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Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by Moe5, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. My Master says I must wear panties. How do I know what size and who sells them with a pouch for your cage.
  2. Hi Moe5, I've been wearing panties (and other lingerie) for going on 35 years. Haven't owned men's briefs for 30ish of those years.

    If you want panties with a pouch try: https://xdress.com/ they sell lingerie designed and sized for males.

    But I have always worn women's lingerie. I am locked in a Jail Bird knockoff and my (women's) panties and other lingerie fit just fine. Wh n it comes to sizing simply measure your waist then reference the size charts on women's lingerie websites, an inch is an inch regardless of gender.

    I wear a size 12 panties and the sizing for panties runs pretty much the same regardless of manufacturer. Bras are a whole different ballgame when it comes to sizes.

    Something else to consider is the fact that panties, at least the better brands, can get expensive. To keep my panties clean and new looking I always put at least a long panty liner in the crouch before putting them on.

    Enjoy your new panties, it will be fun I assure you! :)
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  3. i found jockey hip brief no panty line promise .
    They silky and stretchy. I been seeing if size 7 or 8 fit best.
    I sometimes wear a panty liner once on a while - I have a waist between 36-38
  4. Yes that sounds the same for me. I have a 36" waist and find a size 7-8 panty fits well. Some of how well they fit also has to do with style of the panty, Hipster, bikini, full brief, this sizing may be slightly different, but not by much.
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  5. I have worn panties only for 11 years threw all those yucky male underwears out. I have loved wearing them everyday! My love of panties started when i was 10 years old have loved them since!!! It depends on brand and style for fit love some thongs and satin and well all kinds possible
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  6. I have found open, split or crotchless panties work great with male chastity cages. I have been wearing them exclusively for some time. They allow the cage to peak through the opening and I don't have the problem of the gusset slipping to the side, like regular panties. Consider this option. Hugs. ;)
  7. What a great idea! :)

    In theory crotchless panties would also allow access to my butt plug without first having to pull my panties down........... sweeeeeeeeet!! :D
  8. I even cut the crotch out of pantyhose and I can pee without taking off either. I just pull up my dress or skirt, sit, pee and wipe. :)
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  9. I like the crotchless panty idea for teasing and or dressing up at home. For everyday wear I like the stretch cotton thongs from vs . You can tuck your cage in the gussit and it keeps you tucked up nice and tight . If you watch sales you can get some nice panties fairly cheep. Vs just had a sale 8 for 28 . You can have fun shopping trying to pick watch 8 you want out of the hundreds of styles and colors !!
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  10. I too like the snug feel, but I always seem to slip out the longer I wear them; and I can't get the cage to sit in the gusset again. Glad they work for you. Hugs!
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  11. I have some lace type and the lock has put a hole in the lace on both sides. So may want to void getting them
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  12. well teeny tiny ones that's made of very thin stuff wont have a cage in them very well. theym very nice to have on tho but not with a cage.
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  13. I love "boyshort" style of panties as they are a bit rooomier in the gussett area and I'm able to keep things under control better. They are still pretty feminine and I love them!
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  14. Men's lace panties brief or thong, pink, green ,blue white, black. These man panties have room for her cage in the front and are comfortable to wear.
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  15. I wear men's shorts from several designers. They are satiny like panties and come in many different styles all in pretty colors. What I like about them is they have no opening in the front (or back) but they do have a nice pouch in front that holds my cage nicely. My Queen calls them my man panties and she will order them in pretty feminine colors. I do not care for the mesh types as they tend to rub against clothing and creates sore spots.
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  16. What the name of the brands
  17. I love thongs, buy them on Alixpress, cheap and they are very comfy, especially the satin ones. Be sure to order a number above of what is stated, for chineses goods are always smaller than occidental ones,
    Use them all day long for working.
    As I am always plugged, I use also some cotton briefs on top to be sure not to have bad incidents,( like plug been expelled) :eek: