Part 2: What Deepens Your Submission?

Discussion in 'Female led relationships' started by slavehubby, Dec 3, 2009.

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    In an earlier post, I asked about what deepens your submission? Myself included, I think many of us who define themselves as submissive answered from a sexual and self-gratifying perspective.

    What ways deepen your submission that may not have an overtly sexual overtone nor necessarily be self-gratifying but solely for your Mistress:

    As I think about the various activities that deepen my sense of submission to my Wife/Mistress, I find a 1-10 scale very helpful. 1 lowest level sense of submission and 10 being totally lost in subspace. For instance,

    1-2 range - Checking in with her reguarly on the phone; receiving an allowance each week.

    3-4 range - Doing my weekly chores as listed; cooking dinner; loving on Her little dog; laundry

    5-7 range -Doing the various Fall Cleaning List for a household on the Domestic Servitude Blog; cleaning Her two cars; carrying Her purse and purchases at the mall; I absolutely love being the perfect househusband!

    8-9 Giving her body and feet a massage; Being given a list of things to do while she is shopping with friends or goes with friends on a get away for the weekend;

    10 Handing over my paycheck as Her personal paycheck to do as She pleases; sucking on Her feet; painting her toenails and shaving her legs and privates; bathing her; undressing her for the evening and putting her clothes away. Preparing her bed at night before she goes to bed and tucking her in, and then asking Her permission to get in Her bed (most of the time it is yes and sometimes no). Sleeping at the foot of the bed when commanded so she can have more room.

    Part 1: What deepens Your Submission? I think in terms of the sexual aspect is important because of the intimacy and connection I have with my Wife. But I think this list in how I domestically serve only Her needs are even more important to deeping my submissive nature because this is paying attention to her needs and desires around the clock. My submission needs these aspects even more.

    I find this helpful. Is a 1-10 scale helpful to others in thinking about their experience with female domination? What does your experience look like on the 1 to 10 scale? Is this useful to Mistresses as they train their submissives?
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