Pain From CB3000 At Multiple Points

Discussion in 'CB Range' started by Chinesebob, Apr 30, 2010.

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    I've worn my CB3K for periods varying up to a week at a time. We are working on going for longer than a week but this week I found substantial issues.

    The chafing from the hinge - I use Eucerin and that usually takes care of it. I lube in the morning post shower with baby oil and before bed with baby oil or eucerin. I think that one I have solved. Ultimately I switched the single piece from KFH.

    The Cage issues are what drove me to take it off.

    1. Bruising/Chafing on the Top of my penis right behind the head. Not sure why it's so painful. Oil, cleaning, vaseline, nothing made that easier.

    2. Botton the Cage against scrotum. the bottom of the cage digs into my scrotum. It's really painful.

    3. The end of the cage vents drive into my scrotum until there are welts or blisters.

    Here's my methodology for determining of the size ring and spacer.

    Test 1. Largest ring, Largest Spacer, medium locking pin - balls slip out when flacid with no effort.
    Test 2. Largest Ring, Smallest Spacer, Medium locking pin - balls slip out when flacid
    Test 3. Largest ring, smallest spacer, short locking pin - pinches everything out and hurts constantly.
    Test 4. 1 7/8" ring, largest spacer, long locking pin - ring is comfortable, with a little effort the balls can slip out.
    Test 5. 1 7/8" ring, medium spacer, medium locking pin - Balls are stretched constantly. Erection pushes the cage against scrotum causing welts and for an extended erection attempt it started to blister.

    During the day I am pretty small. Depending on water intake, stress, caffeine for the day, my flaccid penis can range from 1.5 inches to 4 inches. I was not aware of this range until after I started playing with the CB3K.

    I grow to fill the tube and sticking out of the sides if I get erect. If not in the cage I am generally about 7 inches with a raging erection.

    I am not in the cage right now. I would love some help here from anyone.

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    Try using fine sandpaper all around the end of the cage so the "hard" parts are rounded - also around the ring and hinge, but be careful not to get too enthusiastic around the hinge - just smooth everything out gently.

    I had similar problems, and this solved it.

    With ring/spacer, normally use the smallest spacer you can handle before dropping a ring size - it sounds like you need the largest ring with a spacer between the middle and smallest which you can do by playing around with spacers either side of the cage to make the lock tight.

    But it does take sopme trial and error, and I found it took a month before I got comfortable enough to be able to wear it longer term.
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