Bulls we normally speak to run in like... well a Bull in a china shop really. He seems gentle but firm, wants a switch that he can Dom while she Doms her sub. He likes the idea of the sub being involved (he’s heteroflexible – isn’t that a wonderful term!) and generally ticks all the right boxes.

    Only time will tell on that one.

    Also chatting with a UK sub who I hope pet and I get to meet up with very soon. It will all be down to schedules but I’m loving the banter that has been going back and forth and I think we’ll hit it off really well for play parties, munches etc... now... just need a damn babysitter that’s reliable!!!

    Lifestyle stuff? Well I’m really peeved at the state of my bathroom lately, and I’m sick of being the one that has to clean it up. So pet is on toilet duty. I want that damn thing SPARKLING every day, and if it doesn’t sparkle, pet will get his first taste of golden nectar. Sweet punishment befitting the task do we not think!

    He thinks I won’t do it. Well, he’s not 100% sure, he’s about 95% sure, and that’s working for me right now. He can’t decide whether or not to push me to see if I will carry out the action. Well, the spider gag is lying around ready, just in case... watch this space to see who wins this battle. LOL.

    This morning was wonderful. Pet has been locked for 2 days now. It’s a bit hit and miss and there is a lot of adjusting going on but I think it will settle down soon. He was very VERY kissy when he brought my coffee up so I just lifted my top up and let him suckle on my breasts for a while. This helped my mood immensely, so I undressed and sprawled myself naked across the bed, knowing that he couldn’t just dive straight in and attempt to fuck me, he had to make do with his hands and mouth.

    One very hard orgasm later and I’m good to go for the day. I lay there naked, letting pet run his hands all over me, getting more frustrated... then he had to take the kids to school... oh dear.. LOL.

    Plenty of kinky thoughts here. Working in the shop is not doing me any good, I bought another outfit yesterday, I swear I’m spending more than I earn!
  19. It's easily done :mad0259:. I put a little list together of toys that I would like and it came to over 200. If I'm good though Master is going to buy me this amazing boned posture callar for christmas. I must be getting more submissive I let Master choose what toys/clothes I should have.

    Glad to see things are going better for you. It sounds like your enjoying work, if only you were a manager at the store you could afford to work at the company, I'm thinking then you could be head of sales or a buyer later on.
  20. you paint a wonderful picture of family life Mistress Watchful and pet seems to be in his element as well. It is great when all the little things start to fall into place and finally things start to allow a little more time for fun and most of the time the stolen moments of tease and run are so much more enjoyable than the fully planned strategic missions that are nearly always destined to be interrupted or spoilt for one reason or another. Great to hear you are doing so well in your job at the moment i can imagine wandering in to the store to be greeted by yourself and ending up leaving with an overdrawn account!:anim_37:
  21. That is GORGEOUS! You will look a total doll in that! Do you think your Master will loan you out for a little playtime in the future?! We really need to get our act together and go party, he can scare the heck out of pet, and I can get to warm your buttocks with my new floggers when they arrive!

    Well on day 2 I was asked if I would consider going for the Team Leader job in the New Year... I guess I've made a bit of an impression! LOL. I would love to, but I'm too honest and know in my heart I wouldn't be there for longer than 6 months to a year. Maybe I should shut up and go for it!
  22. Thank you, I wouldn't change anything for the world! I'm so happy, the only problem is that we really want to get out in the world and play. I really need to find a good, reliable, trustworthy babysitter.

    I 100% agree! Isn't it a shame we can't plan the unplanned LOL!

    LOL - well I truly believe in the products, I couldn't sell something I didn't love or that didn't work! I think that comes over and I think people are happy to shop with me, I make things seem a little bit more "normal"... see my Sex Shop Diaries!
  23. Well... I think if you we're to borrow me, Master would want to borrow pet and make use of him :happy0011: and I can think of other ways Master could make pets buttocks warm :happy0007:.

    I have thought about what it would be like to be around other slaves and doms but Master and I need to take things one step at a time at the moment also I'm not sure what Masters thoughts are on the subject.

    A meeting of any sort would be good though and it's a must.
  24. :party0002: MW i am sooooo happy for you and pet. Once pet has your golden nectar he will realize it's a treat and not a punishment. We have dabbled with this in the past. It makes me feel so dominated and drives me into such a deep sub space that i can't get to any other way. Sherry being vanilla as she is can't get her head around it though so i only get to wish about it these days.

    MM's sweetpea
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